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Rodrigo Zacara y el Espejo del Poder
Una fantástica historia llena de magia, aventuras, leyendas y misterios.
Recomendada a partir de 11 años.
Léela gratis en: www.rodrigozacara.com




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I have been using Thinglink for some years now. It ´ ´s a very user-friendly tool and a good way to keep track of materials, resources to use in class.

Then, you just access "your" image, click on the buttons and ... there you are: videos, images, texts, whatever you decide to link to the image is there, ready to be used.

If you want to check and use these, just do it!

21 Oct 2016

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I can neither save nor upload my online exercise   
I can ´t save the online exercise I ´m trying to do. Whenever I click on save backup, it says that there is an internal error or misconfiguration and that it was unable to complete my request. I also tried to do everything without saving the exercise and tried to upload it. But I got the same message. I hope you ´ll help me soon. thanks

20 Oct 2016

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Macmillan Tiger Team 4 Tests   
I ´m looking for Macmillan Tiger Team 4 Tests. I will really appreciate any help, even if it ´s showing where could I buy this material.
Thanks in advance!

20 Oct 2016

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Spectrum 1 Oxford Tests   
Good night,
I ´m looking for Spectrum 1 Oxford Tests. Could you help me please? 

20 Oct 2016

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I ´m an esl primary teacher looking for penpals for my students.Anyone interested? If yes ,send me a private message.Thanks in advance,David

20 Oct 2016


Hi, I ´m interested. How should we do it?

21 Oct 2016

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To or For   
I got confused -which is correct?
house to rent/ house for rent
flat to sale/ flat for  sale
Thanks in advance

20 Oct 2016

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My dear friend Yanogator. I didn`t notice it was a noun till you wrote it. People don`t slip anything by you. See you around.

20 Oct 2016

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Functional (or funny/creative) ways to teach pupils/students notions/conceptions in different subjects?   
The title of this topic is a bit long, but the question is: In subjects like science, social studies, religion etc we try to teach our pupils notions/perceptions/terms that is important to understand the things we are working on. How do you work on an individual level, group level (2-5 pupils) or in the class to teach them words like these?
Hope you understand what I mean. Thanks for answering! :-) 

20 Oct 2016


Hi ksfredriksen,
If I understand what you need, you may use some matching activities, paying close attention to the use of some key words that help students memorise the concept. After that, depending on the subject, of course, you may gamify the topic for checking on the concepts and to make learning more motivating. You may use some augmented reality apps or some websites that are interesting and free to use. For example, you may use AURASMA for augmented reality and Kahoot for games/assessment.
I hope I could help. 

21 Oct 2016

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United Kingdom

Caption competition October 20th   
Thank you very much for the nomination, my dear Moody Moody!
Here is this week ´s caption competition. Give it your best shot peeps!

20 Oct 2016

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Christmas at the Rothschildes 

21 Oct 2016

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Mixed Ability Classes / Multilevels groups    
Dear friends, 
What can you say about the human rights and  the mixed ability groups nowadays  ?
Secondly what do you think about  the writers and people who have written on this topics   ? 
Please, I want your personal opinion  on this sensitive topic than telling me to use google.com -
It is a request to you to write all you can say on this topic  !
Many thanks !  

19 Oct 2016

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Russian Federation

No-it ´s ok!
1. Multilevel groups are every teacher ´s nightmare. To be avoided at all costs.
2. Jim Scrivener "Learning Teaching". I think very highly of him. 

20 Oct 2016

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compound adjective structure    
Good morning
What is the compound adjective of the sentence: "a man with a lovely smile"?
Is it correct to say: a lovely-smiling man? 

19 Oct 2016

...There are 11 previous answers...


Thanks a lot guys

21 Oct 2016

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exercises to learn the alphabet
Level: elementary
Age: 5-7
Downloads: 1

Incridible English 1 unit 2 word list

Level: elementary
Age: 5-7
Downloads: 0

english test n ° 1
English test n° 1 for 7th graders (Tunisia)
Level: elementary
Age: 10-12
Downloads: 21

Making acquaintance dialogue
There is an information about two persons who are going to work together. Thus, they´ve decided to talk about their family and their lives during the coffee break. It can be a good speaking practice for adults.
Level: elementary
Age: 14-100
Downloads: 10

Missing Word
This is an easy activity for young learners created in order to train their attention and memory
Level: elementary
Age: 6-12
Downloads: 0

Just the way you are (Song by Bruno Mars)
This is a song I usually use to practice body parts with teenagers and adults
Level: elementary
Age: 10-100
Downloads: 3

description of animals
In this activity the students have to look at the picture and describe the animal.
Level: elementary
Age: 6-11
Downloads: 2

It´s a speaking activity to let kids practise their knowledge of the present tenses in a funny way. This activity may be used in pair work or in a large group.
Level: elementary
Age: 9-100
Downloads: 3


Level: elementary
Age: 13-17
Downloads: 0

Amazon adventurer
This is open cloze test suitable for people sitting the FCE exam or the FCE for schools. The exercise was created by me but the original (and hence the key) can be found here : http://learnenglisht eens.britishcouncil. org/study-break/easy -reading/amazing-adv enturers-level-3
Level: advanced
Age: 12-100
Downloads: 5