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United States

ESL Books
Hi everyone!
I would like to know if you can recommend me a good ESL book for teenagers (12-15 years old). I only have beginners and intermediate. Can you please tell me what kind of book you are currently using and if it is working with your students? Thank you in advance for your help. 

13 Mar 2017      


The Laser series by Macmillan is not bad, interesting content, progresses smoothly and for you - multiple editable tests in the TB as well as whiteboard software free in the TB (contain SB only and the recordings though). There are two downsides to this book - no accompaning resource pack or dvd.
Another series for teenagers some of the teachers at my school quite like is the Activate! series (Pearson-Longman). This one is very lively and has a dvd included. No resource pack and I guess you have to pay extra for the whiteboard software.
One more suggestion is the Connections series (Oxford University Press). This one has everything: tests, dvds and the resource pack. I īm not sure about whiteboard software. But the book was written a while ago and for me that would be a problem.
I īve noticed that you īre from the States so the books available in Europe and in the USA might be different though ;-S
best of luck,

14 Mar 2017     

United States

Thank you very much! I īll see if I can get them and try them. God bless you!

14 Mar 2017     

United States

Hi there! My friend who recently got her masters in ESL from ISU recommended Basic English Grammar third edition by Betty Schrampfer Azar and Stacy A. Hagan. I have been tutoring a twelve year old Chinese girl who has been in the US for almost two years now and this book is very helpful. It also includes fun classroom speaking activities that she enjoys. The activities are supposed to be done in a group, but we just pretend on that one. There are listening exercises with CDs and I am also using the accompanying workbooks A & B. You can find them on Amazon and can get like new copies at a great discount. My friend recommends having the students write the answers on a piece of paper rather than in the student book so the book can be used again and again with new students. The book is sometimes geared a little more toward someone older than 12 years old, but it still works. I really like how it recycles the grammar from previous chapters so she continues to get a lot of good practice.
Side by Side and Word by Word are also good. We used those before we started using Basic English Grammar.

14 Mar 2017     

United States

Thank you very much! That sounds like a very good book. I will get it. God bless you for having the time to answer back. Thank you!

16 Mar 2017