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Thanks isa2 for picking my caption! It īs a double hit for me today with Spinney picking my definition:)
I was amused when a while ago I saw this one in the news. (For those of you who can īt make it out, it īs a raccoon on a croc) 
So get your mojo rollin ī:)  

30 Jul 2015

...There are 9 previous answers...

United States

"Are you sure that this is right way to Florida, buddy?"

31 Jul 2015

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Winner of the Caption Contest (22 July)   
Sorry for being late in picking a winner (too much to do in house and garden at the moment, and the fruit can īt wait...)
So, thank you all for giving your witty/ funny (even multiple) comments. You gave me a hard time.
But in the end, ueslteacher made it with 
That ´s what Mrs Claus gets for misplacing someone ´s magic carpet;)
Congrats! Please choose a new picture.

30 Jul 2015

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Jan Brett Fans   
Hi there,
I īm a Jan Brett fan and I found that she has a great homepage with lots of activities for young learners.  Beautiful alphabet pages, coloring pages, etc.
I also found this link where you can send her an email.  She answered me and sent me a teacher īs pack in the mail.  It was very exciting. 

30 Jul 2015

...There are 2 previous answers...

United States

Hey Esther,

I didn īt even know her books :o I should definitely have a look at this. How nice of her to send you a teacher īs package!!!
Thanks so much for sharing <3


30 Jul 2015

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Got a message from Spinney asking to continue the game since the original winner hadn īt responded.
So, here you go, one of my favourites:
Let īs see what you can come up with:) 

30 Jul 2015

...There are 5 previous answers...


Frolicking ī: a way that a frog catches insects  by its sticky tongue. 

30 Jul 2015

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school supplies crossword Paula   

Does anyone have the solution to "school supplies crossword" by Paula, its excellent but I cant figure answers.


Many Thanks

30 Jul 2015

...There are 2 previous answers...


Oh, you are right. It seems that some pictures have  wrong numbers.
Waste paper bin could fit in but then there would be problems with other words...
Maybe you should try to  fill  the crossword in with the words that fit their places and then deal with the problematic ones.
Sorry, I don īt have a printer where I am now and can īt help.
 Good luck!

31 Jul 2015

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Need native teacher for my school   

Hey Guys!
Thank you for reading. I want to present for you an amazing opportunity!
Are you a native English speaker with experience from American or British culture?
Do you have a great optimistic, responsible, and outgoing attitude?
If so, you may be the one we are looking for!
Right now we are expanding our team and we are looking for more English teachers.
If you are interested in this position, please contact us via email: recruitment.tlschool@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you in the future.
Candy Nguyen.

29 Jul 2015

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Students with problems in learning   
Hello dear friends!
Here I am again to ask for your help in two different situations:
1 - I have a one-to-one student, she is a lady in her 60s, but she isn īt able to keep vocabulary easily, she has difficulty in pronunciation, she doesn īt want to learn grammar (when I tried to talk about verb to be she looked at me desperately) and she doesn īt study at home. My boss sold her the Smart Choice 1 book, how can I use its content without teaching grammar? How can I make this lady learn English?
2 - The other student is also a one-to-one, but this one is younger. She took a complete English course in a big group from another school where the teacher followed the best students, so the shy ones, like her, didn īt have opportunity to ask many questions. The thing is, this girls had been a Spanish student where I work, so my boss was not worried in giving a placement test. I was asked to teach her using American Headway 3 and, at that time, the only problem I could notice was verb tenses changes (she uses past when talking about present and so on, yes, uses because we finished book 3 and 4 and she still makes the same mistakes). Unfortunately, my boss told her mother that the girl was able to take a prep course for FCE, and we started the book, but she is worst now, her mistakes are the same made by students at basic level... How can I help her to become the advanced student she is supposed to be?
Thanks in advance!! 

29 Jul 2015

...There are 3 previous answers...

