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Can I use the worksheets in my class?   
Hey, I have a question regarding the publishing of worksheets.
Am I allowed to share the worksheets I download with my students? Can I use them in class? Or would that be against the policy?
Thank you =) 

20 Nov 2014

manonski (f)

You can use them in class. You can ´t distribute them on another website.

20 Nov 2014

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European primary school wanted for a project   
Hi everyone,
I ´m working in a private primary school in Greece and I ´m interested in finding a European primary school for doing a project with 4th grade students,  ie. 10  year old kids. The idea is to exchange information in English concerning Christmas traditions, traditional food and sight-seeings of both countries (of course any other ideas are welcome).
Pen-pals are also wanted for 6th grade students, ie. 12 year-olds. The topics and the frequency of exchanging letters will be discussed among the parties involved.
If you are interested, please contact me by pm. Thanks in advance

20 Nov 2014

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United States

Caption contest starting Nov. 20th   
Thank you, Lynne for choosing me to post the next  picture for a caption contest.  Here  it is.  I am looking forward to the captions you all submit. 

20 Nov 2014

...There are 8 previous answers...



20 Nov 2014

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Teaching about illnesses   
Hi everyone! I ´ve been looking on the Internet, specially on youtube, looking for a video and I can ´t find it. It was about a dialogue between a doctor and a patient (cartoons). Does anyone know about any video suitable for kids between 9-11 years old to work on these vocabulary? I remember they talked about head ache, ear ache, stomach ache... 
Thanks for your help! 

20 Nov 2014

...There is 1 previous answer...


Wow,how fast, thanks! That was the vídeo I was looking for :)

20 Nov 2014

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Saudi Arabia

A play for pupils in grade five    
I need a play for my students in grade 5 to be acted in the English week

20 Nov 2014

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United Kingdom

caption competition winner   
I thought the entries were brilliant! From the politically incorrect, but very appropriate - if that makes sense! - to the cheeky ... ´how can I get a pee, mummy? ´ and ´that ´s not what I meant when I said I want to sleep with your mummy... ´ to the absurd ´if you ´re thinking about my baby, don ´t matter if you ´re black or white oo ooh ´,,,, Mm the mummy singing came close...But there can only be one winner! And it ´s the absurd I ´ve gone for. Redcamarocruiser has the mummy looking for the coffee machine. ´I don ´t feel myself till I ´ve had my morning coffee, ´ So it ´s over to redcamarocruiser. Thank you all for participating. 

20 Nov 2014

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Thanksgiving songs   
Here are the links to two very funny songs for  Thanksgiving.
Hope you will enjoy them
Hugs , Sylvie!:))

20 Nov 2014

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grammar book cool kids 6   


Anyone has the small grammar book (cool kids 6)??? I really need it.

Thanks in advance! 

20 Nov 2014

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Koenigin der Nacht

A suggestion   

Hello, everyone!


     It goes without saying how amazing this site truly is. It is probably the best free website of its kind that I have encountered in my fifteen years of teaching English.
     I have a slight suggestion to make that would make things even better though.  I have recently bought a new projector and laptop and carry them to all my classes at school.  What I am mostly interested in at the moment, is to find interesting videos that compliment the things that I need to teach.  In this site one can find outstanding worksheets that are based on videos found on Youtube, it would, however, make things significantly easier if, on the search function, there was a ´type ´ for video worksheets or even song worksheets.  You have worksheets, powerpoints, notebook, flipchart, mimio board, etc. You could add as types: ´video worksheets ´ or ´song worksheets ´.
     It ´s just a suggestion. I would like to thank everyone for the amazing job they are doing and especially Victor for maintaining this site for us.
Koenigin der Nacht 

20 Nov 2014

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Flashcards display   
Two days ago I uploaded a set of flashcards about Present Continuous, just want you to show you the way I display the material,
using a piece of cloth( where the flashcards are stapled) and a hanger. I have two 4th graders  classes and I only use a set for
both. Hope you find it useful.!!!!!

20 Nov 2014

...There is 1 previous answer...


 I love it , just great!!!  . Another idea : hang them  from a line using clothes pegs . My daughter did something like that to hang her favourite photos and it looks fantastic

20 Nov 2014

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school rules worksheet
This worksheet is used for teaching school rules part 2 ( 9 form)
Level: elementary
Age: 12-16
Downloads: 30

school rules worksheet

Level: elementary
Age: 11-16
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Let´s Have a Barbecue
Learners are required to read the passage and then answer the questions that follow.
Level: elementary
Age: 10-11
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a mini quiz

Level: elementary
Age: 10-12
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Question words quick test
Question words quick test
Level: elementary
Age: 8-100
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Present Simple test

Level: elementary
Age: 7-17
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Redline Services
Learners are required to read the passage & then answer the questions that follow.
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-14
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English Secondary Schools 2. Writing reports
This is a Writing worksheet designed to Tunisian 8th formers. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you
Level: elementary
Age: 12-16
Downloads: 76

Color the monster
Kids are asked to color the monster according to the text below.
Level: elementary
Age: 4-6
Downloads: 1

Thanksgiving at the Gobbler´s
In this reading for beginners students will find the names of each family member and then use food vocabulary to describe the unusual thanksgiving dinner.
Level: elementary
Age: 6-100
Downloads: 15