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please help me   
hi dear teachers. I have an important lesson  next Tuesday. I used to teach in high school students. it īs the first time I ī, teaching primary students. Therefore I īm a bit confused. My class is 5th grade at the age of 10 and 11. My director and head manager join in my class and evaluate my teaching methods. 
Could you suggest me some interesting topic and if you have lesson plans could you also send it to mail yolushka19@yahoo.com 
thank u very much!

3 Sep 2015

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hi everyone,

can anyone tell me how to find activity sheets for grade 1 [story sequence]

thanks in advance

3 Sep 2015

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United States

Professional development books   
Hello everybody
I was wondering if you have books about professional development that you recommend reading?
I īm currently reading "Teaching outside the box" by  LouAnn Johnson. So far it īs an awesome book with many tips and advice.
I īm curious to hear about other great books :)
Have a great day :)

3 Sep 2015

Russian Federation

Here are the links to some books which may be interesting for teachers.







3 Sep 2015

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I īm not sure if the Powers-That-Be or moderators or whatever read these much. But since this is our only way to contact them, here goes:
Just my thought -- It sure would be nice if there was a drop-down choice to search specifically for games.  "Activity card" doesn īt really do it, as you get other things mixed in. I find that I have to schlog through tons of stuff trying to sniff out games.
If anybody has any suggestions for finding such with the parameters we currently have, I īd welcome any you have.
Peace to all :-)

3 Sep 2015

United States

Hi, Dee,

First, Victor īs e-mail address link is on the left side of the forum. Just scroll down, and you can contact him directly.

Second, I just entered "game" into the Contents space at the top of the forum, and lots of games came up, so I don īt understand what you īre having trouble with.

3 Sep 2015

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help please   
Hello dear  colleagues
On the next Sunday 2015 I willstart my first day of the new school year 2015/2016. I want someone to help me with suggestion what to do in the first contact with new students .
thanks in advance
regards colleagues 

3 Sep 2015

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Word Definition Game, Reloaded   
So far we īve had two amazing definitions. 
Have a go!
The word to define is
Give us your craziest, weirdest definitions,
You will be awarded for your creativity :)

3 Sep 2015

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First day of class   
Good morning,
Can you help me with some ideas for the first days of class?
It īs for students aged 12 with a basic level in English. it īs a big group, about 24 students so I don īt want to lose control of their behaviour...
Thanks in advance for your suggestions!!!! 

3 Sep 2015

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Action plan to address the causes of student demotivation   
Good evening friends,
I īm thinking about conducting an action plan to address students ī demotivation but I don īt know how to proceed. Can anyone tell me about the steps to follow?
Thanks in advance 

2 Sep 2015

United States

Hey Grimsim,
maybe those links are useful for your planning:

Good luck on  your project :)

3 Sep 2015

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Saudi Arabia

Help please >>   
Can you tell me what is the correct option, please ?
1- travelling by ( air  -  plane  )?
2- travelling by ( sea  -  ship  )? 

2 Sep 2015

...There are 4 previous answers...


Absolutely, Lynne! Dtcf, no matter how perfect your knowledge of the Reported Questions is, you might not feel entitled to such responses. And, this is a friendly remark!

3 Sep 2015

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please tell me what is right?

The _______________________ children are trying to open the box. (excite)

exciting or excited?

2 Sep 2015

...There is 1 previous answer...


When I introduce this grammar point to my lower level students, I over-simplify it a bit, but for basic learners it seems to work more often than not. 
I tell them that an activity is Exciting, Tiring, Boring, etc. (ING) 
I tell them that people feel Excited, Tired, Bored, etc. (ED) 
Usually they get the idea. It helps, until their own grasp of language is clear enough to discern the difference between active and passive.   They see the patterns, I ask them what is different, and usually they can explain the difference.
The parade was exciting
The climb to the top of the mounting was tiring.
The president īs speech was boring
I was excited when I watched the parade/
I was tired after I climbed the mountain
I was bored while I listened to the president īs speech.
Hope this helps.  

3 Sep 2015

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