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teachers wanted and camping sites   
Hi Techers! I wonder if you know teachers that wanted to work in Mexico city.
Please, I need a link about trusting places where I can send ss. to study english for two or three weeks. Thank you!

22 Oct 2014

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about the future   
What īs the difference between :" Shall I ?" and " Will I ?"
Are both correct ?
Your answer will help me a lot .Thank you .

22 Oct 2014

...There is 1 previous answer...


Iīd have to agree with almaz... Although, if I had to make a distinction, īd say "Shall I" is a bit more formally polite, but not a lot.

22 Oct 2014

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material for young learners.   
Hi colleagues,
Please I need your advice about a good course book for the age 7-14 years old, focusing on speaking.

Thanks for your co-operation

22 Oct 2014

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Even though I am not a regular contributor now, I like sharing whenever i īt īs possible and when I do it I always include the key for all my contributions.
I know this has been often asked  but I īm going to repeat that request once again:Please, include the answer key, it will save us a lot of time! We are busier and busier, aren īt we?
Thanks in advance!
Have a great week!

22 Oct 2014


Hi, Teresa, I īm not a regular contributor either . Being unemployed at present , If I upload something is just for fun . I know the key is important for us do I` īll try to include it in my future worksheets .

22 Oct 2014

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fatma najoua

please help   
could you please help me. I need a song or a game to help me teach the past participle to my pupils.

22 Oct 2014

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To massage or to give a massage?   
I īm in doubt wheter one form or the other is better:

I gave her a massage.

I massaged her.

The other one is a bit strange, but is it wrong?

22 Oct 2014

...There are 4 previous answers...

Peter Hardy

I regularly give my wife a massage. Sometimes she massages my back.  My cat said: "Can I have a massage, too?"

22 Oct 2014

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CAPTION CONTEST - 22nd-23rd November 2014   
Dear all, sorry I didn īt reply sooner, but I only logged in for a sec and saw huddersboy īs pm about winning the caption contest with my matrix glitch comment. Thanks a lot! My turn to choose a picture. I came across this cute little squirrel the other day and find it irresistible. I wonder what you will do with it. So, fire away and caption this:


PS: Due to a sudden change in the weather and storms, my internet connection is a bit unpredictable. I hope I manage to choose the winner by tomorrow afternoon or Friday morning at the latest.

22 Oct 2014

...There are 10 previous answers...


Are you squirrel something away?! Shocked

22 Oct 2014

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Hi, I realy need your ideas and documents to share, we will have an EnglishNight soon in my school, and I have to find some sketchesto use, that students can act, or many of them can participate, if you help me, I īll be really happy.Thanks to everyone for now.

22 Oct 2014


hello i did a play with my stuidents but it s not that funny it s rather dramatic don īt know if you need it or not 
 if it s the case let me know that i can send it to you ok 
best of luck 
concerning sketches i d like to have some if  y got them please share them with us 

thank u

22 Oct 2014

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Notice! looking for students to video chat with mine, Notice!   
Dear colleagues,
I have some good students of various levels. They really want to practice their English, but because there is no speaking English in my country, they lose motivation to learn more! I am looking for teachers to share students, giving them some opportunity to really communicate in English!
That would be really useful for them all!
Looking forward to your enthusiastic Students!

22 Oct 2014

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Anyone know Kindergarten songs about teachers?   
1)Kindergardeners love songs
2)Principals love kindergardeners singing songs about how much they love their teacher
3)I need to teach my Kindergardeners a song to perform on Teacher īs day, Something aling the lines of "We love you teacher, oh yes we do, We love you teacher... and we love school? "...
4) any ideas? please 

21 Oct 2014

blessed trinity

Check these songs out!

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGBV3sDt3Es

2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEG2tEEImIE

And I liked that activity extremely a lot :)) Ur kids can use īI love my teacher because... ī pattern or u may also prepare a video of ur own kids just like in the video:)

Here is the video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhbISaQNyd8

Have fun...

22 Oct 2014

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Iīve used this worksheet to test my studentsī knowledge of present perfect simple. It also tests comprehension by answering yes/no questions and the use of common adverbs. Hope you also find it useful!!
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