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Home > songs powerpoint lessons > Song: Seven Days of the Week [I never go to work] (They Might Be Giants)

English powerpoint: Song: Seven Days of the Week [I never go to work] (They Might Be Giants) Song: Seven Days of the Week [I never go to work] (They Might Be Giants)

Fabulous band and song, especially for ESL (the YouTube music video is a must-see [and listen]) PPT includes: ~ 26 slides ~ Band and song introduction ~ Link to the music video ~ Vocabulary explanation ~ Editable text boxes for the teacher to type studentí»s answers into during the class for REAL-TIME FEEDBACK No chalk or board marker wastage! ~ Listening activity sheet (arrange the lyrics) ~ Conversation topics ~ Lyrics sheet ~ Fill in the gaps worksheet ~ Additional instructions ~ Enough materials for +-60 minute lesson * The lyric sheet on slide 8 is merely a sample to demonstrate the activity, the correct lyrics are on later slides.

 Age: 12-17
 Format: PowerPoint
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Copyright 22/11/2010   Jessica S
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