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Grammar games


Grammar games
Hello everyone!
I need some games for teaching grammar to children. If somebody has some great ideas please let me know.
Thank you. 
I need some games for teaching present simple, present continuous, plural of nuns, sentence formation, there is/there are...,  Can/Can´t

27 Aug 2016      


could you specify what topics you need to teach??

27 Aug 2016     

maryse pey

27 Aug 2016     


      Great links, Maryse!
      Thank you for sharing! 

29 Aug 2016     


How about this blog https://teachingenglishgames.wordpress.com/ by Shelley Ann Vernon ?
How about www.teachingenglishgames.com  ?
( I have her books on teaching English grammar  through games. I love it.  My young students, too)
Also, there is another link here : http://www.fluentu.com/english/educator/blog/esl-grammar-games/ 
Good luck,

30 Aug 2016     


you can get additional help for your kids here

5 Sep 2016     

United Kingdom

A great site is It has all kinds of games, exercises etc. If the link doesn t show up, just type it into your search bar.

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22 Jan 2017     

United Kingdom

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11 Mar 2017     

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16 Jun 2017