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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Road vs. Street    

Road vs. Street

Czech Republic

Road vs. Street
I asked already today but got just 1 answer before the thread disappeared and I am not sure if the answer was right. So I ´ll try again: what exactly is the difference between street and road.
I promised to my little sts I will tell them on Monday, so please, could you enlighten me and tell me the difference between these two words (if there is any?).

Thank you very much for your help, MichaelaSmile

20 Mar 2010      

United Arab Emirates

I googled your question and this is what I found: (

"The terms may frequently apply to exactly the same thing. However, ´road ´ is a general term, whereas ´street ´ is narrower in sense and chiefly urban in application: a street typically has buildings on either side, and is paved or metalled." ( http://www.askoxford.com/asktheexperts/faq/aboutwords/street )


1) Let ´s start with street.
The word comes from the Latin ´strata ´ and it means a public way that is paved with slabs of stone (strata/stratum).
(Latin strata via = paved way)
So it would mean a public road in a city, town or village, probably with houses or other buildings on either side. Possibly with a pavement for pedestrians, but not necessarily.

2) A road is a path or way that has a specially prepared surface and is used primarily by vehicles, although pedestrians can also walk on a road.

( http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_difference_between_lane_and_road_and_street )


If this is the same answer you got before, then excuse me for providing the same answer since I didn ´t read it before.

If a native speaker could inform us of other differences or give us better explanation, it would be great.

20 Mar 2010     


I am a native speaker and yes I agree with the above answer.
When dealing with an address situation, there is no difference eg Brook Street or Brook Road.
When dealing with the words in a general context, road would be for means of transport and street would be for people eg a car drives along a road and people walk on the street.
Hope this helps

20 Mar 2010     

Olindalima ( F )

Hi Misa

My opinion, and the way I use both words, not a bible.

In a city, you have streets that take you from one point of the city to another. They are more or less narrow, depends if it is a big or small/country city.
Roads are usually large and wide and they take you from one place / city to another place / city.
So, roads are connections between big cities/places, whereas streets are connections within a city to take you from one place, here, in this city, to another place, here in this city, too.

As said before, this is not a bible, just the way I use both words.
Edit: when you travel from your city to another city, you don´t drive your car along a street. you drive along roads, but when you go to the supermarket near where you live, either you drive or walk, it is always streets, not roads.

20 Mar 2010     


(Just adding to the previous posts) I ´ve found the following explanation interesting:

20 Mar 2010     

United States

I mostly agree with Olindalima. Streets are definitely only in the city or town. Between cities are roads or highways. There are some fine points on the usage of the two words, but your children don ´t need to know about those at this point in their education.

20 Mar 2010     

Czech Republic

Wow, thanks a lot for your answers. You are great!Thumbs Up 

20 Mar 2010     


The  difference  between  a  road  and  a  street  is  that  a  road  is  in  the  country  and connects  two  towns, whereas  a  street  is  in  the  town  and  generally  has  shops  in  it.    A  road  can  also  be  in  the  town  but  if  it  generally  has  no  shops.Wink

6 Apr 2010