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Past Simple/Continous Question   
Hi there!

In the sentence:

"I met our neighbour while I _________ (walk) down the street",

1. are both tenses (past simple and past continuous) correct?

2. if both are correct, what is the difference between using one or the other? 

I ´m hoping for some native speakers ´ help but, of course, I ´d like to hear from everybody who wants to help me. 

Thank you all wonderful people around the world. 

Have a nice weekend!

1 Nov 2014

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Nina Duarte

New winner of the last Caption Contest (27/10)   
Hello! I think I ´m having a pretty bad luck every time I need to pick a winner for our games. For the 2nd time the winner didn ´t show up and it ´s being more than 3 days already. 
Therefore I will choose a new one: douglas.
He entered two captions, both of them very creative. So, dear douglas, please post a new picture and let the games begin Wink

31 Oct 2014

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Korea, South

Hi, what do you say in these cases?   
1. When you read sentence with (    )s,
    for example,  " The earth (            ) round the sun."
     do you say"the earth blank round the sun"
    or "the earth X round the sun?"
2. When you say the word with ____  such as ´L I ____ N ´ 
    do you say  " L I blank N" , "L I X N or "L I underline N?"
I wonder is there any casual term for them.  Â´blank´ sounds formal.
I ´m waiting for your help. Thank you always.

31 Oct 2014

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must or have to   
What do you say? You must save water. or You have to save water. ( there ´s a sign with the words : Save Water!! 

31 Oct 2014

...There is 1 previous answer...


You have to save water = the underlying meaning is that it ´s the law or that someone else is telling you to do it
You must save water = the obligation comes from you, you are telling yourself that it ´s important and you know that it ´s important (no one is imposing anything on you)

I must do my homework (= i know it ´s important if i want to improve my grades etc...)
I have to do my homework (=my teacher/parents will punish me if I don ´t, but i don ´t really know why it ´s important that I do it, i just do it because i was told to do it...


but both sentences are fine :)

1 Nov 2014

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reading skills 2   
 Hi again 
  I  write  a test  for 1 st year pre school pupils . The test  deals with number of reading comprehension skills  I   collect the skills and  the questions in  this table  and I want   you help me   to be sure that  I match  the right skill with the right question  

Reading comprehension  skills

No. Questions

Mark s

         1.         Scanning


How many places did Ahmed go  ?

Which places didn’t Ahmed go to?

How did Ahmed feel?



a)      What    Does Tamer have for breakfast?

What does Tamer do after that?

         2.         Skimming


What is the best title for this paragraph


         3.         Inferring the meaning    


What does the underline word  “he”  refers to ?  


         4.         understanding meaning from context


Read the text, and choose a word from the box to fill in the blank


         5.         Guessing meaning from context             


Find the opposites  of these  words   in the paragraph


         6.         Recognizing significant / supportive details


Look at the picture and complete the sentence


         7.         determining the truth of statement


Decide  whether  the following sentences are” true” or “false”


         8.         Comparing     


Look at  the table  and fill in the gaps with  can √ or can’t


         9.         Summarizing


Read again and Fill in the table


31 Oct 2014

...There is 1 previous answer...


Good, great job indeed but i feel you might need to consider critical thinking for 3 if want to follow cunliffe advice .  i would give you full mark for it

1 Nov 2014

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Hi everybody ,I hope you are fine .
 There are the  reading comprehension skills and I   rewrote it again 

·        Identifying of word meaning

·        Reading timetables

·        Scan text for key information

·        Scan for details

·        Read and answer comprehension questions

·        Reading for specific information

·        Reading , predicting the answer to and answers  questions about dimensions of places

·        Reading and solving puzzles

·        Reading and understanding meaning from context

·        Predict answer  to written questions

·        Reading for specific information

·        Reading text aloud

·        Inferring the meaning of new words from their context

·        Skimming and scan text  to find language pattern

·        Sequence for reading text

·         Reading  to match sentence  with  pictures

·        Selecting structure to complete  a reading text

·        Reading  to match text   with  pictures

·        Reading for global  understanding

·        Sequence  the main points of a reading text

·        Reading  to match events or states and their consequences

·        Skimming texts for gist for specific details and for the main

·        Inferring the meaning of new words

·        Sequence  the main points

·        Reading to determine the truth of statement

·        Making notes from written text

·        Summarizing.

·        Comparison

after i wrote 

·         Identifying of word meaning

·         Scanning

·         answering comprehension questions

·         predicting the answer

·         understanding meaning from context

·         Inferring the meaning of new words from their context

·         Skimming

·         Sequencing

·         determining the truth of statement

·         Summarizing.

·         Comparison

Is it right what  I did? or not ?



31 Oct 2014

...There are 3 previous answers...


thank you

31 Oct 2014

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Mp3 tracks of English for Life elementary and face2face starter. URGENT   
Hi dear all, I would be thankful if anyone can provide me with link where I can download mp3 tracks of those two books I can easily use on my phone to pair with my Bluetooth speakers in class. Many thanks in advance.

31 Oct 2014

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pronunciation of ate   
Help!! What is the right pronunciation of the past of eat ´ate ´ in british english?

31 Oct 2014

...There are 3 previous answers...

United Kingdom

We are OK to use both. 

31 Oct 2014

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hi all, hope u r all fine.
 Would u mind rewriting the following sentences using "as soon as"

The employees stopped smoking. They saw the boss coming into.

                                                                                     Thx in advance

31 Oct 2014

...There are 7 previous answers...

United Kingdom

Or ´The employees stopped smoking as soon as they saw the boss come in. ´ 

1 Nov 2014

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degree of adjective   
hi folk plz do help me

what is the comparative and superlative degrees 
of the word ´ROUGH ´?

31 Oct 2014

...There are 2 previous answers...

United States

That ´s the rule for one-syllable adjectives.


31 Oct 2014

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