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United States

I enjoyed the ways your cat shows her love. Thanks for the link, Lynne!

25 Jun 2017     

United Kingdom

Hello and good evening everyone, just a quick flyby to say that my chemo is going well and the prognosis is looking good. I ´ve started doing radio again, friday evenings on the old franknbea radio, drop in and say high when you can. here is a little poetic offering....

The power of your smile

A poem by Frank Letras


Smile often,

Cry a little,

Give your heart room to grow,

Your emotions are a mirror to your soul,

Don’t be afraid to let them show.

Remember that the night is always darkest,

Just before the dawn breaks,

Let hope be your guiding light,

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Always remember to breathe,

Laugh as often as you can,

And remember that when you cry,

It doesn’t mean you’re not a man.

Sing, even if you cannot do it,

It lends rhythm to your day,

Remember that when you argue,

…and you will…

You don’t always have to have the last say.

Let your spirit be free,

Let your creativity run wild,

Whenever you seek the truth,

You’ll find it in the eyes of a child.


Don’t always tumble down the road of life,

When you’re rushing…stop… pause for a while,

Of all the attributes you possess,

Don’t ever underestimate

The power of your smile.


2 Jul 2017     


Hi Frank

Thank you for your news, and good news! And the poem, too.



2 Jul 2017     

emiliafachada (F)

4 Jul 2017     


Dear Frank,
my dad has been dealing with multiple myeloma (a form of cancer in the bone marrow) for over a year now, so I understand how you must be feeling.
Glad to hear the therapy is going well, sending you lots of positive thoughts.
Keep writing, being productive will ceratinly make you feel better!


5 Jul 2017     

United Kingdom

Great to hear your prognosis is good, Frank, that is wonderful news, and thanks for sharing the poem. Er, I should know this, but I don ´t,...how do we access franknbea radio?

7 Jul 2017     

United States

Lynne, http://franknbea.radio12345.com/ said the radio has gone offline when I tried to access it (Friday July 7).

I really like the poem, Frank.

7 Jul 2017     


Frank was last on the radio on 8th July. If you open up the chat you can see when he is on.



9 Jul 2017     

United Kingdom

Thanks redcam and Jayho.

Ginger kittens. I love them so much and also, ginger cats. Heart I love animals and, as I review my life - I recently hit a milestone age - I wish I had done more for them.


14 Jul 2017     


Hi all
A funny video for you to enjoy. 


22 Jul 2017     


 : )

3 Aug 2017     

United Kingdom

Jayho, love the cat and cockatoo!
Silvanija, thanks for the whensithometime cartoons, they are are brilliant! And so much truth in them... I ´m going to find out more about this guy. 

My husband is at home recovering from a hip replacement op and his friends are coming round tonight (his Bridge partners). I decided to cook my favourite meal, well, why not? It ´s 80s throwback stuff - pâté with onion chutney, coq au vin and French onion tart as a veggie option, garlic roasties etc... lime torte, with boozy cherries for dessert. It said in the torte recipe as I remember - use 2 limes, but I use 5. That fresh lime aroma, love it! 

Anyway, prepared all that as the coq needs to marinate overnight and then I hear that one of them, Louise, doesn ´t like onions in anything and, oh, she can ´t stand lime. Well!!! There ´s so many onions in a coq au vin as it has to be served with shallots. I suppose I could make her an omeletteLOL. Oh, she ´s just called, she ´s not having a drink and she ´s leaving early as she has an early start...On a Sunday??? She ´s a retired primary school head teacher. I ´m just saying! 

Boozy cherries - try this! Morello cherries, or any dark sweet cherries, marinated in half Port, half Amaretto.

Frank - keep us posted. There ´s not much action on the site here, but I think many of us still check it from time to time.

If anybody ´s about - so, what would be your ideal meal? Let ´s hear about it.

Love to all, Some nice cat piccies - and the odd dog - below. 

Edit: maybe I should get on facebookSmileWink

5 Aug 2017     


Thanks for your stunningly beautiful posts. I feel I should come more often here. THANKS and wish all the best to our dearest Frank as well as others.

8 Aug 2017     


Just stopping by to say hi!! Have a great week!! Really freezing here!!   

21 Aug 2017     

United Kingdom

School kids, eh? Aren ´t they wonderful?

