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Some passive sentences   
When we have a long sentence to turn into passive voice sometimes I am not sure of the place of some of the words.. 
For example: I have to choose the place to see it, I think it is : the best place to see has to be chosen by me. Other example: his company will send him abroad on business, I think it is: he will be sent abroad on business by his company. The place of the  agent is the element I doubt about.

18 Jan 2018

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United States

Caption Contest   
Les, thank you so much for choosing my caption as the winner! 
Here is the next picture for your captioning pleasure, fellow ESL Printables fans! I ´ll pick a winner either when the picture leaves the forum, or when I get a good selection of hilarity! (Hmm, picture came in at the top instead of where I wanted it. I ´m too lazy to redo it.)

16 Jan 2018

...There are 12 previous answers...


Flo decided it was time to scale back on some things in her life

18 Jan 2018

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United Kingdom

Caption Competition, Monday, 8th January, 2018.   
Moody Moody:
You´re the WINNER, with your hilarious caption,
"I´m saving this for later!"
So, please, Moody Moody, submit a fresh picture, for another set of Witty Captions.
Congratulations, and THANKS to everyone else for your entries.
Les Douglas 

16 Jan 2018

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United States

Not sure if people are up to playing the daffynitions game   
Thanks Maryse for choosing my daffynitions.
There was low participation in the last round.
The new word I suggest is Funambulation.
Feel free to offer your funny made up definition. Or if there is no interest, we can retire the game for a while. 

16 Jan 2018

...There are 3 previous answers...

maryse peyé

It is an euphemism meaning :
FUji NAMes its BULl AcTION or the Mount Fuji, which is a Japanese volcano, is about to explode : RUUUUUUUUUUUUNNN !!!

17 Jan 2018

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maryse peyé

winner of the word daffinition   
How dare you say I am saying TARADIDDLE ?!?!?!
Yes ! You are right ! TARADIDDLE means : someone or something filled with pretentions, nonsense or something that is a lie.
And the winner is REDCAMAROCRUISER with its reference to a tiara and its decoration... Its reminds me when I was a little girl full of dreams...
Great thanks for the laughter too ;)
And Les I LOVE your daffinitions ! And I am not the only one... Just a wink to the song that I love too : IMAGINE.
Please keep on writing them !
Hugs to all.

16 Jan 2018

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Help needed!   
Dear colleagues,
       Could you please recommend songs that can be used in teaching/ revising the following: Relative pronouns/ Relative clauses; Linking words; Conditionals, Gerund and Infinitive, Shopping, Prepositions. Thank you in advance! May you have a wonderful day! 

16 Jan 2018

...There are 3 previous answers...


Thank you very much!

18 Jan 2018

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Play scripts needed   
I teach Drama and I have the problem of finding plays that my teens find enjoyable. Could you please tell me where can I get plays for my drama lessons? My address is nachoyvioleta@gmail.com

16 Jan 2018

...There are 3 previous answers...

Antonio Oliver

Me too!

17 Jan 2018

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hi everyone    
i need help with this activity

16 Jan 2018

...There are 2 previous answers...

United Kingdom

No, that ´s right! So, John Donne wrote that no man is an island. 

17 Jan 2018

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Future Learn - Free Course on Using Film to Teach   
I have just finished week one of this course and am finding it very interesting as someone who likes to use short films in the classroom. 
Anyone got a favorite short film they like to use? I like One Man ´s Loss and We ´ve All Been There

16 Jan 2018

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United Kingdom

Ladybird Peter and Jane books   
Has anyone ever used the Ladybird keywords scheme (Peter and Jane) and have you any advice etc.

16 Jan 2018

United Kingdom

I bought the Peter and Jane Keywords Scheme Books for my son, Mark, when he was 2. (That was about 50 years ago.)
I used them to teach him to read. (I was NOT a trained Teacher, then.)
I simply followed their written teaching advice. We read together every evening, before bed, for about 15 minutes. He loved it.
They were Excellent.
When he was 3 he could recognise words, and could read simple sentences.
He, (NOT I),  discovered two tiny typographical errors.
I wrote to Ladybird to inform them. They replied that they knew about one error, but no-one had ever noticed the second error.
Laughing, they offered my son a job as a proof-reader, when he was 18.
In my opinion, in my situation, the Ladybird Key Word Scheme, (using the Peter and Jane books), was excellent.
Les Douglas. 

16 Jan 2018

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