The rules


Before you send your document or powerpoint, please read the rules:
  • Your contributions must be 100% in English language.

  • Your contributions must be your own creations. You can use free images from cliparts or other free sources. You can also use images that you have subscribed to and paid for.

  • You can īt publish any document including pictures or contents taken from, since it īs against their terms of use.

  • Worksheets containing watermarked cliparts are not allowed and will be removed from now on.

  • Please, don't use pictures taken from other ESL websites or books, even if you add your own exercises.

  • If you have a worksheet that you didn't make yourself (borrowed from a colleague teacher, for example) don't send it. It might be taken from a website or book, and your account could be banned on account of it.

  • You can use texts from other websites or books in your worksheets if you add your own exercises or activities (For example, reading comprehension questions, etc). Please don't take texts from other ESL websites or books, it would be unfair.

  • If your worksheet is just a reading text, it will only be accepted if the text is written by you.

  • It is acceptable to take a text from other sources (not ESL websites or ESL books) and add your own exercises or activities, but you are not allowed to take an exercise from another source and add more exercises of your own. All the exercises must be yours.

  • You can use songs (traditional or modern) but make sure that you add your own exercises or activities. If your worksheet consists of just the song with a beautiful decoration, it will be considered a copy, since the content is not yours. Of course, if you write your own song, it will be gladly accepted, even if you don't add any exercises.

  • Worksheets consisting just of lists (such as "Phrasal verbs list" or "Irregular verbs list") are allowed, although they are not recommended because everybody can find them in other websites for free. Of course, they are not allowed if you have copied them from another source.

  • You are not allowed to send the same worksheet twice.

  • It is recommended to include an answer key in your worksheets. The other members will appreciate it.

  • There will be two special categories: templates and tutorials. No points will be needed to download them (new users are the ones that might need them most). The generous members who upload contributions for these categories will get no points from them.

  • You are allowed to use templates from the "templates page" to make your own contributions, but it is not allowed to use other members' worksheet as templates.

  • If you want to send a colour and a BW version of the same worksheet, they have to be in the same document.

  • In the past, members were permitted to send the colour and the BW versions in different documents. Those worksheets will not be removed, but members are no longer allowed to do so.

  • Single flashcards (a document with a single picture) are not allowed. There must be at least four flashcards in the same document for it to be considered a flashcard set and be accepted. In the past we had many flashcards uploaded separately, and they will not be removed, but it is not allowed anymore.

  • Your contributions must be ESL resources. For example:

    This is allowed because it is an ESL task (read and learn vocabulary)

    Single flashcards are not allowed, but you can send a SET of flashcards (at least 4 in the same document).

    This is allowed because it is a speaking activity (Bingo)

    This is not allowed because it is not an ESL resource.

    This is not allowed because it is just a frame, without any activity in English.

    This is not allowed because it is not an ESL activity (students don't learn English trying to find the path)

     Cliparts and coloring pages are not allowed.

    This is allowed because it includes a reading activity.