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rules for conversation


rules for conversation
Hi everyone!
Tomorrow I īm doing a speaking class. Students will be put in groups in order to talk about different topics  but  I want to give them first some rules, if not it will be very noisy or they may get stuck if they feel they cannot say a word. Can you give me a hand with the rules? Because I cannot find any help in internet.
These are the ones I can think at the moment in order to help them and keep the class organized:
1. Think twice before you speak
2. Respect others ī speaking turn.
3. Listen carefully and ask if you don īt understand something.
4. Hand up your hand if you want me to help you.

29 Sep 2010      


You mean - 4. Put your hand up/Raise your hand if..., right?Wink
How about:
5. Don īt all speak at once.
6. Ask your colleagues questions to stimulate conversation.
7. Include everyone.
8. Speak clearly and with respect.
9. Always state arguments for your opinion.

29 Sep 2010     

Pinky Makus

Listen twice as much as you speak.  I hope that makes sense.  Remember we have 2 ears, but only 1 mouth.

30 Sep 2010     

United States

What about asking them to come up with the rules themselves? Aside from being more invested in what they īve developed themselves, itīs interesting because itīs an authentic problem they can solve, not just classroom make-work.  Plus, they īll get practice speaking as they negotiate their choice of rules.

30 Sep 2010     


It is really a good idea to ask the pupils to generate theitr own rules and regulations. it is something like writing their own class room constitution. encourage them to have a open talk (can we call it discussion?) and find out what all could be included. Be around while they do this and guide them if necessary. But i prefer you dont interfere in any way.

30 Sep 2010