23 Aug 2017     

Mariethe House

Hi Lynne ! Your meal would suit me fine, anytime 
Your cherries sound un délice to me 

Love to you and to all 💖💖💖

30 Aug 2017     

United Kingdom

Hi guys, sorry but the radio is off air for the time being, essential repairs to the servers
which is something i have no control over. As soon as it resumes i will inform you.
Had the fifth chem yesterday and feel surprisingly well. soon know more.
this is not a poem, but it is something that will be near to all our hearts I ´m sure. Keep well, be back soon.
A message to all students about to embark on a new school year
Whether this is first time at school, your first time at a new school, or you’re an old timer returning for yet another turn around the sun, there are a few things you should be mindful of before you begin.
1. Start with a positive attitude. No matter how intelligent you are, how much talent you have, or how charismatic you can be in front of others, having a positive attitude will help you out of more jams than any other single thing. It is difficult to argue with a positive person, it is almost impossible to bully a person with a positive attitude. It is hard to tell a person off if they have a positive attitude. So, remember that next time you forget to do your homework. Have a positive attitude from the start and you will end up in hot water a lot less times.
2. As you walk into whatever institute of learning you are going to call your second home for the next two semesters, please remember your teachers. Don’t wait until Christmas, or teacher appreciation day to come around to show them your gratitude. If they were your teacher before then thank them for what they have done for you so far, tell them that you know more now than you did before you met them, that you have grown as a student and as a person under their tutelage. If you have never met them before, then tell them that you expect them to treat you fairly and guide you through the year in the same way that would have wanted to be treated and guided. That you will give your best throughout the year, and in turn expect them to do their best. Tell them that if they need your help for anything at any time, you are willing to give it as long as it is not you all the time, because that will look weird.
3. In school, don’t forget those faceless and nameless individuals that make your scholastic day possible. Janitors, cooks, clerical workers. Any one of these people is deserved of your respect and politeness, most of all they deserve your help. How can you help them? Simple, clean up after yourself, don’t write crap on the walls of the crapper, eat what you served for lunch, or at least don’t call it shit in the cook’s presence, and if you get called to the office at any time, don’t make the secretary’s life a misery by forgetting the papers she asked you to bring, or trying to sit on the printer with your pants down to make lewd photocopies of your lower parts.
4. Enjoy the year for goodness sake. School is not meant to be a prison. These are the best years of your life, (difficult, I know, but the best nonetheless), make the best of them. If years after you finish school you don’t remember a single good day from school, or you would never go back, no matter how short a time for, then you won’t have followed a single line of my advice. Feel free to ignore what is written here. Be your own self, if you know a better way then use it, but be genuine, be true to yourself and others and you won’t go far wrong. Good Luck, be the best that you can be.
5. And lastly a special message for bullies, whether pre-existing or about to be bullies, watch out! Because we are coming to get you, pretty soon you will have no place left to hide. You will not be able to carry out your vile deeds and expect to go unpunished. The world tolerance of bullies is at an all-time low. You will be stopped, sooner or later, you can be sure of that. 
Stones and sticks may get you kicks, but we are wise and we will rise!

2 Sep 2017     

United Kingdom

An important message about Inner Giant

Dear All

I have been quite worried lately that the lack of information about the progress being made in this project could well be misconstrued as a sign of shenanigans going on, on the part of the editors or indeed on my part, as I appear to have total control of the project.

I am writing this message in the interest of transparency, and as an effort to move forward with the project, which has been static for too long. As I promised at the outset, this project was going to be much more than just the publication of the e-book, but it was going to continue as an active fight against the scourge of bullying, that is, and I’m sure you’ll agree well deserved of such a fight.

I have been embroiled in a one-sided tussle with the editors Dollman Scott on this project almost since the beginning. One sided because they will not communicate with me and haven’t answered one of my e-mails for a long, long time. Below is a list of my complaints.

1-      When I asked them for financial help with the project due to the fact that this was a project for charity, they politely refused, but said that I could donate the profits to charity if I so wished. The result was that against my better judgement and only due to the desperation of getting such a technically complicated project off the ground I agreed to pay them £175 in advance for the formatting and publication of the e-book. Against my better judgement because I had vowed never to pay anyone in order to get published. But sometimes the work involved is just so specialised that you cannot do slap-dash, and I wanted this to be special, so I paid up and the work got done.

