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Rodrigo Zacara y el Espejo del Poder
Una fantástica historia llena de magia, aventuras, leyendas y misterios.
Recomendada a partir de 11 años.
Léela gratis en: www.rodrigozacara.com




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I wonder if anyone has Dough Case and Ken Williams Sketches book 1.I would be grateful if you PM and inform me.Thanks  in advance.

6 Feb 2016

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Picture caption competition   
Hello, dear friends!
I ´m sorry I ´m a bit late, but now I ´d like to announce the winner of the picture caption competetition.
The winner is:
Lettuce all pray for Tommy the tortoise who was accidentally eaten today.
I enjoyed the other entries as well, which you can find here.
Over to you, Huddersboy, hoping ti see a funny picture soon!

6 Feb 2016

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Hi everyone,
I would like to start a FLAT STANLEY PROJECT : to read the book (Flat Stanley) with my students, to make them create their own Stanley and travel books, and to send them around the world to students.
Once received, Stanley will have to be taken in photo and the stories he will live must be written in the travel book.
I have some addresses in the UK and the USA, but I would like to have contacts around the world (Poland / China / Switzerland / and so on... no limit given to it!)
If you are interested by my idea and want to receive our flat stanley for him to share your life and discover your culture, I would be highly grateful to you and it could be the start of a lasting exchange between our schools and countries!
Longing to have propositions!

6 Feb 2016

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Recipe or Postcard Exchange!   
Hello dear colleagues,
I would like to organize a postcard or recipe exchange. I have 45 12-year-old students with an intermediate level of English. PM me if you are interested!
Have a nice weekend! 

6 Feb 2016

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Dear teachers    

Good evening

I need a professional teacher help. Any one can help, Please just send me a private message.

Thank U in advance

5 Feb 2016

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Flag of The Week   
Hi Guys, 
I just posted a blog about using flags as a nice routines to start classes.
For more updates check out @EFLuencyfella
Have a lovely weekend everyone.

5 Feb 2016

Marci me

ESL Library is an excellent site for all  Holidays and has a full lesson plan with activities and worksheets and a listening podcast with cloze. However, ESL Library is a paid subscription site - but I have found it is worth every penny!

5 Feb 2016

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Russian Federation

I need your ideas   
Dear friends,
I have a rather embarrassing situation. Yesterday I did an exercise from a textbook( before giving it to my students). Then, I decided to check myself and opened the keys in that textbook. I was surprised I ´d made some mistakes. But it seems to me that the keys aren ´t correct. Write me your ideas and help me, please.
Put in the preposition if necessary:
1) I can invite any friends .......home.
2) I have to take care ......him.
3) My parents won ´t allow me to go out ..... Saturday evening.
My answers are : 1) - 2) of  3) on
The keys: 1) at  2) about 3) at
Explain me my mistakes, please! 

5 Feb 2016

...There are 10 previous answers...

Russian Federation

:) You see, Alex, Gdz isn ´t reliable. The textbook is good. The problem is in online keys for the exercises. I was really very embarrassed yesterday that ´s why asked for your help. The conclusion is I won ´t check myself  there and that ´s all. 

6 Feb 2016

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Dear friends!   
Can you help me, please, who knows  interesting sites  devoted to Valentine ´s day holiday( the plans of the lesson, ideas, posters..) Thanks   a   lot!

5 Feb 2016

Mariethe House

Maybe you find something in the link below:

5 Feb 2016

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furure time clauses with ´by ´ and ´before ´   
Hello dear colleagues,
Once again I refer to this wonderful site for help. Could you help me find out the difference between the two sentences:
1. I will do my homework before I go to school. 
2. I will have done my homework before I go to school.
 I also read that future time words are followed by a verb in the present simple or present perfect tense. Does this apply to the verbs after ´before ´ and ´by ´? For example, Is it OK to say ´I will do my homework before I have gone to school ´
                                             Thanks a lot 

5 Feb 2016

...There are 2 previous answers...

United States

Yes, Mary is right about this.

5 Feb 2016

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which one is correct?   
Hello everyone
which one is correct? 
 And Why?
1. I hope u will enjoy your stay here
2. I hope u will enjoy your staying here.
 Thank you in advance

5 Feb 2016

...There are 4 previous answers...

United States

I almost agree with daisy, except for the word "your" in the second one. Yes, it would be correct to say "I hope you (not u. THis is not a text message) will enjoy staying here", but adding "your" changes it.

5 Feb 2016

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First of a series of worksheets for general vocabulary and listening comprehension to go with the movie.
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present participle and past participle
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Age: 9-100
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Irregular past detective cards game
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