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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Help me, please!!!!1    

Help me, please!!!!1


Help me, please!!!!1
Hi friends, Hi colleagues!!!
Can you say me how do you write in ENGLISH the structure of a class? I mean in Spanish are:
Inicio de la clase,
desarrollo de la clase y
final de la clase. 
Thank you very much for your answer. 

29 Mar 2017      


 Begining of class
Development of class
End of Class 

29 Mar 2017     

United States

I don īt think we have "official" terms. I agree with paola about Beginning of the class and End of the class. I don īt think I would use "development of the class", though. That īs just a translation of "desarrollo".  I would probably say "the class session" or "the class proper".

29 Mar 2017     


  I will say, warm up, follow up and close up. The three parts of the class. Hope is useful!!!

29 Mar 2017     


What I use is
Engage stage
Study stage
Activate stage 

29 Mar 2017     


What I use is



29 Mar 2017     

United States

I īm with Bruce in that we donīt really have any official names for the different portions of a class.  I usually use the same terms as for writing an essay or giving a speech:
Main point I
Main point II

Edit: the main points together could also be called "the body"

30 Mar 2017     

United Kingdom

Starter, main part of the lesson, plenary. 

30 Mar 2017     


I agree with Cunliffe. In UK teacher training, we are taught to do starter, main, plenary. The "main" is composed of several stages (exposition, practice, reinforcement, independent work, etc.) but you can just call it "main" on a lesson plan then sub-divide it into bullet points. You may have mini-plenaries as part of the main session to check that everyone has understood before you move on.

31 Mar 2017     

United Kingdom

..And there are those wags who say to the class: Now that you īve had your starter and your main course, letīs see what I can whip up for your dessert. ī

31 Mar 2017     

manonski (f)

Here, we have preparing the task, carrying the task and reflecting on what has been learned/transfer or learning. 

31 Mar 2017     

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