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Teaching to segpa


Teaching to segpa
Hi everybody

it is the firt year I īm teaching to segpa and I have difficulty in finding documents. My pupils are 13 but their knowledge in English is very low and they have difficulty in learning and remembering their lessons. All the sites I have ben looking propose exercises which don īt fit their age.
Hope you could help
Have a lovely day

29 Sep 2013      


i īve never really taught in SEGPA - but my mum taught in one for 15 years, and I spent several weeks in one during a training period - so maybe i can help...

try activities where there īs really little to write (they tend to be quite slow while writing and it will quickly bore them = make them even more noisy/agitated...)

like this activity for example http://www.eslprintables.com/printable.asp?id=721593#thetop
or this one http://www.eslprintables.com/grammar_worksheets/expressions/useful_expressions_to_describe_301126/#thetop (which I actually created when I was in "stage" in SEGPA in 2009 with the help/guidance of the teacher in charge of the class)

make sure the vocabulary they learnt is later used in an oral activity, a game... like this game: http://www.eslprintables.com/powerpoint.asp?id=17162#thetop

before giving a "test", let them read their lesson again (for 5 or 10 minutes).

rituals are very important, so spend a lot of time working on the classroom English, it will teach them the vocabulary they will need everyday in class AND help them learn basic sentence structure...

have a look at my documents, if there īs any (or a lot) you want, send me a PM with your email address and i īll send you what you need, without you having to use your points!

hope it helps, good luck :)


29 Sep 2013     


Hi Patt!
As Elodie said,spend a lot of time on rituals,ask them to write the date on the board,to tell you about the weather...Use flashcards as much as possible and ask them to match a picture with a word:they come to the board and stick 2 flashcards:the picture of clouds and the word "cloudy"for example.You will have to spend much time creating tools for these pupils because they need to see what we want to teach them.They also need to change activities very often.Use powerpoints as well and prepare a very simple worksheet to go with it because they also need to write even if it is difficult for them.I used lots of useful worksheets from this site.
Google"site segpa anglais,you will find lots of interesting links such as this one I like:
Good luck!

29 Sep 2013     


I really appreciate this site very much ,but I have got a problem in extracting worksheets in their real format.. I find many good worksheets that enrich my pupils ī feedback. Please I need your experience.
Hope you could help me
Have a nice day

30 Sep 2013