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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > I really, really, really need your advice    

I really, really, really need your advice


I really, really, really need your advice
Dear all experieced teachers,
I m in the question with the kidergaten kids I m teaching English. Some of them are about 3 years old, others 4  and others 5. I m wondering if I should keep them in the same class or should I divide in two classes? I m afraid that their knowledge and mind are different of 3 age and it will have bad effect on the result of the studying.
Please help me if you have any advice... Thanks soooooooo much!

26 Sep 2010      


Do you think if you would teach English through songs and chants that the three year olds would not be able to follow?

26 Sep 2010     


I think that, if you have the possibility, you should divide the class. There is a big age difference . 3years old children don t have the same developpment as 5 years old and so don t have the same abilities. A 5 year old is able to learn how to write, a 3 years old isn t. Evenif you use drawing and songs, you will see that they don t have the same skills.

26 Sep 2010     


I would put all the children together, as it is in my daughter s class: the younger ones are stimulated by the older and they learn very quickly imitating them

26 Sep 2010     


I am teaching  4 and 5 year-old kids and I taught 3 year-old kids. I recommend you not to teach the 3 year-old ones ( if you can)They are new at school, they have to get used first. In respect to 4 and 5 year old kids, what I did was giving them the same words (for example: fruits) but increased with the second ones, because they can assimiliate in a week more words than the 4 year old kids.

26 Sep 2010     


Hi SunnyKids! How are you?

I personally teach 2 groups of chidren who are 3 and 4 together in two different kindergartens... but if I had the option to teach the 3 year-olds and put together the 4 and 5 year-olds that would be my choise. Mainly because the three year-olds need more attention, limits, and of course, their abilities are less developed than the 4 and 5 year-olds.

My advice, then, is that you should divide the class: 3 year-olds and 4/5 year-olds... so youll be able to work better and develop better classes!

I hope to have helped you, at least, a little! :)


26 Sep 2010