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Hi. could you please help me to check this French to English translation, it ´s not mine a friend who teaches economy asked me to check . help me plz
Developing countries have a great weakness in national science systems. Among the explanations for this weak technology are the weakness of private and public research efforts , insufficient technological performance and so on .The technological backwardness i developing countries can also be explained by the scarce resources allocated to research ,innovation and the organizational weaknesses of research and innovation .It is becoming increasingly legitimate to provide investment incentives and to establish a regulatory ,legal and financial framework to promote public research and increase the effect of training .
The research infrastructure that is the source of economic activity can indeed become a local actor of central development. The regional economic impacts of research infrastructrues are direct and indirect  . Krugman has proposed a theory of regional development around the concept of externalities. Indeed, the process of economic agglomeration is created both through technological and pecuniary externalities, which are often interlinked . Proximity promotes the mobility of the workforce , the transmission of information , the sharing of know-how , the exchange of technological knowledge , etc. In this respect , it is legitimite to consider externalities as a factor of accumulation and agglomeration .It is conceivable that , in the case where a volume of positive externalitiesis greater in a geographical area ,the firms tend to favor a location in favor of this zone . Knowledge has the particularity of being resources related mainly to human capital . however , human capital is largely fluid , mobile and seeks to concentrate and aggregate to benefit from positive externalities. Territorial competition no longer rests solely on natural endowment but on the ability of territories to attract and retain this human capital . In addition , the ability to assimilate information and technological resourses produced by national science systems depends on previous skills and capacities . Internalization of external effects requires the formation of internal and external learning efforts that depend in particular on the level of education ,vocational training and tha specific capabilities of the companies .In Tunisia , knowledge infrastuctures  mainly include technopoles universities and some research organisations . Geographically , the territorial network of knowledge infrastructrures reveals that it is mainly concentrated in large cities . 

19 Jul 2018

United Kingdom

Can you post the French as well? That would be very helpful and I, and I ´m sure one or two others, would have a look at it.

20 Jul 2018

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Facebook Page and Group for teachers of English in the arab world   
Hello amazing teachers,
First of all, thank you all for keeping this website awesome by sharing your worksheets and helping one another. It ´s quite a noble work. 
If you are a teacher of English teaching arabic speakers, this page and group will really help as many useful material is shared here => English With Simo Facebook Page and English With Simo Facebook Group

19 Jul 2018

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Exams on tablets!   
Does any of your schools examine students using tablets only? If so, Are there any applications or programms for that? Thank you

19 Jul 2018


You can try my other website: www.liveworksheets.com
It allows you to transform your worksheets into interactive exercises very easily. The students can fill them using their tablets and send their answers to your email.
In order to use it, your students need internet connection in their tablets.

19 Jul 2018

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Patricia Elvira

help me ,please   
can anybody tell me what is this in english?Resultado de imagen para escarapela del peru

17 Jul 2018

...There are 8 previous answers...

Patricia Elvira

Thanks a lot ,dear teachers.

19 Jul 2018

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Facebook Group for Elementary Teachers   
Hello everyone,
I am looking for elementary teachers for my Facebook group ´ ´ Enjoy Teaching English ( Elementary) ´ ´  where we  can share our teaching experience, repost teaching ideas, ask questions and discuss everything teaching related. If you are interested, send me a pm or join my group which you can find on my Facebook page Enjoy Teaching English.

16 Jul 2018


Good morning, I hope you are doing well.
I would like to be part of your group, two years ago I was teaching in 5th grade and it was one of the best experience. I would to share startegies, as well as learn some from you guys. How can I join the group?
Kind regards 

16 Jul 2018

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We are the CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD !!!!   

15 Jul 2018

...There are 9 previous answers...


Congrats and thank you to our players and Didier Deschamps. Great job!!!

19 Jul 2018

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new caption competition   
Hi to you all , as you all know today is our National day: Bastille day but  tomorrow is the day when France wins its second  football world cup ,so here is a picture for the new caption competition
See what   you will come up with 

14 Jul 2018

...There are 7 previous answers...

United Kingdom

This little Piggy went to Russia!

This little Piggy read a tome!

This little Piggy won the World Cup!

And this little Piggy brought it home!

And this little Piggy went:



Les Douglas 

18 Jul 2018

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United States

Word of the Day   
Thanks again to jfaraujo for selecting me as the Word of the Day winner. Here is your new word: tragematopolist. Anyone who gives the correct definition is automatically disqualified. Give me your best shot at a "daffynition"!

13 Jul 2018

...There are 3 previous answers...

United Kingdom

I am pleased that MoodyMoody has introduced a note of seriousness into the WOD Competition.
Several Members have correctly noted the reference to ´TRAGedy ´ in this word, but then, they went sadly adrift.
There are MANY literary references here.
They are, what we in the World of Linguistics call Pseudo-Out-Of-Context-Words --- Poo Context Words.
I prefer the following slightly more technical phrase: "Fricative Kushti Interlanguage". I think it gives a much clearer explanation.
In the World of Drama, we speak of: "treading the bare boards", which means ´going on stage in the theatre ´.
But, in our dissection of TragematopoList we see ´MAT ´ = a modest reference to ´The Red Carpet ´.
And, as final proof, we know that Shakespeare ´s works were strongly influenced by the Irish Dramatist, Oscar Wilde.
What clearer evidence is there of this than the phrase ´Top o ´ the list ´?
For, the word "Tragematopolist" occurs in Scene 3, Act 14 of Hamlet.
It is where Hamlet, escaping with his wife, Yorrick, gives praise to all Norsemen: "A Norse, a Norse, my kingdom for a Norse!"

"A lass, poor Yorrick, I knew her well ... the water was so fresh."
Here, we have Shakespeare ´s own fulsome publicity, for his most-renowned, red-carpet, top-o-the list, theatrical tragedy ...
Les Douglas 

18 Jul 2018

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Career Paths: Kindergarten Teacher   
Hello dear friends!
I ´m a teacher at the Teacher Training College. Do you know where I can download the book Career Paths: Kindergarten Teacher by Virginia Evans?
I am looking forward for your help

13 Jul 2018

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Word of the day contest 5th July winner   
Hi everyone!
Here to announce the name of the Word of the Day contest winner.
There weren ´t many entries but they were all quite good.
The real meaning of Coprolalia is the repetitive and involuntary use of obscene language, as a symbol of mental illness or organic brain disease.
And the winner is... MoodyMoody with 
Coprolalia is speaking well of the police, even when they do crappy things.
Cop: slang for police officer
-pro-: in support of
-lalia: speech. 

13 Jul 2018

United States

Thank you, jfaraujo! I actually recognized the word without looking it up; that ´s why I had the reference to "crappy things." I will come up with a new word shortly!

13 Jul 2018

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jobs :notes for teachers
This teaching resource has 6 documents, 3 word documents and 3 powerpoints. Due to technical and formatting reasons I am not able to combine the various documents, so my sincere apologies. The resource provides a variety of differentiated activities for elementary students about learning about jobs. I shall upload the 3 word documents today and the...
Level: elementary
Age: 10-100
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Jobs:wordsearch with answers
This jobs wordsearch accompanies the jobs pelmanism activity, refer to teacher notes for its use in the lessons. Tomorrow I shall upload the accompanying powerpoints. Once again my appology for uploading separate documents as the formatting restricts their merger.
Level: elementary
Age: 10-100
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