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pronunciation: "being" vs "been"," it" and "by" weak form?!   
Hey everyone,
I have to write solutions to anticipated problems in my DELTA mod2 and pronunciation is not my strongest point. So I have two questions:
- "I am being told" can be heard as "I am been told" ( I am aware the second is grammatically not correct)
First of all I need to figure out if being and been are auxiliary verbs or not... Kelly (2000) and everyone else dont mention these in their weak forms tables/analysis... So I am pushed to think they are strong forms...
In that case I would transcribe being as /biːɪŋ/ and been as /biːn/
My first question is this correct, the second one is there a way to raise awareness about the difference in pronunciation?
- It was filmed by James Cameron.
Sentence stress would be on filmed and James Cameron. The rest are weak forms. How would you transcribe "it" and "by " as weak forms? (feel free to correct me if I m wrong) 
Thank you in advance,

21 Oct 2017

...There is 1 previous answer...


Hi S
This pattern of changing the final ng sound is seen in US, UK and Australian English as well as in the lyrics of many of todays songs.
In Australia, it´s a rather informal and colloquial form of English often associated with males in  "the outback" (the remote and undeveloped areas of Australia and / or the mining areas) (as seen in the movies Crocodile Dundee and Red Dog).  It is also used by a lot of "tradies" (people working in the trades such as plumbers, construction workers etc). A former prime minister often used it to communicate with the everyday working people. It doesn´t change the grammatical purpose - it is purely a pronunciation form and Aussies will perfectly understand the Australian variation.
You can read more about it here:

21 Oct 2017

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Teaching TOEFL   

Hello again,


I have a lot of questions about the TOEFL exam. I have a small business preparing students for the Cambridge Exams but some students have asked me to consider preparing them for the TOEFL and I know almost nothing about it. It seems to me that it is more or less on the Euro Framework of C1, more or less CAE, am I right? Can anyone recommend a good textbook? Teaching tips?


Thanks so much as always,


20 Oct 2017

...There is 1 previous answer...


Hello Esther,
As a follow-up to Maryse, this is a test which is kind of similar to IELTS, so not positioned at any particular level but aimed at measuring candidates ´ competence whatever it may be. Thus, there is no "passing" or "failing" grade, it depends what you need. I guess nowadays the internet version is the most popular (IBT) - max score there is 120, in the computer one - max is 300. For what I know, the paper version is no longer provided ;-)
Candidates have to do reading, writing, listening and speaking. The reading and listening sections are graded i.e. put from the easiest to the most difficult like a university lecture. In the reading section for instance I remember a text about corn husking 
If I were you, I ´d definitely adopt a coursebook, especially that you don ´t have much experience. Macmillan has Direct to TOEFL, OXford University Press has: Oxford Preparation Course for TOEFL IBT Exam (B2-C2 level, there is an extra video you can buy to it) and Tactics for the TOEFL IBT Test(B1-C1), Cambridge University Press offers Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL test 4th ed. - just to mention a few - your choice. 
You can get some free test questions from the website - I ´d take advantage.
keep my fingers crossed, joanna 

20 Oct 2017

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British Virgin Islands

Can anyone tell me where I can find this game?   

20 Oct 2017

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Word of the day. 10.19.17   
Here is a new word of the day awaiting your crazy  ´daffynitions ´.
For those who are new to the contest, we do not expect you to give a real definition, give us the smartest and ´giggliest ´  ´daffynition ´ you can think of. 
So, the word is:

19 Oct 2017

...There are 13 previous answers...


Well, I keep reading all the brilliant daffynitions and I must confess I will have to make one of the hardest choices ever! I will have to save a copy of this topic to reread and lighten up my mood! I ´ll choose the winner tomorrow but guys, honestly, I bow low to your sense of humo(u)r.

21 Oct 2017

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Use of -ing   

It is said that Japan ´s rate of 65-year-olds will keep growing, reaching a peak of about 27 percent in 2040.

My students don ´t understand why we write "reaching" in this sentence. They want to write "reaches" since it refers to the rate. I have difficulties explaining it to them. Can anyone think of the grammatical function of the -ing verb in this sentence?
Thank you. 

19 Oct 2017

...There are 3 previous answers...


Thank you everyone

20 Oct 2017

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looking for audio files : New live 4è   
Hi everyone,
I ´m looking for an audio file  : a book report on And Then there were none, extracted from the book "New Live4è" file3 lesson 2. 
Does anyone have it?
Thanks a lot

19 Oct 2017

...There is 1 previous answer...


I may have it somewhere because I used to use it a few years ago. Is it  urgent?

21 Oct 2017

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Word of the Day contest winner   
Hello everyone!
I liked all the entries that we had for the word "boffin" .
But the one which I really liked most because it is quite witty and is Giorgi ´s daffynition. 
So Giorgi, it ´s up to you now! 
The real meaning of "boffin" is a scientist who is considered quite an expert in his area and not interested in anything else! 

19 Oct 2017


Thank you, jfaraujo! 
I will start a new thread asap!

19 Oct 2017

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United States

New ESL Teacher   
As a teacher that is brand new to teaching ESL, I was very excited to find this website.  However, I was quite disappointed that I really cannot use anything here because I don ´t have any points.  While I understand the point process, I find it disheartening that there is no beginner allowance.  If I had my own materials, I wouldn ´t be looking for new ones.  I think you guys should allow teachers new to ESL some beginner points.  As the only ESL teacher in three schools, this would make it much easier to start my program.  Once I become a more effective teacher and have established some type of program, then I will have time to make things that can be shared.  I am sure there are others that are in the same position as me and would appreciated any assistance others are willing to provide!  

18 Oct 2017

...There are 10 previous answers...


Dear new ESL teacher, What grade are you teaching? What subjects are you interested in teaching? I understand how difficult it can be when you start out in the job! If you give us a professional email address, we might send you things that you need. Have a nice end of week!

19 Oct 2017

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pen pals needed   
Hello everybody.
I have 60 students very interested in learning and practising their English. They are 13, 14  years old. We are a public school in Madrid., Spain. Please, if you are interested, let me know it. Thanks a lot. 

18 Oct 2017

...There are 2 previous answers...


I ´m an English teacher in Tunisia I ´m interested in your project and so are many of my students(all teenagers)

20 Oct 2017

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A famous American   
This is a famous American, but his /  her name is shuffled.   Who is he / she?
Thank you for your help!

18 Oct 2017

...There is 1 previous answer...

United States

Kohai is right, Helena. It was a trick. The answer is PUZZLE

18 Oct 2017

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