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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > NEW CAPTION CONTEST 07/04/2017    




Hello to all of you,

Sorry, as I could have extended the contest seen not that many competitors had given in their caption. Well, I thought it was wiser to leave the scene here considering my very poor "entrée". I still do not understand where or what my mistake I made. I felt like poor Esther trying to upload a ws. on liveworsheet.com, simply frustrated, desperate and humiliated. Thanks to the many helpful hands, and also those who took it with humor and wit. It was eventually dear Kohai who managed to get me out of that turmoil.

Now, the second step is not easier, deciding who the winner is, who can go on carrying the ESL Olympic Flame. Another challenge !!!! Who or which is the best ????? They īre ALL good…..

So, it was only after long hesitation that I finally decided that the winner of the caption contest should and would be my generous helping hand. The one that saved me from utter humiliation (haha!). That is KOHAI !!!!

Still a big THANK YOU to all of you! Now let īs see what kind of rabbit Kohai is going to pull out of her hat to keep this funny game going on ?

Have the best of ends of week.



PS : Let īs see if I can post this properly !?!

7 Apr 2017      


HO ho !!!   It worked !!!

7 Apr 2017     

United Kingdom

Well done, Monique! You are a super trouper!

7 Apr 2017     


What a surprise!!! I wasnīt aware of a fact that the same person who has posted a pic for the CC could also win!      
(OK, OK, the pic wasnīt mine... but I loved it anyway!)
Thank you, dear Monique. As to my caption, I hope and wish that you and all the members of ESLP enjoy
the best feeling in the world every single day, and never or hardly ever experience the worst one.

7 Apr 2017