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Graph it!


Graph it!
Graph It!
Here are some great interactive sites to create graphs with your students:

Simple Survey by Teacher LED:
Choose a topic (transportation, pets, TV, or food) and create a tally chart, pie graph, or bar graph with the data you collect as a class.

Create A Graph:
Create bar, line, area, pie, and XY graphs.

Make a Pictogram:
Make a pictogram using images of flowers, people, cars, stars, boats, blocks, coach, bikes, trains, and computers.  You can change the color of the images, as well.

How Far Away Do You Live? by I-Board:
Create pins with your students name and place it on the graph to show how far away each child lives from school.

Make image labels for your students and graph their birthday months.

Graph your students ´ favorite snacks.

Graph your students ´ favorite toys and activities.

Create your own tally chart, pie chart, bar chart, or pictogram by adding your own information and values.

Put in your titles and data to instantly create a pie chart.

Choose from given data to interpret the graph, or enter your own.


Choose from given data to interpret the graph or create your own.

3 Oct 2010      


Wonderful, Victoria. Thank you. 

3 Oct 2010     


Really great, Vica. Thanks a lot for sharing!

3 Oct 2010     


Many, many resources!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much

3 Oct 2010     


Thank you so much, Victoria. And even more so for all the time  you devoted to include all the different links to illustrate the site.

3 Oct 2010     


Thank you for these great links, Victoria!

3 Oct 2010     


 Thank you for the wonderful link and for your tremendous effort!  

3 Oct 2010     


Thanks, they are amazing!!!

4 Oct 2010     


Incredible! Thanks a lot!

4 Oct 2010