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Facebook Group for Elementary Teachers   
Hello everyone,
I am looking for elementary teachers for my Facebook group ´ ´ Enjoy Teaching English ( Elementary) ´ ´  where we  can share our teaching experience, repost teaching ideas, ask questions and discuss everything teaching related. If you are interested, send me a pm or join my group which you can find on my Facebook page Enjoy Teaching English.

16 Jul 2018


Good morning, I hope you are doing well.
I would like to be part of your group, two years ago I was teaching in 5th grade and it was one of the best experience. I would to share startegies, as well as learn some from you guys. How can I join the group?
Kind regards 

16 Jul 2018

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We are the CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD !!!!   

15 Jul 2018

...There are 6 previous answers...

United Kingdom

For once, the best team clearly won. Well done France!

16 Jul 2018

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new caption competition   
Hi to you all , as you all know today is our National day: Bastille day but  tomorrow is the day when France wins its second  football world cup ,so here is a picture for the new caption competition
See what   you will come up with 

14 Jul 2018

...There are 4 previous answers...


When there is a Will there is a way!!!! We are the champions of the world!!!!!;)))))

15 Jul 2018

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United States

Word of the Day   
Thanks again to jfaraujo for selecting me as the Word of the Day winner. Here is your new word: tragematopolist. Anyone who gives the correct definition is automatically disqualified. Give me your best shot at a "daffynition"!

13 Jul 2018

...There is 1 previous answer...

maryse peyé

Oh oh ! TRAGEMATOPOLIST is the serious fever caught by the POLITE POLICEMEN thinking that it is a TRAGEDY to be jailed in MARSEILLE (a French city in the South of France, a port once called MASSILIA in Roman language).
But actually the more striken policemen are Italian ! Why ?
Tragedy in Italian is TRAGEDIA,
Crazy, insane are MATTO in Italian
Marseille (French) is MARSIGLIA in Italian
Mouse in Italian is TOPO (a mouse becomes crazy when it is locked in a very small cage)
Police is POLIZIA in Italian
List (English) is LISTA in Italian
So in Italian this word means "è una tragedia da diventare matto per la polizia di essere in prigione sulla lista di Marsiglia". In other words (English) it is "It is a tragedy leading to craziness for the police to be jailed on the Marseille ´s list".
Is my explanation clear enough ?

14 Jul 2018

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Career Paths: Kindergarten Teacher   
Hello dear friends!
I ´m a teacher at the Teacher Training College. Do you know where I can download the book Career Paths: Kindergarten Teacher by Virginia Evans?
I am looking forward for your help

13 Jul 2018

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Word of the day contest 5th July winner   
Hi everyone!
Here to announce the name of the Word of the Day contest winner.
There weren ´t many entries but they were all quite good.
The real meaning of Coprolalia is the repetitive and involuntary use of obscene language, as a symbol of mental illness or organic brain disease.
And the winner is... MoodyMoody with 
Coprolalia is speaking well of the police, even when they do crappy things.
Cop: slang for police officer
-pro-: in support of
-lalia: speech. 

13 Jul 2018

United States

Thank you, jfaraujo! I actually recognized the word without looking it up; that ´s why I had the reference to "crappy things." I will come up with a new word shortly!

13 Jul 2018

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Caption Contest 5th July 2018 winner   
Hello everyone!
I was really happy to see all your captions. They all made me laugh a lot and most were quite witty.
But there can be only one winner and that is Sylvie with her:
 The new advertisement campaign for "Felix cat foood " :Tasty  sea food , you are what you eat!!"
Congratulations dear Sylvie
We now await a fantastic picture from you! 

13 Jul 2018


Well well well! What an honour! Thanks a bunch! I Will try to send a picture tomorrow from my computer... If I manage,(sorry about the extra"  o " in food!!!!!! Cheers and see you tomorrow ! Sylvie

13 Jul 2018

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Video Lesson on Gudetama   
I have made a video lesson based on the youtube video by Vox about the Japanese character Gudetama. Great video with lots for students to talk about. Made activity worksheets to go with it. Enjoy!

12 Jul 2018

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Please help me...   
What is the correct sentence? Can you explain that for me?
1. How many spots do you think a giraffe have?
2. How many spots do you think a giraffe has?
Thanks a lot for your help...  

12 Jul 2018

...There is 1 previous answer...


Thanks a lot... :)

12 Jul 2018

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United States

Never Know When You ´ll Need English   

A little video about how the boys in the Thai cave used English to communicate with the divers that found them:

11 Jul 2018

...There are 8 previous answers...


I did my best. Thank you, Douglas!

12 Jul 2018

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New worksheets

Short notes to write persuasive essay followed by activities to help with understanding
Level: intermediate
Age: 10-16
Downloads: 20

Level: intermediate
Age: 12-100
Downloads: 36


Level: elementary
Age: 8-14
Downloads: 35

Route 66

Level: intermediate
Age: 18-100
Downloads: 8

Have, 4 uses
Pictographic explanation of how we use HAVE in four different ways. Exercise to test comprehension.
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-100
Downloads: 17

Body parts - cute and paste activity

Level: elementary
Age: 5-10
Downloads: 8

Role play - At the doctor´s surgery.
Vocabulary- an appointment-take a seat-What´s the matter?-pain- How long? - How often?- infection- My.....hurts.-medici ne- chemist- translate into their language.
Level: elementary
Age: 10-12
Downloads: 17

2009 Barack Obama´s speech during the White House Correspondents´ Dinner on the role and importance of journalists
An oral comprehension activity from a youtube video on the role and importance of journalists .
Level: intermediate
Age: 15-17
Downloads: 12

Mr Bean
Mr Bean
Level: elementary
Age: 8-11
Downloads: 12

Reading for Comprehension

Level: elementary
Age: 7-12
Downloads: 10