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need a grammar book ..   
could you help me find this book
teaching English grammar what to teach and how to teach .
and if you know  other  grammar books that help me in teaching G

22 Dec 2014


I have it and other books that are useful for teaching English. =) 

22 Dec 2014

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meet colleagues   
Hi everybody! I am new at teaching English, so I want to get help of any experienced English Teachers. I want to be in touch with any of you from all over the world. Help me Please. Get in touch      darksheikhh@gmail.com

22 Dec 2014

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Dear friends,

I need help to answer the following questions:

Use the words between brackets:
1.I am not going to bed.   (early) 
2. I have enough money to buy a car.   (too) 
3. Julia and Andrew aren t of the same age.    (as.......as)
4. Ben and Tilly are of the same weight.   (as.....as)
5. Liz is smarter than the other students.    (the)
6. Are oranges cheaper that apples?  (expensive
7. she is a very popular singer.      (the
Correct the verbs:
8.They ............... (launch) a campaign after the authorities ....................... (clarify) the criteria. 

22 Dec 2014

...There are 4 previous answers...

United Kingdom

1) I am not going to bed early! Or It s too early for me to go to bed.
2) I am too poor to buy a car. (Should it be I havent?)
3) Julia and Andrew aren t as old as each other.
4) Ben and Tilly are as heavy as each other.
5) Liz is the smartest out of all the students 
6) Are oranges less expensive than apples?
7) She is the most popular singer. 
 Agree with Gi2gi about the last bit.
SPOOKY EXERCISE!!!!!!! But I enjoyed it - not sure if I m right, though! 

22 Dec 2014

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Happy Hearts 2   
Hello everyone!
I would need Happy Hearts 2 Pupil s Book. Could anyone help me with that?
Many thanks!

22 Dec 2014

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reading skills 3   
hello everybody, 
I need to know the difference  between  these skills are they  the same ? 

1- understanding meaning from context

2-Guessing meaning from context 

 3-Inferring the meaning    

22 Dec 2014

...There is 1 previous answer...


the link doesn t work 
but  there are reading comprehension skills not vocabulary that I search for their meaning  

22 Dec 2014

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Merry Christmas   
Here you can find another idea of presenting new vocabulary or grammar. I ve been using this kind of flashcards to increase the memory of the students -even with the ones with learning diabilities- and the results are really awesome!
Merry Christmas from Greece,

22 Dec 2014

...There is 1 previous answer...


This website is awesome ! thanks Merry christmas

22 Dec 2014

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reading comprehension passages   
Hi , i Need your help . I want alot of reading comprehension passages with questions and answers for preparatory stage students. Thanks in advance..

22 Dec 2014

...There are 2 previous answers...

Hong Kong

Why don t you use passages of popular YA books and add comprehension questions/exercises?

22 Dec 2014

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multiple choice   
please help me with the sentences:
  1. Have ................a cup of coffee.(other/ a other/an other/ another)
  2. ..................a letter here for you.(it s/ there s)
  3. The boys are ................the discotheque.(by/to/ on/ at)
  4. They re not .......................( mine/ mines/ my ones/ the mine)
  5. Leave your dirty shoes ......................the door.( outside/ out from/ out/ out of)

21 Dec 2014

...There are 3 previous answers...

United Kingdom

Agree with the others. By the way, for 5), I would say for   by the door as well, but outside is fine. 

22 Dec 2014

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Czech Republic

Christmas with fun   
Hello, dear friends.
First of all I want to wish MERRY CHRISTMAS AND ALL THE BEST IN 2015 to all of you.
And here are some funny Christmas videos I created with my daughter (she is the second actor).
You can try it yourself at www.elfyourself.com.
Have fun.
Hugs from the Czech Republic, Michaela

21 Dec 2014

...There are 2 previous answers...


Lots of fun, Michaela. Thx!

22 Dec 2014

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Caption competition 21 Dec.2014   
Lynne, I m taking up your suggestion.
Here is the new picture you can speculate on. Hope you like it. Have fun.

21 Dec 2014

...There are 3 previous answers...

United Kingdom

Mmm ... the beautiful little girl is thinking, is this going to be my role in life - staring into a camera lens, being admired by the boys?
Advice from me: enjoy it, little lady!

22 Dec 2014

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