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Looking for pen friends   
Dear folks,
I am an english teacher from Spain. I am looking for abroad school that will be interested in exchange information during one school year.  I will teach  english as a second language to students  from 9 year old  to 12 year old. The training course will start in September and finish in June.
The main idea is to develop in the children the interest to communicate with other students using english language. They are used to learn english as a compulsory subject in the school. In this way they will use english for other purposes as well as they will learn about other cultures.
If someone is interested, send me a message.
Thanks in advance.

29 Jul 2015

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Czech Republic

Hello, I did similar activity with my pupils last school year and I think you could do it through etwinning.net to earn yourself some awards for pupils and certificates.

29 Jul 2015

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Typing by talking   
For all those teachers who make exercises and donīt feel like typing so much:
Voice note II - google chrome web store or  

Both work fine for me. I just put my headset on, watch TV and say the sentences as they come to my mind. They do need a bit of editing afterwards, but still, I  find it too good not to spread the word. 

29 Jul 2015

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United Kingdom

Grammar and Language Learning   
Can anyone think of a construction in English which you know is not ungrammatical, but you īve never seen in a grammar book? 
From a recent Lingua Franca post:
"Grammars are never complete. Natural languages are so rich and diverse in variety of sentence types that there are always residual undescribed constructions."
The writer (a grammarian) then cites an example which his own reference grammar was the first to note and another which his book didn īt cover. The first construction was "the reduplication of modifier words for emphasis in a major, major problem, or much, much too far." The second was adding the regular past participle suffix –ed + out to a noun to indicate reaching an excess of something – to be museumed outto be all caffeined out.
The link is here:

29 Jul 2015

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United Kingdom

You should read P G Wodehouse for some imaginative conversion of nouns to verbs. He coined quite a few. As for Gyles Brandreth, I both love him and hate him at the same time. He knows his English, that īs for sure.

29 Jul 2015

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United States

pushing the spam off the forum   

28 Jul 2015

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Victor, I wrote you a pm about how online exercises are rated. Still looking forward to your reply

29 Jul 2015

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United States

This spam is becoming more frequent.

28 Jul 2015

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alien boy

I think I īd rather be naked & barefoot!

28 Jul 2015

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Czech Republic

Questionnaire on Reading in foreign languages in a language classroom (target age of students 14-19)   
Dear colleagues,
I have created a questionnaire about teaching reading in a language classroom and would truly appreciate if you could spend about 5-10 minutes answering it.
You will find it here:
It is going to help me with my final paper and checking whether my hypothesis were correct or not.
Thank you all, 
Kindest regars,

28 Jul 2015



29 Jul 2015

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Pen friends from the Philippines   
Hi, Teachers! I need pen pals for my 2 classes of grade 8 (14 years old)  students. One class is composed of 40 and the other 41. We are currently having a correspondence exchange program with a school in Thailand. But my students  are requesting for one more  school from another country. They enjoy the activity very much. ANYONE INTERESTED?

28 Jul 2015

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Czech Republic

A letter correction - native speakers: please, help   
Hello, dear friends.
Me and my colleagues are going to attend an English course in Bournemouth, England and my principal asked me to send an e-mail to school we are going to go.  It īs not exactly an easy letter so I would like to ask you to read it and give me a feedback. I am sure there are some mistakes but it īs been almost 15 years I have written such kind of formal letter.
Thank you very much for your help, Michaela

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you because of an English course me and my colleagues are going to attend at your school between August 17 and August 28 2015. Because our course is being paid from the money of EU as a project, the certificates we should receive at the end, should have a specific requirements:

1. The name and the address of your institution

2. The whole name of attendant

3. Course title

4. The date of the beginning and the end of the course, number of lessons, place, the way of ending the course

5. Place and the date the certificate has been issued

28 Jul 2015

...There are 4 previous answers...

Czech Republic

Thanks one more time, you īre great! :-D

28 Jul 2015

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Board game template needed   
Hello there :-)
Do you know where I can find a free and fully editable board game template?
Thank you in advance,
Have a great day,

28 Jul 2015

...There are 2 previous answers...


Thank you so much .

28 Jul 2015

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