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TKT Cambridge Exam (Teaching Knowledge Test) Sample Tests   
Hello, everybody! I need  some material for the TKT exam.I´ve already downloaded the sample test from the Cambridge website but I need more samples!!! Does anybody know where I can get some sample tests? Thanks in advance!!! :) :) :) 

23 May 2015

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What is the difference between cosmetician and beautician, if any?   
Is there a difference between a beautician and a cosmetician? 
(and what is it exactly they do?) 

23 May 2015

...There are 5 previous answers...


"A whole new world.............."
Thanks everyone! 

24 May 2015

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United Kingdom

Caption Competition – Winner!   
Thanks to everyone who took part. Difficult choice and all that, but it has to be J.McNamara esq. (jmcthefirst@hotmail.com) and his trampoline crack.
Over to you, Mr M! 

(If anyone´s interested, the original caption was "New York Aerial Police Force Stunt, 1920")

23 May 2015

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United Arab Emirates

Iam starting a unit on materials grade 2 . I don´t know where to start is this right first. Say what material is then natural manmade materials than all materials are made if matter 3 forms of matter .Then properties of materials.Next uses help me our guys Thanks in advance

23 May 2015

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“Writing to Communicate 2-ANSWER KEY”   
Dear all,


I need the “Writing to Communicate 2-ANSWER KEY” book in PDF, e-book etc. 

Anyone can help?

Thanks a lot in advance!!!

23 May 2015

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Talles Melo

Hi There!
I was asked about this by a student and I got in doubt. I know the grammar rule is clear when it says that after the preposition "of" indicating possession we must use the possessive pronouns, but I have seen in some song titles the form "part of me". Is it correct to use an object pronoun in this case? If so, is it also possible to say "part of him"?
Talles Melo 

22 May 2015

United States

Yes, this is a different situation. It isn ´t indicating possession. You can tell the difference because you wouldn ´t say "my part" or "his part". In the other situation, as in "a friend of mine", you can substitute "my friend". That shows the difference between the two situations.

 Part of me wants to explain further.

He told me that part of him loves her, but part of him wants to break up with her.

22 May 2015

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ask for help   
do we say :
 there were volunteering teenagers with me  
there were volunteering teenagers with me
there were volunteer teenagers with me 

22 May 2015

...There is 1 previous answer...

United Kingdom

I remember! And I agreed with the answer which was that ´volunteer teenagers ´ is OK, but even better ´teenage volunteers. ´

23 May 2015

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Have got or to have got?   
Good afternoon everyone! I have a doubt when enunciating the verb have got. I ´m not sure if I should say "have got" or "to have got" in infinitive. Thanks in advance and have a good weekend!

22 May 2015

United Kingdom

I ´ve been thinking about this and I don ´t think you can have ´have got ´ as an infinitive. Maybe because it is describing a state. It is therefore different to ´to have ´. 

23 May 2015

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"will" for present habits   
I was wondering, how common is it to use will for present habits? Like in the sentences below: She ´ll have a cup of tea every morning and then go out for a stroll. (She does it regularly in the present, "will" does not refer to the future). And another one: She will enter the room with her dirty shoes on (I guess, the "will" here in its full, uncontracted form suggests the speaker ´s annoyance to someone ´s present habit). I would love to hear your comments if my conclusions are correct and about how common is such a structure in your dialect...

22 May 2015

...There are 7 previous answers...


Thank you, Lynne. :)

23 May 2015

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Dear all!
It seems that the sneaky war some people prefer has no end!!! I just got a report from the administrator that my worksheet on Tiddler story was reported for breaking the rules of this site. I uploaded it about a year ago and it ´s perfectly legitimate as it is not a copy, it is a worksheet made for an authentic literary text, not an ESL resource, and I find it quite obvious that after I have reported another member of this site for having it copied and uploaded it, now it ´s my turn to have a reported worksheet. 
I am pretty sure, as I trust the moderators here, that they will understand tha scam behind this report and that they will bring justice in order to defend the innocent contributors of this site.
I will appreciate your comment as I feel quite angry at this moment and I really don ´t know how to express myself without insulting myself first...
I have read throughout the years that it ´s very difficult to reach Victor, the administrator, in private messages, so I really hope he ´s reading the messages in the forum.

22 May 2015

...There are 3 previous answers...


Ok, I ´ll do that... Thank you for your help.

22 May 2015

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Written test on the "present continuous"
I hope you like it!
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Age: 10-14
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Written test on the subject "Peer pressure"
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Lesson Plan - English for specific Purposes
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A good way to know about your students.
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Test social science

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memory game USA sights
Good game to learn american sights.
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REPHRASING - Passive voice and Reported Speech
32 sentences to rephrase with PASSIVE VOICE and REPORTED SPEECH(statements,im peratives,Interrogat ives).I prepared it for my 10th grade students. Hope you find it useful!! (BrE)
Level: intermediate
Age: 14-100
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Question Practice: Unusual Hobbies
Information gap: Ss work in pairs asking / answering each other´s questions to complete their copy of the article.
Level: intermediate
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Reading / Vocabulary Practice for Intermediate +
Reading / vocabulary practice for Intermediate + : Distribute the articles, write the words/phrases on the whiteboard, and ask the students to find underlined equivalents in their articles.
Level: intermediate
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Level: elementary
Age: 9-14
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