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23 Jul 2014

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Winner of the caption contest
Hi everybody,

I would like to announce a winner.
Three contestants were short-listed: elderberrywine, julia karaban and douglas.
I will hand the cup over to Douglas who made me laugh out loud with
"I want a Big Mac!"

Congratulations, Douglas

23 Jul 2014

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Good morning!
Dear colleagues, I need some advice. Do your schools have a limit of the number of lessons per level/module that the students have to attend in order to be allowed to take the final exam? I am talking about language courses, of course. To make it more clear, if a student attends only 30% of the lessons, do you allow them to take the final exam and get their certificate? Thank you! Anita PS: Spammers rise and shine, I see. Some people really have nothing better to do in life.

23 Jul 2014

Russian Federation

In our school a student can īt be allowed to pass exams if heshe missed so many lessons and the teacher isn īt sure that this student is able to pass the exam. But it is a very rare situation, because classmaster controls the attending of lessons and begins to work with the student, hisher parents and school administration if the student misses more than 10 lessons during a month.

23 Jul 2014

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Sri Lanka

Need your help!
Dear colleagues!
Is this question correct : Where and when shall I bring your books ?
Thx in advance

22 Jul 2014

...There is 1 previous answer...

United Kingdom

It īs fine.

23 Jul 2014

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Hello I īm back.  I have 25  pupils aged 12-13 in France and I īm looking for a teacher with the same number/level in an English-speaking country to send letters, postcards, etc in English for the next school year. It īs not too much work and the kids love it. Contact me if you īre interested via a PM. Thanks to those who have already participated in this project.

22 Jul 2014

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Hi teachers! I ´ve got two questions
Hi everyone,
Please explain the answer to the following questions.

1. By the end of this month she expects to .......six chapters.
a. be written                      b. have written
c. be writing                       d. have been written

2. which of the underlined words are wrong?
When construction was about to begin on the site near the woods, some of the.....

Thanks in advance,

22 Jul 2014

...There are 3 previous answers...

Peter Hardy

I agree with Lynne and Bruce. As an explanation, to Q1 I īd say that a) passive voice "6 chapters are written" b)continuous "She is writing (now)" c) present perfect, used when a result or outcome is more important than the past and d) passive voice again "6 chapters have been written". (You could add īwill ī so it becomes "6 chapters will have been written".) Just remember that the passive voice can often sound awkward and as such we prefer the active voice. "The construction was begun" sounds very strange, while the "Construction was about to begin" sounds perfectly normal. Hope this helps. Peter

22 Jul 2014

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Ipad book for English teachers!
Hi, I īm an English teacher from Barcelona and I īve created an ibook to improve English writings. I īve been collecting expressions from my students ī letters and essays and I decided to publish an ipad "book" you can download. I think is really useful not only for students who want to pass their ESOL exams but also for teachers like me.

I hope you like it!

You can download it here

22 Jul 2014


Thanks for sharing.

22 Jul 2014

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Hi, everyone. I work in a private English Institution in Córdoba, Argentina. I have two adult classes (between 6 people in each class) and we īre looking for pen-pals to send e-mails...my students are very willing to meet new people and cultures. If you have adult classes that would like to meet my students...please, contact me!!!

21 Jul 2014


Hi, very happy to get back to you.
It would be a pleasure to be your pen -pal.
I īm an English teacher from Tunisia. 


22 Jul 2014

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Dear friends,

Happhy holidays for those who can enjoy summer holidays right now! I īm on holiday at last after a very hard school year. I need your wise advice about a new course I have to teach in September, we  call it īinvestigation monographic job ī. It is for upper-elementary students of English and we only have one hour a week. Students have to prepare a kind of project throughout the course about a topic, I īm not sure about the topic. Have you got any ideas? It is the first time I have to do it and we have very little time, as I said just one hour a week!  One topic can be īEnglish Speaking countries in the world ī. In the very beginning we have to work how to write a monography... perhaps it is better to work in twos or threes. What do you think? I would appreciate any ideas. Smile

21 Jul 2014


I have taught this subject both in English and Spanish and I let the students choose the topic. I think choosing (and narrowing the initial choice) is part of real life research projects so I think this is a good experience. If they have no idea what to choose I give them some advice but most of them end up with their own ideas. They usually work in pairs or 3 people maximum.You can hava a look here to see more about it.

I hope it helps

23 Jul 2014

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"make someone acquainted with sth"
Hi, I īm correcting a student īs assignment and I īm not sure if this sentence is correct, so I wonder if any of you can help me. Thanks. "I will make the bank manager acquainted with my ideas and plans to start my own business" - Do make and acquainted collocate?

21 Jul 2014

...There are 5 previous answers...


One more suggestion if I may, "I will inform the bank manager about ....", "I will discuss my plans... with the bank manager", "I will familiarize the bank manager with my plans..."

23 Jul 2014

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Whatīs a woman song sheet, gap fill and lesson plan
This is a lesson on Whats a woman by Vaya Con Dios it includes a gap fill, song sheet and a lesson plan. Many thanks to Miss Manal for a great template.
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A very easy recipe for YOUNG LEARNERS.
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all quiet on the western front

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Shopping Vocabulary
Here you can find words like antiques, perfume, jewelry, flea markets, malls, etc.
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preposition numbers and colours

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Simple past
Ask your students to complete the letter and then ask the questions about the trip.
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Fınd someone who can/canīt actıvıty
Students are gıven a chart wıth a lıst of questıons about what abılıty they have. They have to write theır peers answers in short sentences after askıng can you questıons. The student beıng asked the questıon has to respond wıth short can/canīt answers. Ex Yes I can/no I canīt. Worked ...
Level: elementary
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The benefits of drinking water
It is an exercise based on a video about water. There is also an exercise about water idioms.
Level: advanced
Age: 15-100
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Class rules
A worksheet to set the rules in the classroom at the beginning of the schoolyear for example, fully editable according to your needs of course! Pupils can work on the modals MUST and MUSTNīT, and on some classroom vocabulary. Itīs also a nice way to make them learn how to fill out a form (on an elementary level). I sincerely hope you enjoy it! (...
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