2-      The contract specified that they had a duty to confirm with me both the retail price of the book and the publication date, we were also due to receive one free copy of the book prior to the launch. None of this happened. There was no consultation on price. I had suggested a retail price of £6.99, which for the amount of information contained in the book was very reasonable indeed. They retailed it at £1.99. I was waiting for news of the launch date so I could conflab with the contributors and organise various marketing activities. The first I heard of the launch was when my daughter Sarah messaged me that her and her friend Chris (both contributors) had just purchased and downloaded the book from Amazon. When I e-mailed the editors about these issues, my contact suddenly developed a serious case of the long holidays and was not available to answer my messages for over two months. I know that long holiday disease can be serious, but it is rarely fatal, so, eventually my contact returned and send me lukewarm answers in editorese that I didn’t much like but swallowed for the sake of our one-sided relationship. There was never an explanation of why I was not sent a free copy, instead the explanation was made up of a half-arsed excuse that free copies could not be sent to so many contributors as this didn’t make financial and economic sense. (they decided that my name only would appear as sole author even though I had wanted every contributor named in a collective name like teachers without borders, they never explained why this wasn’t permitted).

3-      After a period of hopeful sales and great efforts at marketing by all the contributors I contacted the editors to ask for sales figures. I was told that they only provided those on a bi-annual basis, and thirty days after those being provided they would release royalty payments (an amount being 80 per cent of the retail price, which being the extremely low £1.99 meant that the royalties due on the book would be around £1.60 per copy.)

4-      I waited the appropriate amount of time and when no information came I contacted them again. The answer was the book hadn’t generated enough sales for them to contact me with sales information. I highly doubted this, as I knew of at least twenty people that had paid for and downloaded it. But I asked if this once they could tell me how many copies had been sold. The answer came three days later saying that approximately twenty copies had been downloaded. Why approximately, asked I. I received no answer to this question. I assumed that some of the people who had told me they bought the book had forgotten to actually pay for it, Amazon being so generous as to provide extensive previews that almost make it superfluous to buy the book. Six months later I contacted them again to ask for sales information and much later received a short e-mail saying that between twenty and thirty copies had been sold altogether, and that royalty payments kicked in at around fifty copies, and when we reached that figures the royalties due would be released at the proper time. I can only assume that the book never sold another copy because nothing more has ever come from the editors, even though I myself have bought the book on three different occasions since (loss of manuscript, and just for the hell of it).

5-      I engaged a friend of a friend who dabbles in copyright and publishing legal matters and solicited advice, explaining that I wanted to go ahead with the production of a print copy, but with different editors, and he explained that I would need to settle the issue with dolman scott first, because, even though we retained the intellectual property of our manuscript, they now owned all the publishing rights, and were thus unlikely to give permission for us to take the project to a rival. I mentioned that I thought they were in breach of contract, and he said that even if that was so, we would still need their permission to go elsewhere, or we would also be guilty of breaking the contract, and two wrongs don’t make a right blah, blah, blah. I detest legalese speak.

6-      I continued making requests for information and deliberating on suing them for breach of contract, which I subsequently found isn’t as easy to prove as it should be, and that the sums of money recoverable were likely to be less than the expenditure of bringing the case, made me reluctant to do so. But I was still adamant that I was going elsewhere to publish a print copy of the book, and after some sound advice decided to go ahead.

7-      Result to date no firm sales figures have been released from Dollman Scott and no royalties have been paid. The print copy is two thirds ready. I found out that if you change the name and alter the content by more than twenty-five per cent you can publish without the fear of breaking the contract. Not exactly what I wanted but enough to test the water, especially when I can balance it against their behaviour. The print copy is drastically altered because of the need to remove most of the images as they push the price of the book so high that nobody will buy it, so the images are reduced to the most effective and will appear in black and white inside the book. Same goes for the teaching materials and Victoria’s remarkable art-work, also the songs. All these will be available on the brand-new website which will soon go into production. I hope that this answers any lingering questions you might have about the situation, and that I can stop having nightmares about anyone thinking that I had somehow received the royalties and squandered them instead of handing them over to charity as planned. Money makes people do the strangest things, and I never once thought that any of you would think that of me, but I would not be the first, or the last person to abuse trust in that way, or the last so-called charity benefactor to cheat the very people I was purporting to help, so an explanation was due. Thank you for your forbearance and your time.

Stones and sticks may get you kicks, but I am wise and I will rise.

PS please pass this message onto those folks (contributors) who are not members of ESL or Facebook, thanks.


3 Sep 2017     


Hi Frank

Glad to hear that you are feeling well after your last chemo.

Sorry to hear about the drama with the book - the last thing you need right now. 

At the end of the day, despite what happens with the book, you created an amazing challenge of producing this wonderful book. I really enjoyed contributing to this (and the other) book, and I will always remember the camaraderie that you generated with these projects.

Those who bought the e-format from Amazon have a great resource. I have mine on my tablet and I find it very easy to read on that. And I can hook it up to a big screen in my classroom.

