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New posts

United Kingdom

Daffynition November December   
Hi everybody!
Thank you Ethyl for passing on the honour.
My daffynition is: CANOODLE.
So, I will start. A canoodle is a very long canoe used in the long and curvy canals of Venice. So named because they look like noodles. 

28 Nov 2023


A canoodle is a very special kind of noodle that people buy precooked in a can.

29 Nov 2023

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Speaking exam question   
I have taken language proficiency exam recently. In the speaking section I was asked to describe the product that I bought and was happy with. The topic of my speaking test was this. Without any hesitation, I talked about a resource book which I purchased and described it. A book came to my mind first. Is a book a product? Did I answer the question right in the exam? Please, share your ideas.

28 Nov 2023

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Christmas letters   
Hi, I am a teacher in France in a vocational school. My students are 16-17 years old. I would like them to write a letter to present the Christmas tradition in France and in their family. Would somebody like to exchange letters with my students?
We would scan the students� letters and send them by mail so that it wouldn�t cost anything.
If you�re interested, don�t hesitate to contact me. 

27 Nov 2023

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I was or I were   
hi everyone
I�ve known that the past simple of �TO BE� with  the pronoun � I � is was or were.
am I correct. when should I use was and when should I use were.
can I say for example �when I were a child�
please help. 

23 Nov 2023


You have the answer here:
No other explanations needed.  Hope it helps.

23 Nov 2023

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United States

Hi all, I was talking with a friend when this word came up, and I thought it would be great for a Daffynition contest. Anyone feel like playing? Rules: post a silly, funny, or clever made up definition not the true definition. Please write your daffynitions for the word skedaddle. Lets have some fun! 😄

22 Nov 2023

...There are 3 previous answers...

United Kingdom

Thank you for the honour. I will try to do my best for this most auspicious of undertakings. 

28 Nov 2023

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Impact issues 2 and 3   
Hi everyone, Has anyone got a copy of Impact Issues 2 and 3, please Thanks in advance. James

19 Nov 2023

United Kingdom


24 Nov 2023

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I-SPY BOOKS by Julie Ashworth   
Hi Has anyone got copies of the I-SPY Books level 3, that they wish to sell. I have lost mine and they are no longer published? I particularly need the Teachers book and the activity book...... Thanks Oh by the way I am in France!

13 Nov 2023

L. habach


13 Nov 2023

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I-SPY BOOKS by Julie Ashworth   
Hi Has anyone got copies of the I-SPY Books level 3, that they wish to sell. I have lost mine and they are no longer published? I particularly need the Teachers book and the activity book...... Thanks Oh by the way I am in France!

13 Nov 2023

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New Zealand

Can �t upload   
Hi all I am unable to upload a printable, it says internal error 500 or 404? what can I do?

7 Nov 2023

English-teacher 38

Reload the page and try again until it uploads. This has happened to me a few times. Just keep trying until you make it

8 Nov 2023

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Reception to follow   
Hi everybody, whats the meaning of reception to follow written at the bottom of an invitation card? Something like food and beverage will be given to everybody?

3 Nov 2023

...There is 1 previous answer...


thank you "Spinney" Loves 

9 Nov 2023

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