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Hello, I am interested to exchange books and activities among other countries in a BOOKS-FRIENDS PROJECT.


The idea is to exchange books among students from other countries - literature or something like that.

I have asked my students to choose a book for reading in the English language. After that, I would like them to send their books to the learners from other countries before this Christmas time as a special gift. The idea is also to write a few words about their impressions from the book and about them. Later on we can send letters or cards for different holidays. We can create a Skype conference for example with the learners from other countries.

We might start with writing a group letter to each other about our group members and the city. The idea of our project is also to send letters. In our world of technologies it is not usual for them to wait for letters and receive them. Also, one of the ideas is to create a hero who will travel from one country to another in a letter. When you receive the character, you need to make a video how you read the story from the previous country. Then together with your group you write a short story and send the character with it to the next country. And they do the same. In this case we can travel all around the world and have so much fun with it.


The main goal of this project is to improve the reading and writing of our students and provide them a safe environment to practice the English language in real life with other students at the same age and interests, find new friends and much more.


We are located in Curitiba city, Parana State - Brazil.


My students are in HIGH SCHOOL - 14 to 19 years old. I have 100 students who could be interested. They are begginers, A1, A2 and some of them are B1/B2. They are doing technical and professional courses and they are learning ESP - English for specific purposes in these areas: Electronics, Electromechanics, Mechanics, Vehicules maintenance, Chemistry, Environment, Civil construction and Biotechnology.

More details of this project will be sent to you via e-mail, facebook messenger or other way you prefer. So if you are interested to be part of this project please let me know.

Send me a msg here with your e-mail address - INBOX. Thanks in advance for all teachers who will enjoy to participate of this project.

19 Sep 2018


hi there,
i love reading and trying to collect more books to my hometown as a donation and inspiration.
I like your project.
send me more info via zouxiaoyu520@163.com
i am Shirley from Shenzhen, China 

20 Sep 2018

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Looking for penpals   
Hello all,
I am an English teacher working at a middle school in the south of France. I have two classes of french 13 year olds (a total of 55 students) who are writing introductory letters this week to penpals…. somewhere in the world. The only problem is, they don īt have any penpals yet! Please get in touch if you have multiple students of the same age and would be interested in receiving the letters, and of course getting your students to write a reply.
Thank you  

19 Sep 2018

...There are 2 previous answers...


Absolutely yes, that sounds great. I am meeting one of my classes this morning and we are going to start working on an introductory letter. It will include name, age, family, pets, hobbies and all the basics of course, as well as īwhat I did this summer ī using the preterit and a description of themselves. I īm hoping to persuade them to include some photos.
My classes should be finished on the project by the end of next week, then I can bundle all the letters together and send them for replies.
Do you think that could work? I do have 55 students.... there is quite a lot of them.
PS I am a native English speaker from London, but all my students are french. Their level is about A2.... although of course some of them are weaker and some of them are actually quite good.  It honestly depends. 

20 Sep 2018

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Isabel L

Internet or the Internet?   
I īve always said "the Internet" (with the article) but I have just seen an exam from a Spanish university asking "Is Internet addictive?". Can you tell me which is correct?
Thanks a lot 

19 Sep 2018

...There is 1 previous answer...

Isabel L

Thanks, Bruce.
I īd never have thought of that "clever usage". 

19 Sep 2018

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Czech Republic

Project by Tom Hutchinson   
I started teaching in Czech Republic and I do not have any experience with the book Project by Tom Hutchinson. In some classes I have iTools and everything but in others I just have the book, no computer, no projector etc. So I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me some website for worksheets or some ideas about this book to make it more fun for kids. I did a search on google but I could just find the websitefor the book or some pirate versions of the book, that īs all. 
Thank you all. 

19 Sep 2018


Iīve worked with Project series by Tom Hutchinson. You can find additional Teaching and Learning Resources here. To access the Teaching Resources, e.g., skills-based tests and real projects made by students using Project books you have to register to Oxford Teachersī Club. It īs free.

19 Sep 2018

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The difference between a profile,a portrait and a biography   
Good morning friends,I hope You īre doing well. What īs the difference between a person īs profile,a portait and biography? What are the steps of writing each of them? Thanks in advance!

19 Sep 2018

...There are 5 previous answers...

United States

As you can see, Lynne īs example is a metaphorical use of "portrait", even using the word "paints" with it. I said that it isn īt very common, and Lynne clearly agrees with that. She is definitely right that a verbal portrait, like a visual one, is descriptive. It can include anecdotes about the person, but for the purpose of clarifying the "image" being presented, rather than as story-telling.
It would be best to avoid using "portrait" for a verbal description of a person, because of the danger of using it more literally than is reasonable. 

20 Sep 2018

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Interchange 5th edition presentation plus   
Someone told me Cambridge gives for free the presentation plus software. You just have to register in their website. It turns out I didn īt find it.
Does anybody have the link for the 5th edition of Interchange presentation plus? thanks in advance.


18 Sep 2018

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Interactive exercises   
Can you recommend me pages with interactive exercises to use with my teen students?
Thanks in advance. 

18 Sep 2018


https://www.englishtestsonline.com/ Have a look at this online English tests website. I found it in another forum topic. There are many free tests with multiple choice questions. Maybe you can ask your students to take the tests here.

19 Sep 2018

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United States

Barrel Letters   
Hey Everyone! 
Lots going on in school this year and the fall is always a busy time. I was working on some more sets of letter decorations for my classroom and created some Barrel Letters that I plan on using around Oktoberfest and Halloween. I think these are fun and could be used in lots of different ways. Just thought I would share them here if any other teacher could use them in their classroom. Enjoy! 

17 Sep 2018

...There is 1 previous answer...


Thank you for sharing!

19 Sep 2018

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How to motivate my students?   
I have ESL classes each of 90 minutes for elementary students. About an hour students started to feel bored. I tried some interactive games, boredom still there. I want to motivate them but how??  Do you have any suggestions for such a situation?
Thank you 

17 Sep 2018

...There are 5 previous answers...

Czech Republic

Using youtube always helps. 

19 Sep 2018

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English Lessons Explained In Arabic (clear language instructions)   
Hello Awesome People

 If you are a teacher of English and work in the Arab world. This website is the best for you. How is that? This website offers awesome lesson explanations plus interactive exercises in Arabic and English. This makes students better understand their lessons and practice their English as well. Don īt hesitate to give it a try and thank me later. The website is:

17 Sep 2018

United Kingdom

It looks great!

18 Sep 2018

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