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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > How to teach Movers verbs (YLE) to a young child    

How to teach Movers verbs (YLE) to a young child


How to teach Movers verbs (YLE) to a young child
Hi everybody!

I have to prepare Movers exam to a young child (8 years old) and past verbs are so difficult to her. This is because he hasn īt studied them in her mother tongue.
Moreover, she needs motivating activities or in 30 minutes she starts to be bored. 

Can you help me with some ideas?

Thanks in advance.


8 Feb 2017      


Hi Ana,
Your student is very young to be a Movers! The truth is that she mainly has to be able to recognize these verbs in Past Simple not really to produce them - so she needs the passive knowledge of them for the sake of Reading and Writing test. There is a vocabulary list you can download, that should limit the numbers already. Still there are 49 irregular verbs (I did the counting on the list). For the speaking test, she can tell the story in the present tense and that īs the only longer free production piece. Stories are most problematic with kids generally. Overall, just make sure she answers in full sentences throughout the speaking test so that she scores high on production.
I īm sure you can do some bingo, snakes and ladders, million pound drop or a gazillion of other games  which recycle past simple irregular verbs. It īs worth doing but I wouldn īt agonize if she doesn īt master these. It īs much more important to know the exam format and what to expect. I would really practise that. A little more exciting way to do it may be Fun for Fovers book by CUP. If I can give you a hand any further, let me know 

8 Feb 2017     


Thanks so much Joanna!

I know the girl is so young, the problem is that she is exceptionally gifted and the parents want to try this english level.

I think the best way to learn  verbs and understand them is through games like you has told me.


9 Feb 2017