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English worksheet: Alphabet Alphabet

This is a board game. Students may play in pairs.

 Age: 6-17

Copyright 09/11/2008  Nadi Liepa
Publication or redistribution of any part of this document is forbidden without authorization of the copyright owner.

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Alphabet worksheet





         posted by Mietz
How does it work? It looks interesting. Tx!


         posted by Namma
Where are the instructions?


         posted by nadilein
Itīs a game. To play it you have to use jettons and a dice. The best is to play in pairs, but it is also possible when three people play. So you play it like the game "Circus". One player trows the dice and goes so many places, how many she/he has thrown, and stops at one of the letters. Now he/she has to say correct this letter. If it is right, the player stays at the letter and the other player is in the game. If the player hasnīt said correct, he/she goes back on that point where he/she was befor throwing a dice. There are also places e.g. +2 or -3. They mean the player has to go by + so many steps forward as written or by - so many steps back. The winner is that person who is the first at the !!!!
This game is very useful. I hope it will help you!