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Written compositions   

Hi. I was wondering if anyone could help me with a doubt I have. I’ve been studying to take the CAE exam and I came across these two connectors: “As well as that” and “What’s more”

The first one, well honestly I’ve never heard of it and the second one I know what it means and how to use it. My question is: Are they used in formal or informal writing?

And can someone give me an example using “As well as that”?

6 Mar 2015

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Help with English File placement tests   
By any chance does someone know where I could get a printable version of English File placement tests for the 3rd ediiton and the previous one?
Thanks in advance!
Have a nice weekend :) 

6 Mar 2015

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vocabulary question   
Hello fellow teachers
I īve been wondering what the name for such a baby bath tub just like in the picture below is  and what about the metal structure ?

6 Mar 2015

...There are 2 previous answers...


baby bath tub + metal stand/support

6 Mar 2015

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How I met your mother scene   
I didnt get the cornice joke, could somebody help me??

Marshall: Well, all skyscrapers kinda look like a...

Ted: Marshall, it īs a seventy-eight story pink marble tower with a rounded top and two spherical entryways at the front.

Marshall: Wow, so it īs the whole package.

Barney: Yeah, you did.

[fist-bumps Marshall]

Marshall: Had to.

Barney: Oh, dude, if they īre selling condos you gotta get me in. And don īt give me the shaft.

Marshall: Yeah, you did.

Barney: Had to.

[they fist-bump again]

Ted: It īs a travesty! It īs gonna define the skyline of the city. If it was me, I could have designed something amazing. Instead, I īm spending twelve hours a day designing the cornices.

Marshall: Yeah, you did.

[holds out his fist for a bump]

Ted: That wasn īt one.


6 Mar 2015

...There is 1 previous answer...

United States

I agree with melissab that it wasn īt a joke, which is why Ted said, "That wasn īt one".



6 Mar 2015

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Printable doesn īt upload successfully   
Hello.  I īm new to ESLprintables; many apologies if this question has been answered a thousand times before but, so far, I haven īt been able to find any information about it on the site.  I īve uploaded three documents over the past three or four days; the flashcard sheet came out perfectly but the two very simple fill-in-the-blank activity worksheets ī format was very strange.  On the original worksheets, which I have printed off a thousand times, there are ten pictures on the left side of the page, a blank line to write the correct verb next to them on the right, then ten more pictures which are just slightly to the right of the center, and ten more blank lines next to them.  For some reason the lines, which are just a normal underline, did not show up at all and the second column of pictures are jammed next to the left column of pictures.  Perhaps it īs some kind of difference between the European computer keyboards (many members here seem to be based in Europe) and the Japanese keyboard?  Do you know if there īs any way to rectify this?  
Thank you -

6 Mar 2015

...There are 2 previous answers...


You could mention the issue in the description of your ws. I once had a ws which only had one page in the preview but actually had two, so I mentioned it in the description and that I īve checked by downloading it myself and that it actually had 2 pages.

6 Mar 2015

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United Kingdom

joining eslprintables   
I recently became a member of esl, I was led to the site because I was trying to find some ideas to support a project about Toy Story, the movie.  I īve uploaded some of my worksheets,( only one a day, as per the rules), and I īm impatient to start using the site in the fullest sense because I īm waiting for others to notice my contributions!  I think once I īm able to view and download the resources on this site, I will find it invaluable, but ... it seems that it īs going to take some time before I collect sufficient points to be able to download resources.
I would happily upload lots of my resources, but the restrictions slow the whole process down, and it may be months before anyone notices my contributions!!  I īm not trying to advertise or push forward my own resources, I īm feeling quite shy about them because they īre fairly basic, but tailor-made for my classes of pupils with complex Special Educational Needs.  They īve all been tested in real classroom situations, sometimes with OFSTED inspectors present! 
I hope I don īt  lose interest before I get some points!!
I īve made some useful games during my 30 plus years in teaching;  they īre bespoke resources to support pupils who are struggling with early literacy skills.  I īd love to be able to offer those to others but I īm not sure how to do it - they īre mostly in the form of board games and cards, because these activities foster a great many social skills in parallel with literacy skills.  If anyone can offer me advice - please make it very simple I īm a goldfish brain when it comes to I.T. - I īll stick with esl for now, try to upload some attractive resources, and review in a few months ī time.

6 Mar 2015

...There are 5 previous answers...

United Kingdom

Hi NicaBella,
This is a wonderful site, so persevere. This template is guaranteed to earn you points. It īs very attractive but simple, just write straight into the boxes, no fancy editing needed. Write a sentence or two about the boy and his daily routine.  Or write a true and a false sentence in each of the boxes, for the students to tick the right one. 

if you use a template, do thank the provider. This one is by ueslteacher. 

