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how to reach my downloads?   
how can I fint the documents I  have downloaded  so far

17 Jan 2017

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United States

"Preview Coming Soon"   
Hi everyone,
I submitted a worksheet yesterday and when I left the website it was still in the "Preview Coming Soon" mode. Much to my surprise, when I got on printables this afternoon, it still says "Preview Coming Soon". I tried uploading it again, waited awhile, but still there is no change. In the list of new printables it still says "Preview Coming Soon" but when you click on the title and go to the worksheet īs page, the worksheet shows up in the scrolling preview.  Is it the same for others? Can you see the actual image of my worksheet in the New Printables section or is it just the preview message? The title of my worksheet is "Singular and Plural Nouns". 
Thanks for your help,

16 Jan 2017

...There are 3 previous answers...

United States

Thank you Victor,
I googled how to clear the cache, gave it a try, and it worked! I can see the actual worksheet now. Thank you so much for your help and for this great website!!!!!!!

17 Jan 2017

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another vocab query    
Hello fellow teachers
I  came across  two  great  websites  fully packed with the names of   baking  equipment  
 www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/ guide/baking-equipment   and  www.catkecraftshop.co.uk/shop/2/
but  I  still cannot  find the name for the equiment in  the picture below  
 Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania kula do ucierania ciasta po angielsku

16 Jan 2017

...There are 7 previous answers...

Daidougei Dave

It īs a "pestle" but most people wouldn īt know it except to say "mortar and pestle."  Maybe use this image instead so it has some context of use?
Also, I īve never seen a wooden one before.

17 Jan 2017

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 Good afternoon


My name is Maria Gomez. I am an English teacher in
Primary School (10-12 years old) in a small seatown on the northwest of Spain. 
I would like to start a pen pal Project....
I already have a partner but I have 118 students so I need more penpals.... 
My idea is writing a traditional letter first, and the next step will be talking through skype  in the ICT classroom. 
What do you think? Any idea? Would you like to join us?
Best regards
Maria Gomez 

16 Jan 2017


Dear Maria,


My name is Corina Dascalul and I am an English teacher in a foreign language centre. in a small town of Romania.I would be interested to collaborate with you.
My e-mail address is englishzonecenter@yahoo.ro 
Looking forward to hearing from you! 

16 Jan 2017

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Regular past    
Hello everyone! Would you please help me with some useful ideas how to practice regular past? I need some interesting activities or games, any idea would be useful. Many thanks in advance!

16 Jan 2017



I uploaded some activities some time ago. Have a look if you like. You might find something useful to practise -ed pronounciation.


16 Jan 2017

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Colleagues from Corsica   
I īm planning to visit Corsica in May. Is there anyone from thereI could ask some questions? If you are interest ed, please send me a PM.

16 Jan 2017

...There is 1 previous answer...

Olindalima ( F )

Hi, Silvia, what about some more miles and come to Portugal?
Think about it.

16 Jan 2017

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United States

Caption Contest January 16-?, 2017   
Hi All!
Thanks for picking my caption.  I īm actually not a big fan of puns, I think Piers Anthony wore me out on them as a young reader.  (I loved the Xanth novels back then, they are great for puns).
Here īs the latest picture for you to caption:

16 Jan 2017

...There are 5 previous answers...


I īm going to pee this away !

17 Jan 2017

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Two questions    
Dear All ;-) 
I have  two questions. Would you mind helping me out?
1) I don īt know what my student meant. Here is her sentence:
And forests are destroyed several times speed  of growth speed forests and trees. ( presentation on deforestation)
2) What are onomatopeic words for fear?  (I tried to google them but to no avail.)
Thanks in advance,

16 Jan 2017

...There are 4 previous answers...

United States

Onomatopoeia for fear would be sounds that you make when you īre scared right?  
The best I can think of is EEP! and ACK! (more surprise).  I īve seen a lot of people write "GASP!" and "GULP!" as if they were onomatopoeia.  I think they express the sentiment well, even if they aren īt necessarily onomatopoeia.
On a side note, that īs the most I īve ever written onomatopoeia in my life! Hehe!

16 Jan 2017

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Please, I īm having a hard time finding the word to complete this sentence:
Mark took some pills to (dead)....................................the pain.  

16 Jan 2017

...There are 3 previous answers...

nasreddine Sarsar



16 Jan 2017

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United States

Help from a Serbian friend, please (food-related, rather than language)   
Hello, Serbian friends.
My grandparents were from Vojvodina (although it was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire when they lived there), and I īve tried to keep some food traditions alive. I can īt get kajmak in this part of the US, so I īm wondering whether British clotted cream or Italian mascarpone would be a close enough substitute to make gibanica. Also, my recipe for gibanica calls for a white cheese in addition to the kajmak, but is very vague about the nature of this cheese.  Do you use a fresh cheese or an aged one for gibanica?
Thanks for any help you can offer me,

15 Jan 2017

...There are 4 previous answers...

United Kingdom

HA ha, enjoy your cooking, hope it turns out well.

16 Jan 2017

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