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Upper intermediate reading books   
I am looking for a mistery, a funny , captative and interesting book. I would like a book among 150 and 200 pages.
Could you suggest me any  book for reading with those characteristics?  and Could you please, tell me any web page where I can find it for reading online?
Thanks in advance.

21 Apr 2015

maryse peyé

You will find here number of books of all sorts ! 

21 Apr 2015

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Jennings Teacher
Korea, South

It īs probably not possible, but I think it would be really nice if we could subscribe to creators on this sight. If it were possible we could get a little message each time they upload a new printable. Personally I find it difficult to make the time to log in every single day. So I feel like I am missing so much fantastic work. If I could get a little email notice when certain members upload something, I wouldn īt have to worry about missing the chance to download them for free. 

20 Apr 2015


Why don īt you send a PM to those certain members and asked to be notified when they upload something?

21 Apr 2015

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United States

Caption Contest Winner!   
I really liked the captions I received in the latest incarnation of the Caption Contest. Since I can pick only one, I pick cunliffe īs "The man, to his missus: Oh luv, I ´ve had a rubbish day - they are all calling me two-faced." So, Lynne, it īs your turn for a new picture.
If anyone is interested, here īs the picture with the original caption (I cropped it out for the contest):

20 Apr 2015

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need help   
Could I say this sentence using  suggest in the example bellow.
I suggest you to give up smoking 
and I also would like to ask you for interesting websites that could help students for CAE exame
thanks and regards 

20 Apr 2015

...There are 3 previous answers...

United States

I would say:
I suggest you give up smoking.
I suggest that you give up smoking.
(DMHarg īs are also correct)

21 Apr 2015

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Comparative or superlative?   
I need your help:
Which one is correct:
Which girl is younger? Sophie or Jessica?
Which girl is the youngest? Sophie or Jessica?
Thank you 

20 Apr 2015


The correct answer is: Which girl is younger ? because we are talking about the comparative.We are comparing two  girls:Sophie and Jessica, so there is no need to use the superlative.We often use the superlative from three on,I mean  you can use the superlative when considering three girls ( and this is the minimum );for example: Sophie , Jessica and Nancy.In this case we can say: which girl is the youngest of the three? We also use the superlative like:Jessica is the tallest girl in our class.Everest is the highest mountain in the world.
I hope I have given you enough explanation about that. 

20 Apr 2015

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South Africa

Im going to North Korea!!!!   
I īm an English teacher in China and I will be going to North Korea for 2 weeks to teach English in a tourism college.
I need to teach Tourism English.
I have searched the site for some materials and lesson plans and downloaded one or two things but does anyone have any more lesson plans or materials that you think will be useful in teaching tourism in English.
There are just too many worksheets to go through.
anyways thanks in Advance. 

20 Apr 2015

...There is 1 previous answer...










21 Apr 2015

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short summer courses in europe   
Hi everyone!I want to do a short summer course in any European countries.The course should be in English language and i want it to be a short one,like 2 weeks or so.I don īt think of a Tesol course because i heard that they are intensive courses.I want a course related to education or English language but not that intense(want a plenty of time to experience the city).Do you have any suggestions for me?

20 Apr 2015

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Question about order of adjectives   
Dear all,
Maybe someone can help me out here...
"funny" and "cute" both are opinions (IMHO ☺) so how do I know whether to write:
five cute funny boys   OR    five funny cute boys
My instincts says the first one but I have no real explanation. Can anyone help me out?
(it is from an excellent multiple choice worksheet I downloaded here, but I don īt remember who made it)

20 Apr 2015

...There are 3 previous answers...

United States

Here īs the strange thing, Gabriel. With "and", the order becomes important. I think it has to do with number of syllables, but we are much more likely to say "cute and funny" than "funny and cute". No, I just realized that it isn īt actually the number of syllables, but the stresses on the syllables that makes the difference. There īs a need to have unstressed syllables separating the stressed syllables, which is why "funny and cute boys" doesn īt work, with "cute" and "boys" adjacent, but "cute and funny boys" distributes the stressed syllables around the unstressed.


21 Apr 2015

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Help with an essay topic   
Dear American Friends,
My son has an assignment to write about a famous American historical figure and what impact he/she had on contemporary American society and popular culture. Would you please give me a hint about whom he should write and what influence he/she had on today īs society? Many thanks in advance.
Hugs, Edit 

20 Apr 2015

...There are 2 previous answers...

United States

I would choose Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Edison. Their inventions, innovations, and discoveries paved the way for modern conveniences.

20 Apr 2015

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using "such" in superlatives   

Hello dear colleagues

 Could you help me with this question, please:

Rewrite the following sentence using the word in brackets:
 This is the most intersting film I have ever watched.      (such)
Thanks a lot. 

20 Apr 2015

...There are 3 previous answers...


Thank you so much.

20 Apr 2015

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