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I´m about to make some flashcards for students to practice the structure "Have you ever...?"
Here are some ideas:

Have you ever been stuck on an elevator?

Have you ever been locked in a hotel room?

Have you ever seen a crab?

Have you ever had a pet tarantula?

Have you ever dreamt of flying?

Can you add any other? I mean, any other unusual question. Thanks! 

6 May 2015

...There are 2 previous answers...

United States

Have you ever worn socks that don īt match?
Have you ever laughed so hard that you cried?
Have you ever wished you were older?
Have you ever lost your keys in the ocean?
Have you ever walked into a glass door? 
Have you ever scored the winning point? 
Have you ever forgotten your swimming suit?
Have you ever been served food with a bug in it?
Have you ever seen an eclipse? 
Have you ever left the house with your shirt buttoned wrong? 

6 May 2015

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need your opinion   
Are the words "cake" , " fries" and "idea" countable or uncountable?

6 May 2015

United States

I think you can answer this for yourself (but I will still tell you). Here īs how to figure these out:

 Can you bake three cakes? Yes, so "cake" is countable.

   "Cake" can also be uncountable, because you can talk about having "some cake" (which is different from "some cakes"). You can īt have "some fry" or "some idea" (although there is an expression "to have some idea", but that is a totally different situation).
Can you eat three fries? Yes, so "fries" is countable.
Can you have three ideas? Yes, so "idea" is countable.
I īm sure I gave you far too much information, but my basic answers are there, too. Yes, all three are countable.
Bruce ,

6 May 2015

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Which word to complete with?   
Miss another class.............................you will fail.

6 May 2015

...There are 3 previous answers...

United States

Yes, that is what it means.

Take Excedrin and your headache will be gone in 15 minutes.
Study hard and you will do well on the test. 


6 May 2015

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Audio CDs - English Plus 3   
I īm looking for the AUDIO class CDs - English PLUS level 3 
Does anybody have them?
Thanks in advance.

6 May 2015

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Articles -    
Does anyone have Elementary Exercise?
Indefinite Article - A/AN  - "What īs this?"   Introducing  

6 May 2015

...There is 1 previous answer...


I shared but just as I do in other comunities, I forgot the rules here.

6 May 2015

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help with science materials   
Hello everybody

I am currently teaching science to 9-year-olds and I cannot find anywhere photocopiable materials for teachers. If any of my Spanish colleagues happened to have Essential science plus 3 photocopiable materials (Richmond publishing/Santillana education) I would be very grateful.

Thank you

6 May 2015


Hello miarie.marron:
     Last year I was teaching science to 9 years old boys. I was working with Oxford. If you want tell me the units you need so that I can help you.

6 May 2015

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good afternoon every body,
I want  your help to make me able to differentiate between two of reading comprehension skills;
anlayzing the written information and
understanding the information is not explicit in the passage  
 Have  the two skills have the same meaning ? 
Which questions  are suitable  for them if they are different ? 
for example : 
if I asked student to  complete  the following  sentences
the  mother īs mother  is your   .......
I  have  a .... of tea  every morning 
are  these  sentence followed which skills  ( analyzing  the written information or understanding the information or not  explicit in the passage )

6 May 2015

...There is 1 previous answer...

Peter Hardy

Analyzed, analyzing.
 1. to separate (a material or abstract entity) into constituent parts or elements; determine the elements or essential features of : to analyze an argument.
2. to examine critically, so as to bring out the essential elements or give the essence of:
to analyze a poem.
3. to examine carefully and in detail so as to identify causes, key factors, possible results, etc.
Understood, understanding.
1. to perceive the meaning of; grasp the idea of; comprehend: to understand Spanish; I didn īt understand your question.
2. to be thoroughly familiar with; apprehend clearly the character, nature, or subtleties of: to understand a trade.
3. to assign a meaning to; interpret: He understood her suggestion as a complaint.
4. to grasp the significance, implications, or importance of: He does not understand responsibility.
5. to regard as firmly communicated; take as agreed or settled: I understand that you will repay this loan in 30 days.
Hope these definitions help.
Cheers, Peter

6 May 2015

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The mariage of Figaro - Cherubino   
I have started a project with some students about opera. The aim is to create a trailer for their chosen opera. They have decided to work on Cherubino (from The mariage of Figaro, Mozart).
Our question is : do you know if a modern version exists? We would like to mix the original version with for example rap or another music genre, but so far we have not find any artist who could have used Cherubino for his/her song. You know like Stromae who has just used "Carmen" for his new title...
Thanks a lot in advance!

6 May 2015


Here is a techno pop version of Cherubino:

6 May 2015

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please help   
please could you help me with this :
 He bumped into the last man in the queue, .... unlucky man fell down. which whose who what
It was given in a Tunisian national exam ,my friend insertd "who" but was considered false & has been told that "which " is the correct one .what do you think?
thanks in advance . 

6 May 2015

...There is 1 previous answer...


I īm really greatful Bruce ,thanks a lot for your precious deatiled explanation :)

6 May 2015

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South Africa - Pen Pal Partner Requested   
Hello Everybody. I teach at a public school and we are interested in developing a partnership with a school from South Africa. We īve already started to write the letters but it will take a little longer.
Important facts about us: our school year starts in February and finishes in November (in December we have final exams).
Our winter vacation happens in July (2 weeks).
They are 33 6th graders (between 11 and 12 years old in average)
Our city is Joinville (Santa Catarina State - Brazil)
We have 2 ESL classes per week, 48min each one. (Only! I do miracles with this.)
My interest as a teacher is to exchange the cultural similarities and differences between our countries.
I hope somebody can help me :D

5 May 2015


Hi! I don īt know if you might be interested, but I teach 6th and 7th graders around 12 years old. We are from Argentina, but we are also looking forward to reading emails from kids around the globe, no matter what their first language is. If you are interested, let me know! 
We would like to exchange a few emails for a month or two.
I īd love to be part of  such a great experience!

6 May 2015

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