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Idioms related to ´Body Parts ´ ´Leg´ ´Hair´ and ´Eye ´
Hello!!! I need some help!!!! My adult class has been learning some idioms related to body parts. These are the idioms:

Hair Idioms:

 * Let your hair down
* keep your hair on
* I m tearing my hair out

Eye Idioms:

* keep an eye on something
* to have eyes in the back of your head
* His eyes are bigger than his stomach

Legs Idioms:

* I m pulling your leg
* It cost me an arm and a leg
* You haven t got a leg to stand on

Would you help me with comments using these idioms??? Thank you a lot in advance for your comments!!!! Smile

23 Apr 2014

Hong Kong

Let your hair down = to relax
I m tearing my hair out = I m frustrated/angry/anxious

Keep an eye on something = to monitor something closely
To have eyes in the back of your head = to seem to be able to sense what is going on behind or outside of your field of vision. My teacher seems to have eyes in the back of her head
His eyes are bigger than his stomach - he piled more than his fill onto the plate and is now unable to eat it; he has taken more food than he can eat

I m pulling your leg = I m kidding you; I m joking
It cost me an arm and a leg = it was very expensive
You haven t got a leg to stand on = to be in a situation where you cannot prove something

23 Apr 2014

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Meaning of a collocation
Hi I could not find the right meaning of this collocation: forge a link


23 Apr 2014

...There are 2 previous answers...

United States

The term comes from chain making. A link is one part of a chain. When a chain is made, the loops of metal joined together are cut. To forge a link is to melt the ends of the loops together. That makes a much stronger chain than if the links remain open. Here s an illustration:
By the way, it s also where we get the saying "the weakest link." A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

23 Apr 2014

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looking for "LET S LEARN ENGLISH" CD (tunisian curriculum)
Hi dear colleges, 
Am looking for the english programme CD of listening for Tunisian teachers (7th and 8th formers) . If any of my Tunisian colleges can send it to me I would be so thankful.   

23 Apr 2014

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Saudi Arabia

Hi, Can you tell me how we should read these 2 words : PS RSVP in any invitation? Thanks

23 Apr 2014

...There is 1 previous answer...

United States

We just read the letters

23 Apr 2014

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help with translation
hi can you help me with this word? how do you say this word in English? it is Spanish  
 " osteo artro muscular" thanks a lot for your time.I can t find the word in English.

23 Apr 2014

...There are 5 previous answers...


Bruce, just for curiosity, do you think theres any difference between artro and arthro ?

23 Apr 2014

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Audio files
Hi I m a French teacher and I m looking for the audio files of Get in touch 4me on the present perfect B p 64
Thanks in advance

23 Apr 2014

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Hong Kong

The Bard ´s birthday - or how to create your own Shakespearian insults
Today would be Shakespeare s 450th birthday (which he shares with me, but I am a LOT younger Tongue)
My husband is a Brit, and we usually remember Shakespeare on my birthday over a glass of bubbly by making up Shakespearian insults.
Here is a wonderful kit for doing that:

23 Apr 2014

United Kingdom

Love it! Happy birthday, thou.... No, I d better not!

23 Apr 2014

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manonski (f)

Cursive vs Print
Hi everyone

As you know, some schools are giving up teaching cursive writing or print. We are debating what we should do in my school and was wondering what are students learning in your part of the world when they start learning how to write.

Do they learn print first, then cursive? Is it the other way around? Have you stopped teaching one?

Looking forward your answers.

Wishing you a good day!

23 Apr 2014

...There are 3 previous answers...


I was taught to teach print first, all capital letters, after that script and cursive. Children don t have a fine motor skill and they need practice and assistance to develop a good autonomy in writing. Frankly speaking, a lot of teachers don t follow those steps and teach all the three types of writing at the same time.

23 Apr 2014

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Saudi Arabia

What is the difference between gold and golden?
Hi , I need your help please . What is the difference between gold and golden as adjectives? Thanks

23 Apr 2014

...There are 3 previous answers...

Saudi Arabia

Thanks a lot . :-)

23 Apr 2014

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Regarding Recent printables versus the whole collection
I probably missed it somewhere, but after 30 uploads and hopefully 30 points, one is allowed to download from the most recent collections. How does one access the whole collection? I have 5 points and I downloaded from the whole collection I believe. Also I downloaded a worksheet twice by accident wasting a precious 1 point.

23 Apr 2014

Isabel L

Just above the forum you can search worksheets, power points or exercises according to your needs or you can search a particular user s contributions. Then you select what suits you.

23 Apr 2014

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