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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Why is this wrong?    

Why is this wrong?

Jennings Teacher
Korea, South

Why is this wrong?
"They are depicted as they have more excitement." 

I know the sentence is wrong. 
I know that it should be "as having" but I need to explain why. 

Can anyone tell me WHY it is wrong? 

I am not a linguist and I did not study these technical grammar rules. 
However, there must be someone on this website who can help me. 

4 Jul 2012      


I see "depict as" being followed by a noun or an "ing" form.  What does "they" represent in your sentence?

In any case for this sentence I would have written:

"They are depicted as having more excitement." as you, but it still seems strange to me as a native speaker (British English)

They are depicted as being exciting - would seem more natural to me, but once again it all depends on who or what the subject "they" represents.

Sorry I can īt help more.


4 Jul 2012     


Because you have used the preposition "as", it īs followed by a gerund (verb+ing)

Example: I was addicted to watching TV.
                We apologize for being late.
                The reporter is blamed for writing incorrect facts.
                They are depicted as having more excitement.

5 Jul 2012     


Hi, Jennings,
The following sentence is wrong.
They are depicted as they have more excitement.
In my opinion, it refers to a situation similar to the one below.
Situation: From what we have read so far about them we know that they are having more excitement now. That is why they are depicted as having more excitement.
The correct sentence should be:
Long: They are depicted as people who are having more excitement.
Long: They are depicted as people having more excitement.
Short: They are depicted as having more excitement.
Best wishes,

5 Jul 2012     


In british english at least, the one I studied, I strongly believe that the correct for of it would be:
They are depicted as having more excitement.
Hope it helped :D

7 Jul 2012