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Rodrigo Zacara y el Espejo del Poder
Una fantstica historia llena de magia, aventuras, leyendas y misterios.
Recomendada a partir de 11 aos.
Lela gratis en: www.rodrigozacara.com




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New posts

United States

I before E, except...   

25 Jul 2016

...There are 2 previous answers...


I weighed this up. Now looking at the ceiling, I keep wondering , when should I fix my sleigh... Albeit it is summer and I should rein in my foolish thoughts. I ve been conceiving this sentence for eight minutes already so I think it s enough for the time being.Now, I m off for some decaffeinated coffee, then I m going to the shop to buy some heirloom tomatoes, I hope I will not be deceived by the traders :)

25 Jul 2016

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United States

Places in the City   
Hey Everyone,
As I get ready these last few weeks until my young ones come back to class for the fall, I have been thinking about what topics I may need to prepare new activities for teaching. I was walking around my neighborhood and realized that I needed to prepare materials for learning about places around town so I thought I would share some of the things i designed for this theme. There are some activities for learning basic numbers as well as vocabulary related to places. Hope these are useful. Enjoy! 

24 Jul 2016

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Olindalima ( F )

Feeling sad   
RIP, Ants.
Fiona Aufranc.

23 Jul 2016

...There are 11 previous answers...


Oh no! That s so sad. She was so creative and so kind. All my thoughts for her and her loved ones.

24 Jul 2016

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Quebecer teachers   
Hi everyone , 
I will be teaching ESL primary school students this school year, first and second level.  Unfortunately , materials for these two levels are not available in the school, I have to take charge of everything by finding worksheets, lessons,..etc. lack of materials for the two levels makes me confused. What kind of materials do esl 1st and 2nd year need? Do you know anything that can be helpful for these levels? 
Thank you 

23 Jul 2016

...There are 3 previous answers...

manonski (f)

Do you mean material for grade 1 and 2 under Quebec curriculum?

25 Jul 2016

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Here is my proposal to challenge your limitless creativity:
May you all have a great weekend.

23 Jul 2016

...There are 5 previous answers...


"I was doing perfectly fine living down here at the bottom of the ocean completely undiscovered and minding my own business, then you "explorers" with your fancy submarine  showed up.   I don t see this ending well.............for ME............."

23 Jul 2016

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Which sentence is correct?   
Hi, everyone.
      Could you tell me  which sentence is correct?
       1. The bank is opposite  the supermarket.
       2. The bank is  opposite to the supermarket.
       3. The bank is opposite of the supermarket.
       We use opposite,  opposite to or opposite of?
       I m so confused!!! 
      Thank you.
       Teacher Tip   

23 Jul 2016

...There are 4 previous answers...


Opposite to show position or location - 
      The bank is opposite the supermarket
      The park is opposite the river
      The school is opposite the playground
               ******** In these examples you do not have a preposition  (of, from, to, etc)  
Opposite to show difference -
      Light is opposite "of" dark
      Good is opposite "of" bad
      Yes is opposite "of" no
               *********** In these examples you have the preposition "of" to indicate a comparison showing difference 

(In incorrectly said "article" earlier.  Totally stupid on my part. I truly meant preposition. I was in the middle of preparing a beginner lesson about articles at the time and my fingers and brain were not  communicating. Im so sorry) 

23 Jul 2016

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A technical question   
Hi everyone!
I was wondering if someone could help me with a query.
I found an amazing powerpoint game template called Soaring Skyward on a site where you can download powerpoint templates for free.
What I want to know is if it is allowed to make a game with that template and put here at eslprintables or whether it infringes copyrights.
The site (can t recall its name now) has plenty of powerpoint templates for games and they are totally free of charge and you can download as many as you want to.
I just don t know whether it is right to put it here.
Please help! 

22 Jul 2016

...There are 9 previous answers...

United States

You should read rules careful so that you won t make mistakes when using information unless your account will be cancelled. 

25 Jul 2016

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Hong Kong

Word Of the Day Contest   
Thank you very much cunliffe for choosing my entry as the winner. 

The new Word Of the Day is: nincompoop 

I m looking forward to all your weird and whacky daffynitions.

21 Jul 2016

...There are 2 previous answers...

United Kingdom

It s a pooper-scooper with nine compartments. so you can really be a good citizen with this nincompoop pooper-scooper and after you scoop up your own doggy s poo, you can pick up eight more of the offensive items.
Cat owners can watch you with a look of hauteur and superiority.  

23 Jul 2016

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United Kingdom

Winner of the WOD   
Well, well, well, we had some great submissions for a spooky word! SCHWA. The winner is MANUHK whose definition is this: something really naff. LIked it! And the real meaning? Er... I forgot, how schwa is that! Need to google it!
Ah, right. It s the unstressed vowel between............. 
Hey, well done Manuhk and over to you!  

21 Jul 2016

...There are 2 previous answers...

United States

Lol, yes it is.  Both wonderful and perplexing.

24 Jul 2016

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maryse pey

Let s start a new game to push away spams !   
Let s try a new game to push away these awful and invading spams.
I give you some sentences and you add yours to make a funny poem, why not ?
Once upon a time there were friends
Looking for hilarious games.
They invented the Word Of The Day Contest
Just to let them find crazy daffynitions.
And the Picture Caption Contest
Just to make funny captions to read.
This community loves playing with words
Your turn now to invent the following verses !

21 Jul 2016

...There are 4 previous answers...

United States

Here s a little ditty
I wrote when I was a kiddy:
There once was a dog named Skip
Who liked to eat chocolate chips.
He d sit in the grass
And only with class,
He d drink his lemonade in sips. 

23 Jul 2016

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ALL MY GREAT EXCUSES ( a poem + questions)
A funny poem about excuses for homework undone + questionds to answer and discuss.
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-16
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A funny poems for kids to read about the problem of having ones mother as ones teacher and questions to answer and discuss.
Level: elementary
Age: 8-14
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MY LUNCH (a poem + questions)
A funny poem to read, learn/revise the names of different sweet tasty things and speak about healthy and unhealthy eating.
Level: elementary
Age: 8-12
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You can use as a flash card set or a coloring paper
Level: elementary
Age: 7-9
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Body Parts Crossword

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A nation of immigrants Ellis Island
Worksheet to use with Powerpoint "USA a nation of immigrants"
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Age: 13-15
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Welcome to the USA
Tu use with Powerpoint "Welcome to the USA"
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Age: 13-15
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Relative pronouns

Level: intermediate
Age: 15-100
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Passive voice

Level: intermediate
Age: 15-100
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