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Conversation textbook   

Hello everybody,

I would very much appreciate your help in the following matter: I ´m an EFL teacher in Mexico and looking for a textbook to teach conversation (AE) to B1 level students  who are between 15 and 25 years old.  It should have lively everyday topics, slang, idioms and role plays. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

20 Apr 2018

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Problems in the website   
Dear friends,
I ´m making some changes in the web server, which I hope will improve its performance in the future. Anyway, I ´ve made some errors, and some things have not been working properly these days. For example, it was not possible to post new messages in the forum. Thanks Giorgi for sending me a message. I ´m so busy that I didn ´t notice.
It could happen that you continue getting the errors, mainly if you are using Chrome. That happens because the web browser has saved a cache of the page, errors included.
If that is the case, I recommend to press the keys CTRL and F5 at the same time. This makes the browser to reload the page ignoring the cache.
If the problem continues, please tell me. Maybe there are still errors that I have to correct.
Thanks a lot for your patience!! 

19 Apr 2018

...There are 8 previous answers...

Everlasting hope

Thank you Victor

21 Apr 2018

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A play for adult learners   
Hello there :)
I need some help: this year I have been teaching a class of male adults, false beginners and I am thinking of ending the school year with them performing a play, but I don ´t have any sript, could someone help me by telling me where to look for something funny, light and easy or even by sending me some drama texts.
Thank you so much 

17 Apr 2018

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United States

Happy Earth Day!    
Hey Everyone! 
Spring is finally here! I really was getting worried there for a minute. I have been busy the last week creating activities for Earth Day for my kids and thought I would share a vocabulary game that I put together. It ´s basically a 3x3 Bingo / Matching board that can be used as a class or individual activity. Could be useful to review some terms related to the environment with older learners as well. Hope this could be useful in your classroom as well. Enjoy!

16 Apr 2018

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Russian Federation

Thanks a lot, Victor. The problem has been fixed with a sped of light! Now it ´s OK.

17 Apr 2018

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Teaching Teens   
Dear colleagues
i am teaching a group of university students specialized in engineering, the students seek to improve their english through communicative games and songs, but i rarely find approperiate materials thus i resolt to desgining my own materials based on British council and some other various resourses. Today i decided to contact you and ask for help, i bet other teachers have gone or are undergoing the same experience. any help would do me great.
Thank you in advance

16 Apr 2018

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Hello there :drissbkd & spinney
Here is my gmail: Abdellahachahbar91@gmail.com
Any material would do me great
Thank you in advance 

18 Apr 2018

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new web host   
Hi , this is a question to our webmaster but which may interest other people.  you have changed the web server, and I would like to know what time the new worksheets start appearing, apparently it has changed. Just for some a simple curiosity from early birds. Thanks for all your work, bless up , Sylvie!:)

16 Apr 2018


Hello Sylvie,
I had forgotten to set the hour of the new server!
Now the new worksheets will appear at the same hour as usual.
Thanks for your message! 

16 Apr 2018

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British Virgin Islands

Ask for help   

Dear colleagues,


Is this sentence grammatically correct:

Winter season hadn’t finished yet so I called the tire trader to complain about the tire he had sold me.


Thank you in advance for your help

16 Apr 2018

United States

It ´s either "the winter season" or "winter" hadn ´t finished yet.

16 Apr 2018

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No sooner   
a)No sooner did I see him than I talked to him.
b)No sooner did I see him, I talked to him. 
Can we use "no sooner" without "than"? Is it grammatically correct?

15 Apr 2018

...There are 4 previous answers...


Great question!
t ´s a formal expression and not commonly used in everyday conversation these days, but one might use it when recounting a story or event.
Most websites state that than is required, however Cambridge said usually, although they didn ´t give an example without than.
So, as the others said, than should be used.

16 Apr 2018

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Action mazes... or Choose your ending stories   
Dear colleagues , I ´ve browsed the web looking for good examples of "action mazes", those stories where students have to make decisions in order to move forward in the story and can come to different endings. They are great for discussion, but unfortunately I have been able to find just a couple of them (Holiday maze https://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/article/holiday-maze  and the spending maze https://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/article/spending-maze). I need different topics, and I was wondering if somenone might be able to suggest some more links. Thanks a million!

15 Apr 2018

...There are 2 previous answers...


Thank you very much Ratu and Redcamarocruiser, I ´ve started to explore the links you ´ve provided and some are amazing!. I was actually hoping to find a pdf to cut and use in class, I ´ll see if I can adapt some of them. Thanks again for your precious help!

16 Apr 2018

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please tell me what is right

a. Only three people can use the elevator.

b. There is an elevator in this area.

c. The elevator is full of people.

d. There are lots of people in the elevator.

15 Apr 2018


b. There is an elevator in this area.   

15 Apr 2018

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