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soumaya h

penpal project    
hi Iam a tunisian teacher .Iam teaching teengers aged 14to17  .they are motivate to start a penpaling project .so Iam looking for penpaling groups .waiting for your messages  

22 Jan 2017

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Verbs with direct and indirect objects   
I m looking for a clear list of which verbs can take direct and indirect objects.
For example, "explain" can have a direct but not an indirect object. He explained the problem to me but not He explained me the problem. Yet "give" can have an indirect object pronoun or a "to" phrase: He gave me the flowers or He gave the flowers to me.
Does anyone know where I could find this kind of reference list? It s for someone preparing for SATs so i d like it to be pretty comprehensive. 
Thank you in advance. 

21 Jan 2017

United States

have, take, make, give, and do  https://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en/english-grammar/verbs/delexical-verbs-have-take-make-and-give

give me a hug
do me a favor
take me dancing
take me a photo
have me a cup of coffee
make me a cup of coffee

Some common verbs which can be followed by two objects are given below:

Bring, buy, cost, get, give, leave, lend, make, offer, owe, pass, pay, play, promise, read, refuse, send, show, sing, take, teach, tell, wish, write


21 Jan 2017

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lyrics of a song    
i found this song entitled fairy party. but i couldn t find its lyrics. i tried to write the words on my own but some words are unclear to me. can you help me with the lyrics. the link of the song is : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1-quS72Rpc

20 Jan 2017

...There are 3 previous answers...


thank u a lot dear  Jayho <3 but the song is the following:
it s not the one you posted.
here are the lyrics that i could write..but there are unclear parts. can u help me decipher them?
"a party is a fun for me and for you
and all of our friends love parties too.
ribbons in the garden due to fall arlright
ribbons in the garden such a pretty sight
we are having a fairy party
and there s lots of things to do
we have to work so hard to make it perfect for u
it will be a fairy merry party to celebrate and play
lots of friends around us having fun the fairy way
fun fair tasty tale
dancing flowers beautiful aroud
making them sparkle shining o bright
a little bi...... for a mushroom seat

21 Jan 2017

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Help with an expression    
Hi...I need your help! I have a doubt with an expression. A few days ago a friend posted on Facebook that she was getting the tickets for a concert and somebody replied saying I m down like a puffy jacket! What s the meaning of that expression? I can t get it!!! 😕 Thanks for your help in advance. Regards!

19 Jan 2017

...There are 3 previous answers...


Heh heh heh!
When you say put me down for two tickets, that means "sign me up, I m going to buy."
There are also jackets that have goose down (the soft feathers).  The down makes the jacket puffy.
So when she says I m down like a puffy jacket.  She means she is definitely going to buy tickets.
Get it? 

20 Jan 2017

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If conversation questions   
Hello teachers! One doubt, yesterday I uploaded a PPT about If conditional questions and up to now I have 31 pts but now it is not showed in the printables of today to download for free. It is not a copy, I have other similar but the questions are different. What can I do??? Thanks! ☺

19 Jan 2017

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simple question about memory sticks!!!   
Hi , there , just a very simple question to native speakers. For a memory stick what word do you usually use? Memery stick? USB Flashdrive   or even USB key? Thanks for answering this very simple question and enjoy your day, hugs Sylvie

19 Jan 2017

...There are 7 previous answers...


In Uk English, I have only heard USB stick or memory stick. I ve heard flash drive, but I associate that with american English.
I ve never heard thumb drive.
USB key is, in my opinion, just wrong. (That s not a criticism of aftab! I just mean that in my own experience of English, that phrase is incorrect. I live in France where "une clé USB" is the standard phrase, but no English speaker I know has ever called it a USB key.)

21 Jan 2017

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trucks and logistic   
Hi everyone !
i m looking for worksheets on trucks and logistics as i m about to teach in a vocational school next month!
Thanks for any help!

19 Jan 2017

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With annoying regularity, I ll try to upload a ppt and it will tell me I have exceeded the 3 MB limit. However, when I check the size on my saved file, it tells me I am under 3 MB.  I generally have to shave it down to around 2.75-ish to get the system to accept it.  
Does this happen to anybody else? If not, what am I doing wrong? It doesn t sound like much, but sometimes that 0.25 can be the difference in really nice ppt vs. one that s just meh,,,,,,
Thanks! (My OCD-ness is showing. Can you tell?)  

18 Jan 2017

...There are 7 previous answers...


Thank you, Dee, for starting this thread! Who would imagine we would get such a quick reaction and positive solution from our webmaster?! Thanks a lot indeed!

22 Jan 2017

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Subjects in British schools   

Hi there!

I m working with my year 7 pupils on timetables in British schools, and I m not sure how to explain some subjects to my pupils.
Could some British people explain to me what "Art and Design" is? How is it different from justArt?
I m not sure either what Design Technology is?
And what about "Religious Education" or "Religious Studies"? Does it exist in all school and whatis taughtto the pupils in this class?
Finally whatdoes "Home Economics" consist in?
Thank you if you can help me!

18 Jan 2017

...There are 5 previous answers...


Home economics (HE) used to also include sewing, although nowadays sewing tends to be part of Design and Technology, whereas cookery and nutrition come under Food Tech.

21 Jan 2017

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How to challenge best achievers?   
Hi dear colleagues,
In every class , there are 2 or 3 students who are really top achievers.Whenever the teacher gives them a task they are the first to finish whereas the other students are still struggling to answer the questions. so  I d like to know some challenging activities that I can assign to my best achievers.Can you suggest some activities please ? I was thinking of crossword puzzles. Do you know a website for this type of games? thanks in advance.

18 Jan 2017

...There are 2 previous answers...

United States


19 Jan 2017

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