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Vocabulary problem   
Can somebody help me understand the highlighted part. I didn t get it. Thanks in advance. (by the way, it s a podcast)
Josh: Hey, and welcome to the podcast. I m Josh Clark, there s Charles W. "Chuck" Bryant, and there is Jeri. So this is Stuff You Should Know, the "Dreaming of Summer in the Middle of Winter Edition."
Chuck: [LAUGHS] Oh my friend, ice cream is a year-round treat for me.
Josh: Yeah?
Chuck: Sure.
Josh: I know. I had some last night-
Chuck: Unfortunately. Oh yeah? What d you have? We re going to buzz-market a lot probably.
Josh: Rocky Road and Vividly Vanilla.
Chuck: What brand is that?
Josh: Kroger.
Chuck: Oh, yeah?
Josh: Yeah, they re delicious.
Chuck: Nice.
Josh: Yeah.
Chuck: Was it heavy or light?
Josh: It was light.
Chuck: [LAUGHS] Yeah.
Josh: Yeah, after reading this I was like, "Man, this is very light."
Chuck: A lot of air in there.
Josh: I taught myself to juggle with them.
Chuck: Oh. Well, that s exciting.
Josh: That was a cross-reference.
Chuck: Yeah. I m a Ben & Jerry s guy.
Josh: Well, yeah. It s great stuff.
Chuck: Yeah. Can t have too much of it, though, because I got the lactose issues.

16 Aug 2018

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the vocabulary is ok, juggling and cross-reference. I just didn t get them in the context.
But now the first sentence makes sense. Oh, I didn t think of it literally, juggling the containers. That s clear now.
The cross-reference sentence I didn t get either. He might have read about air in the ice-cream elsewhere, about its lightness. Maybe. 

16 Aug 2018

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United States

Apple Letters for the Classroom   
Hey Everyone,
The last few weeks have been super busy for me as I have been preparing for the incoming class of kids I will be teaching this year. Lots of lesson plans and curriculum to get ready. One of my favorite parts of getting ready is picking a theme and decorating the classroom. This year I decided to go with a true classic Fall / Autumn theme: Apples! I have made some apple letters that I thought I could share with other teachers here. Hope these can be useful for you and your learners as well. Enjoy!

15 Aug 2018

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Love it.  Thanks!

16 Aug 2018

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le ngoc qui

Please help me   
Hi everyone! Please help me with this. Please tell me the meaning and the use of the word "as" in the following sentence: We might need to do more exercise to keep our muscles as strong." Thanks in advance.

15 Aug 2018

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le ngoc qui

Dear Cunliffe,
Thank you so much.  

15 Aug 2018

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Will probably or probably will???   
Please help me... :)
I have a doubt about the position of probably...
I think he will probably be a doctor.
I think he probably will be a doctor.
Is there a difference of meaning in the sentences above?
Thanks a lot...

14 Aug 2018


The adverb probably should take the mid position:
 I think he will probably be a doctor.
You can read more about the place of different adverbs in a sentence here
and get some example sentences with will probably here

14 Aug 2018

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Question tags - HELP native speakers   

Hi, which is correct....


He is rather agressive, IS he/ ISN T he?
It will be difficult to get aid to all these people, WILL it/ WON T it?
There have been some terrible scenes on the tv, HAVE there/ HAVEN T there?
Thanks in advance.

14 Aug 2018

...There are 3 previous answers...

United Kingdom

Btw, we sayon TV .
There is a good documentary about cats on TV tonight.
Oh look at Felix, he s on the TV again! Cheeky little beggar. 

15 Aug 2018

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In memory of Claudio    
Claudio Azevedo: "Movies segments to assess grammar"HeartHeartHeart
I know Urpi, me too!
I discovered it while trying to find his blog following your request!

I notice, however, that few people are moved by it while so many teachers in the world have used his work!

That is probably what happens when you disappear, especially in National Education!!

It makes me sad and distressed.

 Rest in peace Claudio and be happy where you are, you have worked so hard for teaching in your country that you deserve the gratitude of all even if it is always unfair!

Hey, buddy, I shall never forget you, you were and are a great person!

Domi Heart

14 Aug 2018

...There are 3 previous answers...


I m sorry to hear such bad news.I didn t knowMy prayers to him & his family.
I Don t think people do not care - I think people just do not know.
Thank you for letting us know.

15 Aug 2018

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Dear colleagues,
I m searching for pen pals from any part of the world. I m a primary teacher in Barcelona and I ve got a group of 23 students. They are 9-10 years old and learn English as a foreign language. In September we go back to school and I would like to find students similar to them so that we could write letters to you and practise our writting skills. In my opinion writting a letter is a gratifying process and younger generations still enjoy sending and receiving letters.
If you are interested you can send me an e-mail
Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

14 Aug 2018

...There are 2 previous answers...


I am very interested in your project!
Just sent you an email with my information and hope we can work together!

I also have a group of around 250 teenage students from countryside of Brazil who would love taking part of that!
If there is anybody who wants to share that experience with teenagers as well, just send me an email: naiacrespo@gmail.com

Best wishes! 

18 Aug 2018

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I need help! Portuguese teachers   

Hello,I have to send this abstract tomorrow, Can you take a look if it is right!

Thanks in advance 

O presente caso de ensino sugere a necessidade de analisar estrategicamente as opções disponíveis no mercado, no que tange a alocação e aplicação de mão de obra, de forma que a empresa possa alcançar a resolução dos problemas vivenciados e garantir a sustentabilidade organizacional. Provoca uma reflexão sobre a importância do estudo de viabilidade econômica no processo decisório. Pode ser utilizado em cursos de graduação na disciplina de Administração Financeira. As situações relatadas neste caso de ensino são baseadas em uma história real e o nome da empresa e da personagem foram mantidos.


Palavras-chave: Estudo de viabilidade econômica; Processo decisório; Terceirização.



The present teaching case suggests the need to strategically analyze the options available in the market, regarding the allocation and application of labor, so that the company can achieve the resolution of the problems experienced and ensure organizational sustainability. It provokes a reflection on the importance of the economic feasibility study in the decision-making process. It can be used in undergraduate courses in the discipline of Financial Administration. The situations reported in this teaching case are based on a true story and the company name and character were kept.


13 Aug 2018

...There is 1 previous answer...


Thanks NIna Duarte

14 Aug 2018

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United States

Word of the Day (Week) --WOD 2018 33   
Hi All,
Thank-you Maryse for choosing my daffynition--hopefully this one won t get censored either :)
The word of the week is cherimoya 
Let s hear what you can come up with for this scrumptious little word.

13 Aug 2018

...There are 7 previous answers...

United Kingdom

Fantastic, Les! Cherimoya!
Hey Bruce, let s have a daffynition off you! 

14 Aug 2018

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Caption contest winner :)   

Dear All,

Thank you very much for your witty and resourceful captions, all of them made me smile. I really enjoyed some of them  (e.g. Jayho’s , ltdmagicman’s , abdo111b’s, etc.); however, as I can only choose one winner, I would opt for redcamarocruiser’s sentence:”Bumbo seat for infants knock off”.


Thank all of you for your participation again. Have a lovely week!  kiscsepo 

12 Aug 2018

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