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Caption contest   
Thank you Douglas for choosing me as the winner of the caption contest.
Here is a new picture to tickle your wit. Let īs see what you can come up with it.
I will choose the winner as soon as we have a nice number of captions to choose from.

4 Mar 2015

...There are 5 previous answers...

Mariethe House

Yes... a message to my girl friend:" I īm using my last breath to tell you I love you" Heart

4 Mar 2015

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I can īt make any contribution. Each time I want to send something  a message error appears, when I click on the page ī make your contribution ī 
Can you help me please??
Best regards 

3 Mar 2015


First have you read all the rules  that you get when you click on "send a printable " at the top of this homepage, you have to enter your username and password. Your document has to word doc or open office, it must not  be over 1000ko if you put pictures in it. Hope it helps and Iīm sure other geeks will give you even more informations!!!

4 Mar 2015

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Hi everyone,
I īm starting an English course for adults about tourism and I īve got the "Highly Recommended English for the hotel and catering industry", (new edition),  by Trish Scott and Rod Revel, from Oxford but I don īt have the audio files. Can anyone help me with that?

3 Mar 2015

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juanvi y maika

International Women īs Day   
Hello! I īd like to show a documentary or video about women next Friday. Do you know any short documentary about this? Thanks in advance,

3 Mar 2015

United States

Maybe you can find something here:

4 Mar 2015

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Hi everyone, I didn īt get any points for the worksheets some teachers downloaded this week. Did this happen to any of you too? 

3 Mar 2015

...There is 1 previous answer...

Czech Republic

You have certainly read the rules. Or maybe not. Because it is written there that you have to wait 2 days to get your points.  :-D

4 Mar 2015

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Genius at work. Jigs and Reels   
Looking for culture and traditions? .... Have a look, enjoy and have a nice time!!!!

3 Mar 2015

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United Kingdom

Can anybody explain what Fakebook is and how it can be used by teachers?

3 Mar 2015

...There are 3 previous answers...


thanks so much, useful link you suggested have worked very well to me. thanks again, my friend

4 Mar 2015

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Pen PALS   
Hi colleages,
I īm looking forward to partners to engage in snail mailing.I believe, knowing target cultures as well as getting in touch with others helps target language learn a lot easily.My pupils are all in their 13  and studying in secondary school.
We have already written our letters to send to you.Please pm me or add me on facebook only if you believe you can carry this out enthusiastically
All the best

3 Mar 2015

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Study Buddy   

Hi everyone,

Recently I’ve decided to take the CPE test, so I’m studying as hard as I can. I have found some bumps along the way, nothing TOO difficult, but still would like to know if anyone is interested in being my study buddy. If so please send me a PM.

Thanks to all, specially the administrator for this wonderful site where teachers are able to receive and give help from and to other teachers.


3 Mar 2015

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United Kingdom

Gloss over   
Hey people!
I īm doing a new phrasal verb exercise and was wondering if there was an easier way to define gloss over?  What I have at the moment is disguise a mistake or deceive. Hush up and whitewash would just require more explanation. I īm trying to keep it simple for the snap card game that will be part of the exercise. While I īm at it, does anybody have a better defintion for come over than my current one of appear (communicate) and bend over which I have as bow down? Also is there a better defintion for fall over than topple or tumble? I īve googled it all but I can īt seem to find anything satisfactory. Confused

3 Mar 2015

...There are 6 previous answers...

United Kingdom

Gloss over - dismiss/ brush aside
Come over - come across/seem/give the impression...
Fall over -  collapse/drop to the floor.
Mmm - not that easy! 

3 Mar 2015

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