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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > What īs the difference between for example and such as?    

What īs the difference between for example and such as?


What īs the difference between for example and such as?
Dear teachers
Is there a difference between for example and such as other than punctuation? If yes, What is the difference?

23 Mar 2010      


Hi caren, I guess the main difference, other than punctuation as you say, is that we usually use such as to give one word examples , e.g.  I love fruit such as melon, orange and peach.
For example can be for one word or for a whole idea , e. g.  What would he do if , for example ( or for instance ) she came late to her exam ?
I know more differences come to mind when speaking, but that īs the most significant one I can think of !

23 Mar 2010     


There is no difference whatsoever, you can use such as with phrases.
-There are many ways to increase English knowledge, such as watching many English films or going on a holiday to Australia.
For example is slightly more formal, and can also be used after the example, while such as can īt be.
-Curry, for example, is one the many foods Indians have introduced to Britain.

27 Mar 2010