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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > The vocation to be a teacher of English    

The vocation to be a teacher of English


The vocation to be a teacher of English
Dear colleagues
why you want to be English teacher?
why you are English teacher?

28 Sep 2013      


First, I m looking forward to hearing your answers to these questions? if you dont mind.

28 Sep 2013     


as far as I can remember, I wanted to become a teacher - my mum was one, my grand-mother too - and it seemed pretty natural because i loved helping others: helping them do their homework, helping them understand something difficult, helping them study...
in class I was always sitting next to a "weaker" pupil - i wasn t the best in the class, but i guess i was the more patient, the quieter, the more helpful...

and when I had my first English lesson 21 years ago (I was 11) I fell in love with this wonderful language... it was as if a door to a wonderland had opened, full of possibilities, and i could never close that door knowing that it existed so close to me... again, I wasn t the best, nor the hardest-working or most assiduous pupil, but it seemed to me as if it was a language I had spoken long ago (in a former life?) and that my brain/mind needed it...

and my fate was decided... i ll always remember the lesson - when i was 12 - when we learnt the expression "would like to" and the teacher asked us to use it to say what we would like to do in the future... most of my friends wrote "silly" things like "i d like to buy a bike / be rich etc." I wrote on my paper "I d like to be an English teacher" and the smile on the face of my teacher convinced me I was right! (she probably doesn t remember that like "incident" but her reaction could have really changed my future that day... and Madame B. if you re still teaching in the private secondary school in Annonay, THANK YOU)

so for me it s more than vocation i suppose - it was my life all along, waiting for me to start :) I don t regret it one bit, even when my pupils are particularly noisy/lazy... i ll never regret it, and the worst that could happen is for me never to get back to work...

29 Sep 2013     


Well I started out as a primary teacher where I taught all subjects. The reason for this was back in the 1960 s respectable women became secretaries (I couldn t type), nurses (all that yukky blood) or teachers(not much choice really). In 1984 after a trip to Japan I began learning Japanese and was offered a job teaching it. I thought that my level would not be good enough even though I loved the idea of languages so when an English school opportunity came my way I grabbed it thinking I would be doing what I love i.e. teachinglanguages and using a subject I thought I knew well. Was I ever wrong! One of my first students, a young 13 year old, asked me if a certain word was countable or uncountable... I had no idea what he meant so I set to to learn about English and its weird rules. Sure it is my native tongue but what a learning curve I ve had and I absolutely love it.
It s definitely my life and my awesome students keep me young and in touch with the world. I love them and I like to think the feeling is mutual.
Cheers from down under, Joy

29 Sep 2013     


Honestly, I never wanted to be a teacher. I actually simply couldn t help it. I think I just am one. In the words of John Malkovich in Dangerous Liaisions - It s beyond my control. (this is kind of a joke, but not really, if you know what I mean). I just love teaching. When I teach, I feel it just feels like my natural element.

29 Sep 2013     

United Kingdom

Mmmm... Some teachers are failed actors. They just have to have a stage. They want an audience, they want attention. All eyes on me!

I am certainly not describing myself. 

29 Sep 2013     

Peter Hardy

Nice Cunliffe, you re describing me?!? :-) Otherwise, it has been said that those who know do, and those that don t know, teach. However, I just wanted to make a difference after I received a disastrous education myself. Cheers.

29 Sep 2013     


so I can formulate correct  questions in English

29 Sep 2013     


Dito, Anita:)

29 Sep 2013     

manonski (f)

Because when I entered a classroom, I felt and still feel home. I like that no days and kids are alike. After 25 years, I still love what I do.

29 Sep 2013     


I knew I would become a teacher when I  started learning English(I was 11).I immediately loved that language.I also adored my teacher who always had a funny face when she tested a pupil orally.She imitated a fish when looking at the list of pupils before choosing the name of the victim!!!It always made me laugh and I was relaxed.It looked like this:
The year after,I had another teacher I found uninteresting(sorry ,Mr..)and I kept on learning hard because I knew I would find my fish again.Eventually, I spent my last years of collge with my dear teacher(Mme Volle,I love you!)
I love being a teacher because I also love the pupils even when they are unruly.In fact,they need us because sometimes we help them feel more self-confident,they need to communicate ,which they can t do at home ,for some of them.I love teachers who,like my "fish",stay young.I agree with Manonski,I also feel good at school.

29 Sep 2013