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Caption Contest 22/11/14   
Hello all,
It is my fist time participating. I īve been chosen by Mary to continue the contest.
Here it is:

22 Nov 2014


The girl from The Exorcist has grown up !!!

22 Nov 2014

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I am from Turkey,I am teaching in high school. my students are aged 15-16-17. If you are interested please let me know. My students are really cute, and they really want penpals, it will be great to send letters eachother.We can talk the details after you say yessss.

22 Nov 2014


You have started the another thread with the same subject I guess. Let your students try

22 Nov 2014

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SCHOOL Activities   
Can you suggest me some SCHOOL activities which must attract the students for speaking English at SCHOOL and Make the students Talk about it all day?Can you help me please???

22 Nov 2014


You can use ītime-saver speaking activities ī. You can find it on the net. You can also use sports headlines to encourage them.
By the way suggest is never followed by a direct personal object. Use the preposition to :
If this happened to one of your friends, what would you suggest her ?
If this happened to one of your friends, what would you suggest to her ?
He suggests parents that they should adopt a different way of bringing up their children.
He suggests to parents that they should adopt a different way of bringing up their children.  

22 Nov 2014

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Present Simple or Continuous??   
Hi everybody,
A friend of mine asked me a question she encountered in a book called picture discussion:
in the book there is a picture and the description below :
They check the passengers passports carefully before allowing at the counters inside the departure gate. Immigration officers sit behind these counters. They check the passengers passports carefully before allowing them through to board aeroplane. An aireport security officer speaks speaks to a young boy on rollerskates. He tells the boy that he cannot skate here.
 the sentences in bold are in the present simple tense but i can īt understand why! Are they grammatically right?
looking forward to your answers!

22 Nov 2014

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thanks a lot Bruce

22 Nov 2014

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Happy Hearts 2   
Hello everyone!
Could anyone help me with Happy Hearts 2, Pupil īs Book, flashcards or Activity Book?
Many thanks in advance!

22 Nov 2014

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A new tense? A really weird construction :)   
So, I came across a very strange sentence a while ago in a text book.
It sounded like this:
"Have you have been paying attention? "
It sounds absurd - according to the grammar I have been taught and teach, it should be:
"Have you  been paying attention?"
So, I am quite prone to thinking that it was a misprint...
Does any of you, dear community members (esp. the native-speakers), have any other suggestions?
 If the first sentence is NOT a misprint, what can be the name of the tense? :D
The textbook where I came across this curious thing  is Oxford Solutions.

22 Nov 2014

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Thanks for your support Heart

22 Nov 2014

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Wilma Rudolph   
Hi Everyone, 
I really need the audio file for the story of Wilma Rudolph. i would really appreciate it if you can tell me where i can download it or get it from. 

22 Nov 2014

...There is 1 previous answer...

Russian Federation

Maybe, this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4C5l11QnEQ

22 Nov 2014

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great sites I used this year   
These are some of the sites I īve been using this year with my students  and I want to share them with you:
http://openphoto.net/ students can look for photos according to a topic-
http://www.eslvideo.com/ is a Free ESL video quizzes for ESL students. Free quiz builder for ESL Teachers 
 http://bitstrips.com/ my students have created really funny comic stories and they participated in a contest
 www.zooburst.com: My younger students created a family photo pop up album
 www.pimpampum.net: teens create their own stories
 http://www.pageborders.net/ I use this to create my worksheets

22 Nov 2014

...There are 3 previous answers...


That is great and thanks a lot

22 Nov 2014

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points taken from my acount   
h i everybody each day I found many points taken from my acount eventhough i didn īt download any worksheets apart from the recent contributions and i didn īt exceed the 30 worsheets please help me thanks in advance

22 Nov 2014


Did you log in to the site at your school or somewhere else. May be you didn īt log out and someone else is using your account to download worksheets. I advise you to change your password and if the problem persists contact Victor: vgayol@gmail.com

22 Nov 2014

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Czech Republic

Which tense can be used   

Dear colleagues,

I´ve found this joke on the internet:


Mum, do all fairy tales begin with “Once upon a time”?

No, darling. Some start with: “Sorry I’m so late, darling, I was detained at the office."


Would it also be possible to replace the last sentence with

I´ve been detained at the office


I had been detained at the office?


Why or why not? If it´s possible, how exactly would it change the meaning?

Thanks for your help.


22 Nov 2014

United States

No to both. It was a single event in the past, so only past simple works. If he is calling from the office, so the delay continues to the present, the present perfect is right. If it is being told in the past, then use the past perfect is used. I was late because I had been delayed. Bruce

22 Nov 2014

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