6 Mar 2015

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winner of the caption contest: vicvieira   
Congratulations vicvieira!
You won the caption contest!
Looking forward to seeing your picture for a new round. 

6 Mar 2015

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brazilian boy

IELTS test    
Hi guys..
Does anyone know a site where I can get a IELTS test  simulation?
I īm in need of a real simulation.
If you can HELP I īd appreciate..
Tks a million

5 Mar 2015

United States

Please search this in  bing or google
IELTS test  simulation practice exam

5 Mar 2015

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Russian Federation

probably some realia that I don īt know   

There īs a line in the lyrics of Kerli īs song "Welcome to the tea party". The line is  Got my elbows down, pinkies up. Elbows down is OK with me, but why pinkies up? Is it a set phrase?

 Another line that I can īt make out is  Let īs be traditional And non commissional

What does non commissional mean?

5 Mar 2015

...There are 4 previous answers...

alien boy

Interesting. Without readinng the entire song I couldn īt really accurately guess the meaning of īnon commissional ī. 

However, here are four definitions of commission which may be appropriate. Commissional is an adjectival form of commission.

  1. an authorisation or command to act in a prescribed manner or to perform specific acts;
  2. an act of committing something (especially crimes, in a legal sense);
  3. a fee to an employee or agent for a transaction;
  4. an act of entrusting or giving authority.

I īll add more thought after class, sorry!


Edit: Iīve now read the lyrics... depending on how you want to interpret them it could take on several meaning, to me, & probably different ones for other people. The lyricist is obviously writing about a relationship, so īnon commissionalī, which I suppose just means the opposite of commissional, may be a description of a relationship that is not officially prescribed; without payment owing due to committing to the relationship; or, an uncommitted relationship (in a formal sense). Thatīs just a quick, shallow, thought to add a few ideas to the discussion.

Cheers, AB 

5 Mar 2015

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Peter Hardy

Just a thought   

We all need help at times. But I sometimes wonder why people don īt do their job before they ask for help. It seems to me that īlesson planning ī is not a subject at teacher īs college anymore. So, when questions on this forum include a timeframe like "I need a WS for tomorrow" or, "I start a new class next week and I need a course book", or "I need the script for a play for next Saturday" the hair in my neck gets up, and I īd like to scream for a change (we don īt do that in class, do we?) "DO YOUR JOB!"

Okay, got that of my chest, and I īd love to hear other opinions on this subject, so now I can give some advise.

1) Do your homework. I.e. new members clearly don īt read the rules, and hence get confused when they don īt get points the same day, or get upset when work is reported for breaching the rules and so on. What goes for this lovely website also goes for your classes.
The same goes for your lesson planning. Find out what is expected from you, and plan accordingly.  Okay, that sounds easier than it is, so I īll upload two articles as tutorials (free to download): a) lesson planning in ten steps and b) planning for a year. 
2) For last minute emergencies try Google. I often try that following īurgent requests ī and I īm not kidding, 99% of the time I get what īs needed in let īs say less than five minutes.
And why needed I say this on the forum?  For the simple reason that all students in the world , young and old and all levels, deserve only the best. And in my opinion, when teachers don īt know how to do their job, or leave things to the last minute, the students are the ones who miss out.
Yours in teaching,

5 Mar 2015

...There are 24 previous answers...


Hi Lynne!
I suspect that people who ask questions like that are probably native speakers (or not... sometimes teachers/people get thrown into teaching things they aren īt qualified for) that teach English "because it can īt be that hard to do since they speak the language!"... and actually have no idea what the tenses even are. However, if that is case, maybe they should take a few moments to research what they are actually looking for/teaching!!!

6 Mar 2015

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Outer space - We have been there!
I elaborated this test to my 10th grade students when we were talking about "space exploration". It has got three groups of tasks: reading comprehension with different types of exercises, language and writing. Key included.Hope it is useful.
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Age: 14-16
Downloads: 43

Use of vocabulary related to circus and the use of the present continous
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Adverbs of frequency
Adverbs of frequency designed for absolute beginners hence lots of pictures and the verbs are in bold for easier identification. This could be modified for more able learners.
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Complete the crossword according to the pictures. Then, complete the other one looking for, in a box, the meaning of the description
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Mock Test 3 year- (pre-intermediate)
Mock Test for pre-intermediate level
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Holocaust with "Band of Brothers" TV series
Finding information about the holocaust with a video (links included)
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Robin Hood Reading Guide for Simple Character traits

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Time (Half Past and OīClock)

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