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Rodrigo Zacara y el Espejo del Poder
Una fantstica historia llena de magia, aventuras, leyendas y misterios.
Recomendada a partir de 11 aos.
Lela gratis en: www.rodrigozacara.com




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CLUE but NOT   

I there any way to make a gmae similar to Clue (or Cluedo) but not use murder? I teach in Japan and death is a very touchy subject. I want to play a game like cule with my students but I can t find anything that seems to work.

 ucluedov̉摜  BUTuno deathv̉摜

7 Dec 2016

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That is genius!!! Thank you so much! I can definately work with that much easier.

7 Dec 2016

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please help me differ motion pictures from cartoons.
what do they mean? 
Thanks in advance. 

7 Dec 2016

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Two things generally separate them --- 
Motion Pictures is another way to say "movie", and they  usually involve "real life" people and things.  They are longer than cartoons -- usually anywhere from an hour to two hours.
Cartoons are animation -- they are not real people or things. They are drawings or pictures of things that are put into movement. They are usually short and seen on tv. 30 minutes or sometimes an hour long. 
Now, there are sometimes cartoons that are  longer and are shown in a movie theater.  These are rare. But these rare cartoons seen in a movie theater we will also call motion picture. But then usually there will be some explanation that it is a cartoon, and not a "real life" movie. 
I hope this helps.
Cheers from China!!  

7 Dec 2016

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Russian Federation

Need help with question tags!   
Dear colleagues!
My question is probably a bit strange, but... 

My students are studying question tags and one of them asked me a very interesting question. They work with people from different countries and have to write letters. What tag shall we use if we don t know the sex of the person we are writing to? For example, we don t know if Bo is a man or a woman. Shall we say/write Bo speaks English well, doesn t he? or doesn t she? or don t they? . Hope I ve made myself clear . I had never thought about it before he asked .


7 Dec 2016

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Hi, Maria!

My first thought on this is: question tags are used in informal speaking, friendly conversations, so then you probably wouldn t be using question tags to speak about people that you don t know. Then, this issue would only come up in class practice situations, and in those cases you can ask the students to pick whether they imagine this person to be a man or a woman. 
Anyway, I kind of like the sound of "don t they" in situations when you strictly don t know and you are still speaking in this way.
Hope it makes sense! 

7 Dec 2016

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when or while   
when I was reading the novel,the light  went off.
Isn t it better to say: The light went off;while I was reading the novel
we often say that with when we use the past simple and not the past continuous 
thx for your help 

7 Dec 2016

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so using the past continuous with when is a mistake.

7 Dec 2016

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Differents between a trip and journey   
Differents between a trip and journey !

7 Dec 2016

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alien boy

The link from kohai is excellent! Please read the discussion there. It s clear and accurate. Cheers, AB

7 Dec 2016

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Need for help and support   
Dear ! Colleague
I have joined this website for 5 months. Recently, I have created a page that can help both Vietnames and other students in the world. The main purpose of this page likes a bridge where students and teachers can discuss , share what they do not understand or what problems they are trouble in. I m appreciate to everyone take a look the page in sometimes and post your exercises that you have used them or give your comments,advices on student s answers. 
Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/610424135826767/
Thanks in advance. 

6 Dec 2016

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Caption Comp   
Hi everyone
Thank you misstylady for choosing my caption.
Here is the next pic awaiting your caption.
ugher:proust73:Overstuffed By ldeiter78:

6 Dec 2016

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 Humps are overrated!!

7 Dec 2016

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have a go / have a try   
let´s have a try!
let´s have a go!
Is there any difference?

6 Dec 2016

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Thank you, redcamarocruiser!
Happy Christmas!

7 Dec 2016

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videos to start conversations   
I have just used the great video  shared by Florimago about the Polish grandpa learning English to be able to talk with his grandchild with my adult group as a converstion starter. It worked just great.
Do any of you have other videos I could use for my group of students to start a conversation about a topic interesting for adults.
Thanks in advance

6 Dec 2016

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7 Dec 2016

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Christmas bingo with Scratch   
Hello everyone!
- you know Scratch
- you love playing bingo with your class
- you have an interactive whiteboard in your classroom...
then you can try this script:
The script replaces the flashcards.
Here you can download 27 bingo cards for the pupils:
Merry Christmas!

5 Dec 2016

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