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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Handwritten letters    

Handwritten letters


Handwritten letters

I have long been wondering what exactly correct handwritten English letters look like nowadays.

In my country we never PRINT at school, students always have to use uppercase and lowercase letters and connect them.

I spent half an hour trying to write some capital letters that confuse me most of all. Sorry for the clumsy look, it was Paint, not me!Embarrassed

All of these variants are used in Latvian schools but my students say that some of them are old-fashioned. I have seen all 3 variants of S on the internet, the third looks rather strange. Do you use it?
How about T? The first T was widely used some time ago, now we use the second one but it is sooooo similar to J!

I have always used the first variant of I but some of my students write it like "9". If they write I as printed, they usually end up having small "l".

All these problems make me think that students ´ handwriting skill has gone downwards recently. How about you?

28 Sep 2010      


I agree with you.
In Argentina, some students won ´t use capital letters at all at the beginning of a sentence.

28 Sep 2010     


OMG, It reminds me ......7 years ago I was assigned to teach a 3rd grade. I went there and I started writing on the blackboard. All the students were watching me, looking at the blackboard in surprise ....I didn ´t know what was going on. I asked them what ´s wrong and they told me they cannot understand my handwriting on the blackboard. they were used to use calligraphic handwriting. I really didn ´t remember how to make a capital K.I asked them and they showed me. I felt the greatest shame in my life!!! It was my first year after graduating the University!!! and I must admit I didn ´t know how to handwrite!!!!!!!Now I know!!!! 

28 Sep 2010     


Hi everyone I have the same problem .We have to begin using hand writing ,but Ihave difficulty with capitals and some lowercase .What is the most suitable font or the most updating one  for English .HUGS

28 Sep 2010     

United States


28 Sep 2010     


Thanks Bruce!
Of course, I have seen these letter samples but I have never seen them used in real life exactly like this (in my country, at least). (Remember, English is a foreign language to us...)

I wonder how the English letters are written in France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Egypt etc...........

28 Sep 2010     


Hello Baiba,
the 3rd s is used widely in Germany as the capital S. Same goes for the j, t, and I although the I is a bit different.
In Germany there have been some reforms to simplify handwriting which turned out to end in a lot of zigzag lines when pupils don ´t use too much care, Now they are going back to the basic handwriting as it has been used from the 70s to the 90s.... thant ´s the place where your third S comes from.

28 Sep 2010     

Czech Republic

Woow, that ´s interesting!
Anybody able to read this text? This is the CZECH handwriting I was taught in first grade.


Milá Ivo! Jsem na táboře. Spíme ve stanech. Chodíme se koupat. Hrajeme hry. V pátek bude táborák. Jana

This is our handwritten alphabet:


28 Sep 2010     


yippee!!! I can read the letters..... without understanding the words.... quite similar to the german variety
Here a sample what they called a simplified version, very popular in the early 2000s (does this timespan exist???) . Turned ou to change into a nasty scrawl when the pupils got older

28 Sep 2010     

Czech Republic

Dear Schnuffi,
I can understand your handwriting too! Lucky neighbours we are... Big smile
I have some really old German-Czech dictionaries at home, they are written in the old way, Swabach, we call it... (Gothic writing)
It is really hard for me to read the vocabulary :-D...

28 Sep 2010     


Hello there!

My University teacher was oversensitive to the way we joined certain letters like t+h or o+r in the words. He used the perfect American handwriting when writing in English, and his Polish fonts were definitely different.
An American from Nevada told me she couldn ´t get used to the Polish handwriting, hence, she found it incomprehensible at times. It ´s like with the different accents, isn ´t it?

Bye bye! :D

28 Sep 2010     

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