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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Activities for "simple present tense"    

Activities for "simple present tense"


Activities for "simple present tense"
Hi everyone!
I am teaching students aged 14-15. And, next week īs topic is simple present tense. I know there are lots of activities ,but as I am new at teaching I appreciate your advice on which one works best, how to present and deal with this topic.
I also wonder whether there is a good song that could be used for this subject.
Thanks in advance.Hugsss:)

2 Oct 2010      



You could use the first half of this ppt and save the second part for past simple. There īs a full lesson plan there for you to follow, hope it īs helpful ;o)

2 Oct 2010     


Recently there was a worksheet on the site about the daily routine of a superstar. I thought that could be a good idea to introduce the simple present and keep young teenagers interested.
You could make up the daily routine of someone famous and then compare it to their daily routine. That way you could also introduce questions in the simple present and the negative form.
I hope this helps.
Have a nice Sunday! Wink

3 Oct 2010     


Thanks so much. I will keep them in my mind.
What about songs? Do you know any nice song for present simple tense?

5 Oct 2010     

United States

Here īs a couple suggestions (they are older songs though):
Johnny Cash, I walk the Line:
Paul Simon, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover:
Hope this helps,

5 Oct 2010     


Maybe you can also introduce questions in the simple present tense and the negative form ?... :)

I hope it is a good idea :)

14 Jan 2013