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Rodrigo Zacara y el Espejo del Poder
Una fantástica historia llena de magia, aventuras, leyendas y misterios.
Recomendada a partir de 11 años.
Léela gratis en: www.rodrigozacara.com




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Long-term planning needed!   
My dear teachers, does anyone of you have the long-term planning for the course "Family and Friends 4 " 2nd edition by Naomi Simmons? If yes, could you please send it to my e-mail: rosca_nat@yaho.com , I really need it! Thank you in advance!

25 Aug 2016

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Tandem Learning   
Hello my friends,
 I am setting up a language center and would like to integrate a Tandem Learning Programme to enhance the language skills of the learners. Would you please provide me with guideline on how such a program woul work? Any practical steps?

25 Aug 2016

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Need help about language labs   
Good evening friends,
I am conducting a research on how to use language labs for effective teaching. Will you please provide me with articles or ideas about how a language lab should work?

24 Aug 2016

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thanks a lot

25 Aug 2016

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Online website to play games   
Hello mates!
I wonder if you happen to know any websites wehere my students can play online games in English. I work with kindergarten so ideally , I need to find some sort of listening activities where students can  recognise vocabulary or match things etc because they cannot read yet.
Thanks in advance! 

24 Aug 2016

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25 Aug 2016

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Have a toothache or Have toothache   
I am confused.  
Could you please tell me which one is correct? and when do we have to use "a" before a health problem?
Thanks a lot.

24 Aug 2016

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Russian Federation

I ´ve read the following rule in one of the books: 
" To make it easier to remember the use of articles with the names of illnesses, draw pupils ´ attention to the number of the parts of the body we have: we have one head and one stomach, so we use the article A before the words (a) headache and (a) stomacache. But we have two ears and up to 32 teeth, so we don ´t use A before the words earache and toothache." Smile

24 Aug 2016

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Do you mind correcting this speech?   
Dear Colleagues, 
One of my  students asked me to check her  speech for the speech contest.  I definitely  need your help with this.
Thank  you in advance,

Do you have anything scary?

It may be ghosts, any kind of disaster, or perhaps your mother?

My mom is certainly my fear, but I had a much scarier thing. It was a memory from two years ago.

I was a leader of a school organization that promoted international student exchange.

It had more than thirty members. Actually, I had kind of confidence in being the leader at that time because I really liked talking to people so that I thought I could draw out everyone’s ideas smoothly and add my idea to reach the best conclusions. And that was my image of ideal leadership.

But I made a big mistake. One day, I acted so aggressively toward members who were against my opinion that everyone in the meeting, except me, became hesitant to giving their ideas.

At that time, I didn’t think I was far from my image of ideal leaders and what is more self-centered, I thought what unmotivated members they were because they didn’t say anything for the conclusion of the meeting. After all, the meeting yielded nothing. After the meeting was over, someone said to me, “Most of us can’t agree with you today. We cannot cooperate with you because you are autocratic. You made us feel unimportant and redundant.

I was very shocked. But I couldn’t accept that I was so autocratic, because that meant I was not cut out to be a leader. I refused to believe that.

So I escaped from what I had done that day and tried to forget it.

However, I became unwilling to hold a leadership position. I was afraid to be told that I was not suitable for it.

The following spring I quit the organization and joined a new one. But I didn’t go for the leader position even though I was asked to in order not to bring back memories of my worst day ever.

After one year, I had a chance to look back at my leadership experience. The speech competition of last year marked a turning point in my life . I often wonder what have had happened if I didn’t grab that chance and didn’t make that mistake at all? I wouldn’t have remembered that day at all. That’s for sure.

I recalled that awful day and came up with an idea for my speech. I started to think why I was told to have been autocratic. “Because they were all against me”, I thought. So why were they against me? Because… I asked myself this question over and over again. Finally, I found out the true reason why that meeting didn’t go well. And, this greatly changed my life because all what I learned I can apply it to any situation I face. Being aware of my shortcomings gives me confidence not to repeat the same mistakes.

Now, I am OK with being a leader, the thing I thought I was not good at. That is all thanks to my courage of looking back at my worst memory.

I believe, you ,also , have something you don’t want to remember. I know it takes a lot of pain to bring back bad memories analyze them. But please do it. It will help you get over it and learn from your mistakes. Be brave to look back at your past. That can change your life for better.


24 Aug 2016

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United States

I agree with Lynne ´s additions. My versions there are correct, but hers sound more natural and just better.

24 Aug 2016

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Fee app builder   
Hi everyone
I would like to build my own app for my current esl program that I teach.
I know that there are many free app builders around but I was wondering if anyone here can recommend a free app builder that they have tried and tested in their classroom, or a cheap one.

23 Aug 2016

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Russian Federation

Dear colleguaes!
How to explain to students why we say "good behaviour" not using the indefinite article but we use the indefinite article in the phrase "a first-class knowledge", though both knowledge and behaviour are uncountable abstract nouns?
Many thanks beforehand!  

23 Aug 2016

...There are 4 previous answers...

Russian Federation

Many thanks for your help, dear colleagues! I found the links very useful. Once again "Thank you very much"!

24 Aug 2016

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Upload an infographic   
Hello everyone,
I am a new member and I don ´t know if I can upload an infographic I created for a university project in order to contribute to the website. Does it have to be a  .doc , PDF or PPP file ? It is saved as  .jpg and I can ´t find where to upload it.
Thank you in advance! 

23 Aug 2016

...There are 2 previous answers...

United Kingdom

Hi  evalpha,

     You should read the article-
Hoe to upload infographics

Assignment Help

24 Aug 2016

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Activity about Olympic Games   
Dear Colleagues,
Could someone edit the ´expected ´ comparative sentences below the chart? If everything is Ok I promise I ´ll upload this as a proper activity. Just want to know if the sentences are well written Thanks!

Rio 2016 Look at The Guardian’s table of medals and results. Use the comparative form of these adjectives to complete the blanks in the report below. Add THAN after the comparative if necessary.



The USA is more successful than Great Britain, China or any other competitor country.

Great Britain (50 medals) is more powerful than China. However, China has a bigger number of olympic medals (52)

With less than 50 medals won, Russia is better than Germany (28)

In the 6th place is Japan, with a smaller amount of victories.

The United Arab Emirates is doing worse than any other country. It won only one bronze medal for judo.


22 Aug 2016

...There are 7 previous answers...

United States

As usual, Giorgi, your observation is correct. We think of those time and distance expressions as being a "solid" measurement, so the number is just a part of it, allowing it to behave as if it were uncountable (uncounted).
Yes, "less than" is replacing "fewer than", and will soon be accepted, except by the most curmudgeonly teachers. 
I just read over the original, and 6th place should say "smaller number of victories". "Amount" is used for measurements, and "number" for things that are counted. And Lynne is right that it shouldn ´t be "the sixth place".

24 Aug 2016

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