I do have a question about the e-book though. I can see that Dolman Scott published a second edition on April 13, 2017, with a different ASIN number, and a higher price. Did they communicate this to you? Did they require your permission to do this?

Anyway Frank, you did a tremendous job with this and you did something I could never do. I say hats off to you.


Image result for hats off to you

6 Sep 2017     

United Kingdom

Lovely to ´see ´ you on here Mariethé. Glad things are going well with your treatment, Frank. Good luck with the book, but don ´t worry about that. Thank you for all your hard work with it and sorry you´ve had these problems. 

I ´ve had a bad cold and my top lip is really cracked and swollen. I couldn ´t find any lipsalve this morning, but it needed grease, rather than cream, so I rooted round for an old lipstick. Found an old bright red one that I wouldn ´t be seen dead in and smeared it all the way up to my nose. Well, I ´m not working today, just hanging around. Wandered over to the window and saw a decorator man in a van over the way. I need a decorator, so I rushed out to ask him to pop in and give me a quote.

Wonder why he looked a bit scared of me!LOL he he, forgot about the monster lippy look!


15 Sep 2017     


Just dropped by and was shocked at how long I ´ve been missing. Glad to see so many of you still here. Just came to download some of my own materials, as I finally have some new groups I can use it with, and realized how many worksheets and teaching stuff I made. Not to mention the rest of you:)))

Hoping you are all well, Frank - fingers crossed all goes well, glad some of us keep in touch on other networks too...

Be well and wishing you a successful year!


19 Sep 2017     


wish u a quick recovery Frank.stay strong

23 Sep 2017     

Greek Professor


24 Sep 2017     


Hi everyone, I haven ´t posted anything for ages, but I ´m glad to "see" some familiar "faces!

Frank I ´ sorry to hear you ´re struggling with the book. I was also happy to contribute!
Glad to hear the good news about your treatment.

Wishing you all all the best! 

10 Oct 2017     


Hi all
Apparently, only 5% of people can do this.
Can you find the cat in under 30 seconds? I found it in 2 seconds. Is it because I have one that is identical?
Scenery with hidden cat in it.

25 Oct 2017     


Me too, I found it in 2 seconds!!

My two cats are the sameas well and they love hiding in the garden!  ;)

26 Oct 2017     

United Kingdom

Good morning to one and all
Lovely to see you all. I ´ve a lot to tell you, so I ´ll crack on.
I have my last chemo next Friday, then a seven week break to let the body adjust, then the final PET scan, which should tell us the cancer is in remission. Not beaten yet, but the end is in sight. 
I ´ve started a new business, it is called I Need Tickets, it is a bespoke service where customers request tickets for any events world wide and i buy them, as well as transport and accommodation arrangements. The plan is to expand into luxury all-inclusive holidays, weddings and general parties later on.
here is the web address: https://www.ineedtickets.org/     
you can also see the facebook page.
I ´ve been busy promoting Inner Giant. I sold a copy to my boys school for international anti-bullying week next month, and was invited to the school to give a talk on Wednesday, 15th November. I am waiting for answers from Surrey County Council education secretary, the Mayor of London, The British, Irish, Scottish and Welsh education secretaries to see if they want to introduce the book into schools as part of the curriculum, or in any capacity. Also waiting for Bill Clinton, Sandra Bullock, Keano Reeves, and Michael Douglas.
The radio is back and doing very well. In fact I ´m on live right now (5:30 am). I ´m doing a 24 hour radiothon for Cancer research UK, where the station pays a pound for every listener that says hi live on the station. started yesterday at 7pm and still going strong.
And lastly I want to invite you all to another charity show this Saturday at 8pm London time, it will go on for four hours and it is all about bullying. I will get a pound for every listener who listens for one hour only, and request me to read a passage from Inner Giant. So if you are free, come along listen for an hour, I promise you will enjoy meeting your friends on there and new folks too, oh, and say hi to me in the chatbox and request something from the book, if you cant ´ remember anything  just say anything and I ´ll pick something. 
PHEWWW! I ´m exhausted. I told you I had lots to tell.
Take care, miss you all, and see you Saturday.

26 Oct 2017     

nani and malam

I am looking for the audio file of Lesson 7: At the Travel Agency for 4th year Tunisian pupils.
Can you help? Thanks in advance

19 Nov 2017     


Hi all.Just wanted to say Hello to the new comers and regular visitors of the cafe.

How about some Turkish Coffe?
Hugs  Halil

10 Dec 2017     

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