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Korea, South

Has anyone got this message before?   
Your contribution PRESENT PERFECT : HOW LONG/HAVE YOU EVER? has been reported
Dear member,
This is a message to inform you that your contribution PRESENT PERFECT : HOW LONG/HAVE YOU EVER? has been reported for not following the rules of the website.
The moderators will review it soon.
If there is nothing wrong with your contribution, it will be returned to the recent contributions tomorrow, and you will get all your points

All the contents in there were created by myself so I am shocked.
Have you ever got that message?
Iīve just got another message for another contribution.
Whatīs going on...I wonder. 

25 Oct 2014

...There are 3 previous answers...

Czech Republic

It has been reported because you broke the rule about 100% English. Your ws will be removed, but you can correct the Korean parts and upload it again. 

25 Oct 2014

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United States

How to teach vocabulary and make student not translate everything?   
Dear fellow teachers,

after a looong year free of teaching, I īm finally back :). And already, I īm in need of your precious advice! 

I have to prepare somebody for the TOEFL, since he wants to study either in Ireland or the US. However, his level is extremely low. He doesn īt understand any of the texts (his vocabulary-knowledge is basically non-existent), grammar, listening .. a lot of work. Well those things I know how to deal with (I hope), but I don īt really know about the vocabulary part. How should I prepare him in order to learn a lot of vocab? I got a book for the TOEFL vocabulary already, but I feel that this is not enough.

And another problem is, when trying to say or write something, he always tries to translate everything word by word. For example yesterday he was supposed to write a sentence and he wrote it down in French first and then searched for the words in his head word-by-word. 

Do you have any advice on how to do with him? It īs the first time after years that I prepare for the TOEFL and the first time at all to prepare somebody with this level, so I īm a little bit lost.
I teach him 5 hours per week one on one.

I would really appreciate any advice :)
Thanks so much in advance

Have a great weekend!

25 Oct 2014

...There is 1 previous answer...


Students with a low level of English simply cannot prepare for difficult exams such as TOEFL or IELTS. They should first take a lot of lower level general courses to improve their general level of English and once they are intermediate TOEFL prep can begin.

Trying to teach TOEFL to an elementary student is not only a waste of time for both parties, it will also be extrememly frustrating for the teacher and very discouraging for the student.

25 Oct 2014

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Good evening, everybody   
Could gladiators and their food catch 17-year-old students attention? I īm having my first lesson with this group on Wednesday. The school is in a rural area and topics such as agriculture, farming, industry and sustainablility are included in the curriculum. I īll be teaching in that school for a month. 
Do you think this text would be appropriate for a first lesson?
Any other suggestion?
Thank you!

24 Oct 2014


The article is interesting and gives some surprising facts about the gladiators ī diet. Your students will surely enjoy it! 
It īs a great text for a reading comprehension worksheet. 
Good luck!

24 Oct 2014

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subject verb agreement   
Hello, fellow teachers, I have one more question and I hope that you will help me as always. I īd like to know about the rule of subject verb agreement that leads to the use of īis ī and not īare ī in the sentence, īThis is my mum and dad. ī Thanks a lot.

24 Oct 2014

...There is 1 previous answer...


this is my mum and [this is] my dad
īthis is ī understood

that is my understanding and i am a native speaker

also there is the mistaken use of naming a group and using singular - eg Liverpool is..... referring to the football team. when i speak of Liverpool in that context, the picture in my mind is of eleven players, so i say Liverpool + 3rd person plural. i don īt worry to much about grammar rules [you may notice a lack of capital letters] but, of course, that is easy for native speakers. good luck!

bac frere

25 Oct 2014

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Kidblog.org users   
Hello everybody!
I am still looking for teachers who are using "Kidblog.org" with their kids to conduct a common project.
PM me please!
Best regards from algeria.

24 Oct 2014

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fatma najoua

urgent help   
I īve got the book solutions student īs book elementary with multi room.
but I lost the cd īs. could anyone of you be helpful if he or she has got the
 audiofiles could you please send them to me in this e mail 

thanks in advance

24 Oct 2014

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 Hi, everyone.!!

  I am an English teacher in Spain. I teach secondary students aged 16 and 17 years old. 
I am looking for penfriends in one of those countries, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland or Denmark who are really interested in this as well.

If any teacher is really looking for penfriends from Spain, would be great.

I leave you my email to write to me currobur@hotmail.com

A big hug from Spain.

 My name is Juan Carlos

24 Oct 2014

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El Salvador

Is this correct?   
"No one imagines themselves workig in a bad company"

Thanks for your answers :)

24 Oct 2014

...There are 2 previous answers...

El Salvador

Thanks to take some minutes to help me. Smile

24 Oct 2014

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The apologize   
Hi Everybody!!! I had uploaded two ppts about two topics that I had found in my e-mail, I had them many time ago... but I didn īt remember that those ppts weren īt mine.  Becasue I thought that I did them...but not.  So,  I write this apologize for all community. because I feel terrible about it I don īt want to lose my membership from this community, I love this community and I think that it is very important tool in my carreer. I am not dishonest person and I am sad with this situation. I hope that you forgive me and forget this trouble.

Thank you and regards....


24 Oct 2014

...There are 2 previous answers...

Peter Hardy

Apology accepted :-) After all, those who make no mistakes, make nothing at all! It īs also a good reminder for all, not just new members, to read the rules and instructions where it is stated: "Your contributions must be your own creations." Cheers, Peter

24 Oct 2014

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Korea, South

Teaching ideas   
Hello, Teachers all around the world.

Could you give me some creative ideas for teaching the topic of my favorite things.
 I need your help. Please share your brilliant ideas.

Thanks in advance.

24 Oct 2014

...There are 2 previous answers...

Korea, South

Thank you for your great ideas. They are very helpful.

24 Oct 2014

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