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Rodrigo Zacara y el Espejo del Poder
Una fantástica historia llena de magia, aventuras, leyendas y misterios.
Recomendada a partir de 11 años.
Léela gratis en: www.rodrigozacara.com




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Russian Federation

Videos with some ideas for ESL teachers    
Hello dear colleagues!
Here you can have a look at some ideas for your lessons: 
1) Future Perfect (grammar presentation)
2) Future Continuous (grammar presentation)
3) Building up a picture (a time-filler activity)
Wish you a great day! Take care! 
Empire of English 

7 Feb 2016

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A play for children   
Dear Colleagues. Could you recommend a play for lower intermediate students to be staged at school? I would be very grateful.

7 Feb 2016

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Text to speech tool   
Hello there!
I would like to ask for your help.
I am abou to create a news task for my students and I am looking for a tool to convert my text to speech. I have found some softwares but I have not found any way to download the ready speech voice to my flashdrive to take it to the classroom. 
Can you help me? Can you recommend any good software or tool which can convert and I can then download the finished voice?
Thanks in advance: Sue

7 Feb 2016

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Thanks a lot!!!

7 Feb 2016

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The Present Perfect Tense / The rules are supported with animated examples.   

6 Feb 2016

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Costa Rica

Using the Guitar in the Classroom   
So, apart from being an English teacher, I ´m also a guitarrist. I would love to be able to use my guitar in the classroom in a way that it can help my students learn better. Any ideas?

6 Feb 2016

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United Kingdom

Oh, come on, Lynne! As you can see from his answer to Ana, Paul is obviously far too sensitive, compassionate and tactful to do something like that. 

7 Feb 2016

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Costa Rica

Shy students, small group, conversational course   
Hi everyone. So I have several very small groups. Two of them have only 2 students, and one has 3. They are conversational courses, and sometimes I bring conversational topics that should last 30 minutes, yet they end up lasting only 10. Now what I would like to know is if anybody knows of any conversational activites that can be done with only 2 or 3 students.

6 Feb 2016

...There are 2 previous answers...

United Kingdom

Or choose a story that ´s in the news and adopt this approach.

7 Feb 2016

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I wonder if anyone has Dough Case and Ken Williams Sketches book 1.I would be grateful if you PM and inform me.Thanks  in advance.

6 Feb 2016

...There is 1 previous answer...

United Kingdom

I know that some people can be a bit sniffy about other people garbling their names, but I have a feeling that Doug Case and Ken Wilson are not among them (although their publishers might not be exactly tickled). I believe that Halildurak is referring to this:
I have no idea how reliable or safe the above site is.

7 Feb 2016

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Picture caption competition   
Hello, dear friends!
I ´m sorry I ´m a bit late, but now I ´d like to announce the winner of the picture caption competetition.
The winner is:
Lettuce all pray for Tommy the tortoise who was accidentally eaten today.
I enjoyed the other entries as well, which you can find here.
Over to you, Huddersboy, hoping ti see a funny picture soon!

6 Feb 2016

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Hi everyone,
I would like to start a FLAT STANLEY PROJECT : to read the book (Flat Stanley) with my students, to make them create their own Stanley and travel books, and to send them around the world to students.
Once received, Stanley will have to be taken in photo and the stories he will live must be written in the travel book.
I have some addresses in the UK and the USA, but I would like to have contacts around the world (Poland / China / Switzerland / and so on... no limit given to it!)
If you are interested by my idea and want to receive our flat stanley for him to share your life and discover your culture, I would be highly grateful to you and it could be the start of a lasting exchange between our schools and countries!
Longing to have propositions!

6 Feb 2016

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Recipe or Postcard Exchange!   
Hello dear colleagues,
I would like to organize a postcard or recipe exchange. I have 45 12-year-old students with an intermediate level of English. PM me if you are interested!
Have a nice weekend! 

6 Feb 2016

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New worksheets

Group Session
Hope this worksheet you find it helpful .
Level: elementary
Age: 10-16
Downloads: 14

color the stars

Level: elementary
Age: 6-12
Downloads: 2

Leasure is my pleasure
it is a useful worksheet about our leasure time with interesting questions and creative tasks. Hope you will like it
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-15
Downloads: 16

test term2 7 th form
listening comprehension, present progressive ,prepositions
Level: elementary
Age: 12-12
Downloads: 15

SpongeBob´s house
Very simple worksheet for the kids to say the parts of the house and daily routines.
Level: elementary
Age: 6-8
Downloads: 7

catch as you being good

Level: elementary
Age: 3-6
Downloads: 0

Song: Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd
A great song by a great singer. This worksheet helps students do better in grammar, mainly verb tenses.
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-16
Downloads: 4

Advice & Suggestions Bingo
Simple activity using vocabulary, questions, and answers in the form of a Bingo game for students to practice basic conversations while getting or giving advice and suggestions.
Level: intermediate
Age: 13-100
Downloads: 19

Feelings & Emotions Bingo
Simple activity using vocabulary, questions, and answers in the form of a Bingo game for students to practice basic conversations while asking about and giving their responses to situations where they have various feelings and emotions.
Level: intermediate
Age: 11-100
Downloads: 14

Multiple Choice Quiz about Modernism
Multiple Choice Quiz about Modernism. Suitable for weaker students.
Level: intermediate
Age: 16-100
Downloads: 3