United States

I agree with everyone. As for the older lady, you might want to come up with grammar games, where she doesn īt notice that she is learning grammar. I had such a student before. Didn īt want to learn any grammar and was really stubborn with it. So I came up with card games, board games, conversation cards in order to teach. It worked really well actually. But also needs time to prepare and creativity. You will find quite some of that here also I believe ;).

As for the younger girl. I would do as Moody said. You have to find her point of interest to make her see that English can be fun and useful. See what her weak points are. If she is always doing the same mistakes, find her areas of interest and consider also her learning style. Maybe she needs to have things explained a bit differently.
I once had a student who continued to make the same mistakes and just didn īt understand anything. I changed my methodology about 5 times until I found the right way to explain. Sometimes we just have to lay the books aside and do our own thing. I would try to talk to your headmaster about that and hope that he will understand. 
It won īt help her at all continuing with the book if she can īt get the basics straight. That īs like teaching somebody geometry who doesn īt even know that 2+2=4. 

I hope you will find a good method for the two <3

30 Jul 2015

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Looking for pen friends   
Dear folks,
I am an english teacher from Spain. I am looking for abroad school that will be interested in exchange information during one school year.  I will teach  english as a second language to students  from 9 year old  to 12 year old. The training course will start in September and finish in June.
The main idea is to develop in the children the interest to communicate with other students using english language. They are used to learn english as a compulsory subject in the school. In this way they will use english for other purposes as well as they will learn about other cultures.
If someone is interested, send me a message.
Thanks in advance.

29 Jul 2015

...There is 1 previous answer...

Czech Republic

Hello, I did similar activity with my pupils last school year and I think you could do it through etwinning.net to earn yourself some awards for pupils and certificates.

29 Jul 2015

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Typing by talking   
For all those teachers who make exercises and donīt feel like typing so much:
Voice note II - google chrome web store or  

Both work fine for me. I just put my headset on, watch TV and say the sentences as they come to my mind. They do need a bit of editing afterwards, but still, I  find it too good not to spread the word. 

29 Jul 2015

...There is 1 previous answer...


I can see what you mean, SaraMariam. I can be lazy as well :) But this comes most handy when I want to do A LOT and already have an idea of what I want. And  this way I can type a  "bank" of sentences for different exercises. Or several such banks. I use Moodle to make quizzes and since I don īt have to typa, it actually goes much faster. 

29 Jul 2015

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United Kingdom

Grammar and Language Learning   
Can anyone think of a construction in English which you know is not ungrammatical, but you īve never seen in a grammar book? 
From a recent Lingua Franca post:
"Grammars are never complete. Natural languages are so rich and diverse in variety of sentence types that there are always residual undescribed constructions."
The writer (a grammarian) then cites an example which his own reference grammar was the first to note and another which his book didn īt cover. The first construction was "the reduplication of modifier words for emphasis in a major, major problem, or much, much too far." The second was adding the regular past participle suffix –ed + out to a noun to indicate reaching an excess of something – to be museumed outto be all caffeined out.
The link is here:

29 Jul 2015

...There are 4 previous answers...

United Kingdom

You should read P G Wodehouse for some imaginative conversion of nouns to verbs. He coined quite a few. As for Gyles Brandreth, I both love him and hate him at the same time. He knows his English, that īs for sure.

29 Jul 2015

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Level: intermediate
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How the Digital Age is Rewiring our Brains
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Face 2 Face Intermediate summary 2A
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My body
Write the parts of the body and color.
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classroom rules Poster
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Superheroes abilities : CAN / CANīT
Pupils must build sentences using the vocabulary and CAN or CANīT
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conversation avtivity template
Itīs a template. You can type any topics you would like your students to talk about.
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Opposites - Adjectives, Puzzles
It is a jigsaw puzzle. Cut out, mix. Students have to find opposites (adjectives) to make the puzzles. Have a good playing time!
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questions to know someone

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