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animal sounds   
a dog goes bow - wow or wof-wof?

25 Jan 2015

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Teachers from Portugal   
Hello everybody, have a nice Sunday!
If any of the Portuguese teachers in the forum today are working with "Upgrade 11º", would you please send me a private message? 
Thank you,

25 Jan 2015

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Teachers from Turkey   
Dear friends from Turkey
I m planning a trip to Turkey next may. Is there anybody from Istambul who is willing to answer some questions  and perhaps meet later on? If you are interested, pelase send me a pm.

25 Jan 2015

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plsease tell me " do you mind if he smoke/ smokes here?"
we often use " I m pleased that she studies hard", so can we use " I m pleased because she studies hard" ? 

25 Jan 2015

United Kingdom

Do you mind if I smoke/if he smokes here? Fine.
I m pleased (that) she studies hard. I m pleased(,) because she studies hard. Both are fine. 

25 Jan 2015

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Dear colleagues,
There is a sentence which was a matter of active controversy yesterday in our teachers room: 
1. I don t know which genre of music is his favorite. 
2. I don t know which genre of music his favorite is
Both of them seem to be correct. Which one is correct in your opinion? Could you explain? 

24 Jan 2015

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According to Swam, the correct order in this kind of sentences is Subject + Verb with all verbs:
I don t know which music she likes
*I don t know which music likes she
The verb TO BE is an exception. It allows both positions:
I don t know where she is
I don t know where is she 

25 Jan 2015

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online stories   
hi mates!
Do you know websites where students can watch/listen to a story and then write a review? I have done the elves and the shoemaker (Book.box) and they have enjoyed a lot. It works for 1ºEO, I d like to find other stories for 3º ESO as well.
Thanks in advance 

24 Jan 2015

British Virgin Islands




25 Jan 2015

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Can t see the pictures on eslprintables.com :(   
does anybody have any idea what I can do to see the pictures again? I can s see the small images showing the contribution. I used Chrome, IE and Dophn on my smartphone. Any ideas?  
Thank you in advance,

24 Jan 2015

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How to practise prepositions in a different way -Memory tricks   
I ve created an activity to practise "at" by creating a puzzle and a pop-up card. You can use this drawing to present the rules:
To help Ss practise the phrases, you can print the following pictures and cut out the shapes.
  •  S1 says the phrases to S2
  • S2 builds up the picture

You can find the full instructions here along with some writing ideas.

Greetings from rainy Greece,

24 Jan 2015

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thank you very much

24 Jan 2015

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make an effort or take an effort?   
Hello, I need help! Which is correct "take an effort" or "make an effort"? Or both variants are possible. Thanks in advance)

24 Jan 2015

...There are 3 previous answers...

United Kingdom

Good point, Mattsui.

25 Jan 2015

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Please can you help me with a small question?   

Is it Goodbye (all together) or Good Bye ( in a two different words)??? My question is because this word was considered for a Spelling Bee contest.

Thanks so much!

23 Jan 2015


According to the dictionary is all one word. Goodbye :)

24 Jan 2015

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How to live your life passionately
This is a worksheet I prepared for my adult intermediate students on the TED talk by Isabel Allende: How to live your life passionately - no matter your age. The worksheet has 15 questions and it also includes the answer key and a link to the video. I found the video quite inspirational and I love to use TED Talks for my lessons. They usually...
Level: intermediate
Age: 18-100
Downloads: 3

first term exam -first year- secondary school
This is my first exam of my first year students...
Level: intermediate
Age: 15-17
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Reading Comprehension about superman - Christopher Reeve.
Level: intermediate
Age: 11-15
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2nd year first term test
this is my first term test for my 2nd year-2014
Level: intermediate
Age: 15-17
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look up_ video worksheet
including video link
Level: advanced
Age: 16-100
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advertising vocabulary exercise
This is a worksheet about advertising vocabulary with the correction. I used it after a brainstorming about the topic.
Level: intermediate
Age: 14-17
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mcdo advert blog extract
I used this text after studying the advert of McDonlad which is in the worksheet, to help my students see another point of view.
Level: intermediate
Age: 14-17
Downloads: 10

Present Simple Sentences With To Be
I printed these and cut them out, then put each sentence in a separate envelope. The students raced against each other (in small teams, ideally) to create a grammatically correct positive sentence, negative sentence, or yes/no question. Were working with my students on putting "a" when you have a singular noun and "s" (but NOT a) with a plural n...
Level: elementary
Age: 8-11
Downloads: 4

Family Wordsearch I

Level: elementary
Age: 3-12
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Wordsearch Family Easier
Level: elementary
Age: 5-7
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