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ESL forum > Ask for help > How to log in as teacher in liveworksheets.com ?    

How to log in as teacher in liveworksheets.com ?

United States

How to log in as teacher in liveworksheets.com ?
I am having trouble setting up and accessing liveworksheets.com . I created an account for myself, and one account for a student, but now when I want to log in, it gives me the login box for a student. Where is the login to login as a teacher so that I can set up a workbook, edit worksheets, etc. ? https://www.screencast.com/t/LimMgTtWfM screenshot showing what I see.

17 Mar 2017      

Olindalima ( F )

I īm with a similar problem. The username and password Victor sent me doesn īt work; when I click the enter button, they are erased. I sent a pm to Victor ... waiting for him to have some free time and check the inbox.
Let īs  wait  :-)

17 Mar 2017     


hi, it seems you are already logged in. Teacher īs log in / out link is above, next to FAQ and my account. The login form you have marked on the screenshot is for Ss only. You will need to logout first to be able to see the login link.

17 Mar 2017     


Giorgi is right. Teacherīs Log in is this one, next to F.A.Q. It turns to Log out when you have logged in.

P.S. Have never had any problems to log in, except the cases when the username or password had been entered wrongly.

17 Mar 2017     

United States

Thank you for your answers.

17 Mar 2017