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United States

The current caption contest closes tomorrow.

United States 

I love your funny captions! Are there any more participants?

The winner will be announced tomorrow, so today is your last chance if you want to enter your caption.
The caption contest got pushed off the forum front page. However, you can find it at http://www.eslprintables.com/forum/topic.asp?id=46335  .

See you all tomorrow.

22 Aug 2014

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Pen pals for 12-13 year-old pupils
Hello, I am an English teacher from Tunisia, I teach middle school pupils and I am looking for teachers who are interested in starting a partnership with me and my classrooms. My pupils are aged 12 to 15 and I really want them to communicate in English with teenagers their age. If you are interested, you can send me an email: noorhamza2006@yahoo.com.
Thanks :)

22 Aug 2014


If you join the E-twinning page you can register your school and find for schools all over Europe to do all kind of projects.Take a look.

22 Aug 2014

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*****HELP WANTED*****
Dear buddies, cheers!

I īve been taking an important course and, unfortunately, I missed the last classes because I was hospitalized. Now I īm down in the dumps and don īt have a clue about the content. Could you please, please, please help me solve this quiz? I īll be really grateful! <3

1) - Dead-beat, bored stupid and bang up-to-date would be heard at the following spoken levels of register, BUT FOR...






2) - Cockney English is a famous rhyming slang used by working class Londoners. How would a speaker from that region say the sentence MAKE SURE TO UPLOAD THE PHOTOS ON FACEBOOK?

 make sure to upload the photos on Thomas and Cook

 make sure to upload the photos on lots of luck

 make sure to upload the photos on terror and spook

 make sure to upload the photos on filth and muck


3) - While proofreading a translated business report, you come across the following sentence - MachRun and its subsidiaries REPORTED A STRONG INCREASE IN PROFITS in the 2009-2010 period. 
A more appropriate collocation for the words in capitals would be...

 registered grand earnings

 collected substantial booties

 made huge lump sums

 announced record profits


4) - Academic English uses more formal or official registers, more sophisticated Latin-based words and unique word combinations. For example, in the sentence - The results cast doubt on the findings published by Norwegian scientists - the phrase CAST DOUBT ON means...






5) - A headline like "THE RIGHT REPUBLICAN"...

 can be translated literally

 is an example of a pun

 would appear in a tabloid

 is part of a tongue twister


6) - The word GENDER is used to form modern compounds that illustrate social conceptions about male or female. Choose the alternative below that is NOT a gender compound

 gender blast

 gender bias

 gender bender


7) - According to class-driven language, British upper class members would refer to lunch as...






8) - The concept of false friends also occurs between varieties of the same language. What is NOT a motivating factor for this phenomenon is...

 geographical distance

 international English

 cultural idiosyncrasies

 language evolutions


9) - Which typical British expression would be the American equivalent of THERE YOU HAVE IT?

 That takes the biscuit!

 Bob īs your uncle!

 On your bike!

 Keep your pecker up!


10) - The difference between VARIETY and DIALECT is basically determined by...

 the ability to be understood by speakers from different regions or countries

 the level of proximity in terms of lexis and syntax with the standard language

 the distance from the country or region where the standard form originated

 the level of socio-cultural independence its speakers may show to have


11) - When used in headlines, the words AX, BLAST, CURB mean...

 remove, criticize, clamp

 cut, criticize, limit

 injure, detonate, face

 intervene, level, pace


12) - Global English, International English, Globish, English as a Lingua Franca are...

 different dialects that have come about due to globalization

 used to refer to the same non-native form of the language

 variations of English spoken in English language classrooms

 weaker and less lexically complex forms of Spoken English


13) - Which of these words usually collocates with COMPETITIVE?






