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New posts

Aliona R

I hope reading can help or I hope to read can help ? Please, help me!!!!   
Dear colleges, I need your help!!! I know that "hope" must use with infinitive but can I use it with -ing in this sentence? I hope reading can help you.

27 Sep 2016

...There are 2 previous answers...


the first one is correct bec, as FrauSue  said ,reading is a noun not a verb.It is a subject  to the verb help.

27 Sep 2016

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Need help with a dialogue   
Hi everybody,
I have turned one of the short stories by E.A. Poe  into a short simple play for  four teens to be performed in our Halloween festival-
It´s the fisrt time I  do this sort of work.
I´d like to have it seen/corrected by a native speaker. It´s very short, indeed.
And...it would be great if the same native speaker could record it for us.
I feel I am asking too much. Sorry...and thanks in advance. 

27 Sep 2016


I can help. Check your private messages.

27 Sep 2016

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I need your help   
In a Bachillerato exam they ask the students to rewrite the sentence correctly without changing the meaning
This is the original sentence: "They say that he drive to work every days". I think it is an impersonal passive: It is said that he drives to work every day, but some mates say it is a kind of subjunctive and I īm confused. Can anybody explain it?
Thanks for your help

27 Sep 2016

United States

Are you sure the sentence was copied correctly? "They say that he drive to work every days" sounds wrong to me.

27 Sep 2016

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United States

This is not a dating site   
Dearest teresababy84 Teresa,

This is not a dating site, I find your PM to me, your lack of contributions, and your status very inappropriate. And, since your profile is obviously not sincere nor with the spirit of this website Iīve decided to use the forum to warn others about you.
teresababy84Âīs profile status: "i am a young good looking girl from a good christian family so am seeking for a good man who know what love mean to a woman"


27 Sep 2016

...There are 3 previous answers...

United States

We are engaged!   After just one email I fell in love!   My eyes have been opened to the wonders of love!

27 Sep 2016

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Thank you note   
Hi guys, 
I would like to start this post by thanking all members of this amazing site, specially: Jayho, EstherLee76, Asungilsanz and fashionfab1220 That helped me with my inquire. Thanks a lot.
And if anybody could lead me to  a post in which there was a link that can provide you with any  phrase you want your students to listen to, in different TV shows and movies. It was awesome, I forgot to click on it. 
Thanks a lot again 

26 Sep 2016


PlayPhrase.me - this great link was shared by ueslteacher.

26 Sep 2016

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Caption Contest (for karagozian)   

  The Grand Prix (= Golden Egg) owner, unbeatable Monique Karagozian asked me to post the following:

Thanks a million Gi2Gi, for choosing my caption, I truly loved your picture, it definitely inspired me.

So, dear friends, here comes Eggcellent news with my humble contribution to this highly eggciting game. Here īs my golden egg. I īll be waiting for your most hilarious captions. Let īs see if this will nourish your imagination.
P.S. It īs all yours from here dear Monique.

26 Sep 2016

...There are 7 previous answers...

United Kingdom

"You īre too old for this."
"You īre no spring chicken yourself!" 
@ Jayho; I īm eggaged to be married to the chick of my dreams, I īll have you know. 

27 Sep 2016

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weird message   
Hi there!
I have just signed in and got two messages! REALLY!!! Spare me ok.....This is a teachers ī site ...
My name is Miss teresa, I
saw your profile today and become
interested in you. Please reply to me at my email address
( teresa_joyssy@hotmail.com ) I have much more to discuss with you.Thank you.
Miss teresa

26 Sep 2016

...There are 18 previous answers...

United Kingdom

Spinney you dirty rotten two-timer. 
(And now I have got to go and google īcatfish ī) 

27 Sep 2016

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CD songs Ready for school   
I m looking for a song Ready for school from Here we go method... has anybody got the cd by chance ?
or looking for a song about school / back to school / rules and instructions.
Thanks a lot

26 Sep 2016

...There is 1 previous answer...



I have the song from Here we go.

Send me a mail on this site with your address and I īll send the file to your private mail.
Good night!

27 Sep 2016

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URGENT: Textbooks needed !!   
 URGENT : Textbooks needed !!
Dear ESLprintables gorgeous colleagues,
     I wish that coming back to work was very smooth for all of you; I wish you good luck with your honourable mission too. I īm embarking on a new experience of teaching two classes of "Bac International" streams; which means that my students will be mostly very good; somewhat advanced & mainly enthusiastic; also, they will be studying almost all subjects (Maths, Physics, Science, Computers..) in English. For me, as their English teacher, I īll be teaching them General as well as some "Academic English" ; to cater for their "upper" & "higher" needs in English, and basically to prepare them for a professional, skillful & technical mastery of the language ...
    Now, I īm not quite sure which textbooks I may use with them.. One colleague suggested (& kindly provided me with) SOLUTIONS (pre-intermediate & intermediate coursebooks); another one NEWHEADWAY... What about you ?! Any suggestions or ideas; please feel free to share your own experiences & make any invaluable suggestions ..
   Thank you in advance; keep sharing & promoting the benevolent nature of this website.. And God Bless you all..
 P.S. just in case you need to know the age of my Students; they īre between 13 to 14/15 in the first class (Common Core Class) & 14 to 16.. in the 1st year Bac. (Moroccan System) Thank you!

26 Sep 2016

...There are 2 previous answers...


hi dear colleague ,i have the same classes this year and i worked with them last year .in our school we weren īt allowed to work with a different textbook from that assigned by the ministery so, i used to prepare my lessons from different resources  and work with photocopies and this is what i intend to do this year .it was successful but a bit tiring for me beci had to always search for new resources and adapt them to my classes and this site was of great help to me .iI thank everyone on this platform ,by the way. stay well and good luck.

27 Sep 2016

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European Day of languages   
Today we celebrate European Day of Languages. Can you help with some examples of games or activities that I could do with my pupils ( 10 - 14 years old)? Thank you very much! Have a beautiful week!

26 Sep 2016

...There are 4 previous answers...


thank you very much for the idea! 

27 Sep 2016

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