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s ´ vs s ´s   
Is there anyone out there who still prefers to write James ´ car, the actress ´ personal life instead of James ´s car, the actress ´s personal life... Do you agree that the former forms are doomed to become obsolete? What about well-established phrases like Jesus ´ cross, Moses ´ journey?   Any dialect-related trends observed?

12 Feb 2016

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I write and say James ´s, actress ´s. Pronunciation no problem, just a small ´uz ´ at the end. The plural of actress (actresses)  would be pronounced the same way. Actually actress has largely been replaced by actor as the non-specific gender word is preferred these days.
In formal writing I would use the traditional Jesus ´ cross, but in speech I ´d probably say Jesus ´s (uz)
I would write and say Moses ´  because Moses ´s (mozuzuz) is hard to say and sounds awkward.

12 Feb 2016

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United States

Is Learning letter/sound recognition ESL?   
Hello everyone,
I was very surprised when the alphabet cards I posted on the site were removed because they are not considered ESL activity. This is new to me because in the US teaching the names of letters and their sounds is one of the most basic ESL content matter. What is more, we start teaching first letters and their sound, and then reading of short words /CVC/, which are more or less phonetic - thus learning the sounds of the letters is absolutely necessary for teaching reading skills. Phonics are taught to English language learners all though elementary school, and some of the new testing data is based on reading letters and saying their sounds.
However, the fact that my material was not considered ESL made me think that maybe in many countries English phonics are not taught in the ESL curriculum.
Do you teach English phonics in your classes/countries, in which ways, and to what point?

12 Feb 2016

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alien boy

Phonics is very important. It ´s the base for decoding and encoding the written language! I definitely teach phonics, and usually start the year with a couple of weeks of relativiely intense phonics instuction for my 1st graders. This way we can use phonics in every class and expand over time.

In Japan, come 3rd grade, students learn romaji - the latin alphabet used as a written form of Japanese. This involves yet another phonics sytem based on the same letters! This makes for some interesting dicussions as the students become more independent...
Just out of curiosity, did you include any activities with your alphabet cards?

12 Feb 2016

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which images?   
Dear colleagues,
I have recently sent a contribution but it was removed because of images taken from google. I was wondering if you could tell me which images are allowed in ESL printables.

12 Feb 2016


As far as Google images are concerned, a sure way to avoid copyright infringement and the deletion of your ws is to use Google image search, advanced search option, usage rights and choose  to show free to use images. More info here

12 Feb 2016

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reporting a technical error   
hello, admin !    I have really lost two points uslessly. infact,  until then I downloaded 698 pintables out of 700 points, so there were still two points left . what really happened was that I clicked on the file to download as usual but nothing was really downloaded to my pc cus connection was bad then . so , I afterwards discovered that the two points were taken without me profiting from the the printable I had clicked . please help me _ I am really in great need for the twopoints cus I have to download important file as today as possible. i can ´t wait until  i upload and get the points afterwards

12 Feb 2016

...There are 4 previous answers...


I also downloaded two of your ws.
Good work 

12 Feb 2016

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reporting an error of misdownload and loss of poinst    
due to the fact that connection was so bad, I clicked to download printable as usual but nothing was really downloaded and the last two points i had were taken . it ´s the first time I have encountered this problem since my subscribtion to this website.  I am really in a need to my two lost points cus I have to download an important printable as necessary as today .  Adminstrators, please help me get my points back

12 Feb 2016

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look for DNB exam type   
Hi everyone!
 I would like to help my students with their  DNB exam and I wonder if  someone can send me DNB English subjects or  knows some websites where we can find it. Could you help me,please?
Thank you very much.

12 Feb 2016

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Russian Federation

Animals: who or which?   
Dear colleagues,
I know we may use either "who" or "which" in relative clauses when we are talking about animals.
But what are the specific rules about the choice?
Please give examples. Thanks in advance and have a lovely day :)

12 Feb 2016

...There are 4 previous answers...

United Kingdom

Good point, Sophia. I just wasn´t thinking of possessive/genitive gaps.
  • Dogs whose tails have been docked since 2007 cannot be shown at Crufts. 
  • The cat, whose behaviour was giving cause for concern, was referred to a specialist.

12 Feb 2016

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bend it like Beckham   
Can you give me the link for the film "bend it like Beckham" with English subtitles/
Thank you in advance  

12 Feb 2016

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fatma najoua

can boys enjoy dancing the same way girls do?   
I want to give this topic to my students. they will write  a paragraph to express their opinions: for why  /  against why ? 
can you help me with both arguments and suggest  a plan how to proceed in the lesson. thanks. 

12 Feb 2016

United States

This article might help. 
Children learn there are gender differences in activities and dancing is classified as a feminine activity. Therefore boys have less experience with dancing than girls and subsequently less skill.
The assumption that dancing is inappropriate for boys can be shifted through expereince, and instruction. Dancing is viewed as fun after a successful dancing class experience.

12 Feb 2016

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Looking for Penfriends   
My 9th grade students (13 / 14 years old) would like to have a Penfriend from the United Kingdom.
Is there any teacher who could join me in this adventure?
Let me know... 

11 Feb 2016


hi ý can be a penfriend

12 Feb 2016

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The party is on: group session
Hope it´s helpful
Level: elementary
Age: 12-14
Downloads: 61

Questions about the trailer of the film ´BRAVE´
A worksheet to work on the trailer BRAVE. A good way to work on family conflicts (feelings, expectations with must/have to..., actions).
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-17
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Level: elementary
Age: 5-7
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love phrases
this is 99 love phrases in English
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-100
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The active voice-to be

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Age: 10-100
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The active voice-to be

Level: intermediate
Age: 10-100
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The active voice-to be

Level: intermediate
Age: 10-100
Downloads: 2

Kermit and Miss Piggy playing "Never have I ever"
This exercise consists of a dialogue between Miss Piggy and Kermit the frog. The students have to read the text and fill in the correct tense (simple past or present perfect) depending on the context.
Level: intermediate
Age: 10-100
Downloads: 10

an introduction to newspapers and media
This is awarming up concerning news reports and media it helps pupils brainstorm the topic and acquire new vocabulary intrestingly
Level: elementary
Age: 14-16
Downloads: 42

possessive adjectives

Level: elementary
Age: 8-12
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