14) - Online English, or what is now known as Leetspeak, although a written form, is considered a representation of spoken English. A possible definition of it would be...

 a secret code of random letters

 a combination of computer symbols

 a range of homo-graphic characters

 a set of numbers, letters and phonetic symbols


15) - English speakers from different regions use the same word, but with different meanings. These differences may NOT lead to...

 funny situations

 different referents

 serious blunders

 linguistic prejudice


22 Aug 2014


As a native English speaker, I hereby endeavour to cause harmonious mischief to the nethers of the perfidious arse quencher who saw fit to write such a blatantly midwife-spruiking test. Seriously, what an absolute dickhead!

22 Aug 2014

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Direct and indirect objects
Hi all 

I have been asked to teach Direct and Indirect objects. To be honest I get confused with them at some stages. 

So how can I teach my intermediate ESL students?

I feel like I will confuse them and then confuse myself too. 

21 Aug 2014

...There are 2 previous answers...


I agree with cuderdavis , I always teach them the direct object and then the indirect object . Just a hint if it helps : if you ask "what" to the verb you īll get the direct object ( I sent a letter to John . A letter is direct object cause it answers to the question what did you send ?) You īll get the indirect object if you ask "to whom" ) In the same sentence , John is the indirect object (who did you send the letter ?) Well , I hope it helps . Flori

22 Aug 2014

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Keeping fonts in worksheets or ppt
Hello! I would like to know how to keep the fonts which Microsoft Word doesn īt include (I mean fonts downloaded from the internet) when you upload a worksheet or a PowerPoint. I īve seen here many worksheets with cute fonts and I would really like my worksheets to keep the same fonts with which I designed them, because when I upload the worksheets, the fonts just change to normal ones. Thank you in advance. Any help will be appreciated.

21 Aug 2014

...There is 1 previous answer...


Thank you very much. I īll definitely try that.

22 Aug 2014

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Problem with the preview of a worksheet
Hello everyone!   Embarrassed

I īve been having problems with the last worksheet I posted on this gorgeous website. 
First I got a message saying I had to send it again, which I did. Now, one of the boxes appears empty and my worksheet looks really uncomplete and not very useful. 
I īm not a computer expert  so I was wondering if anyone could help.
Thanks in advance 


21 Aug 2014

...There are 3 previous answers...


mfraczek do you use docx files? If you do, then I know why you have problems. This site has some problems with accepting docx files. Victor said he would see what the problem is. Anyway try to save your document as doc and then sent it-that īs how it īs going to appear here ( if that is the problem).

21 Aug 2014

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back to school : new ideas needed for the first lesson
hi everyone!
I don īt know if i īm posting in the right category so if not, let me know and i īll move my message.
Here is my problem : i īve been teaching for oh, 15 years now and i īm really fed up with the "introduce yourself" lesson to start a new school year (and i guess my pupils must be as well!).
i īm looking for ideas to spice things up a bit for my intermediate to upper intermediate students and create a new atmosphere in the english class right for the first days of september.
thanx for your help

21 Aug 2014

...There are 7 previous answers...


many thanks to all of you for sharing your ideas! I like the skittles related lesson (but maybe this is because i īm greedy!).
I liked the anonymous friend as well but unfortunately i won īt have the opportunity to have a pic of the students before the big day so, i īll keep this idea for another time!

22 Aug 2014

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Free public domain audiobooks and ebooks
Hi everyone

I just want to share this link with ESL members who are bookworms like me Smile


21 Aug 2014

...There are 6 previous answers...


Thanks a bunch!

22 Aug 2014

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Russian Federation

Word of the Day
I don īt know if people often use this word in real life or they don īt, but for me it īs just a nice (a bit mysterious) word. It īs gadzookery.
Can you give me your ideas of interesting descriptions, meanings of this word?

21 Aug 2014

...There are 3 previous answers...


Gadzookery...I īve just spilt (I prefer the use of spilt over spilled) food down the front of my t-shirt!
Explains it all!

21 Aug 2014

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Hi all,
Hi all

20 Aug 2014

...There are 3 previous answers...


Hi ................... Welcome to eslprintables............

21 Aug 2014

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