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Reported Speech


Reported Speech
Good day fellow teachers, I have a question about changing īcome ī to īgo ī in reported speech. Is it a rule that should be permanently followed? For example, in the question: She said to me, "Come and eat with me." Should we use go instead of come when reporting the sentence? Thanks a lot.

15 Apr 2017      

United States

Not really a rule, but it is generally correct. "Come" and "go" are like "bring" and "take"; they depend on the relative location of the speaker and hearer.
When she said, "Come and eat with me", she was saying "come to where I am". When you report that, you aren īt where she is, so you use "go", as in "She said that we should go and eat with her" or "She invited us to go and eat with her". We use "go" because we aren īt where she is; we have to go there.
It would also be correct to use "come" because we are reporting what she said: "She said that we should come and eat with her" or "She invited us to come and eat with her".
This is difficult to teach, because both options are correct and commonly used, at least in the US. Maybe the British are firmer about it. The choice would be based on which is more important, the invitation (in which case you would use "come") or the action (in which case you would use "go").

15 Apr 2017     


Excellent answer. Thanks a million, Bruce.

15 Apr 2017     


Bruce, I have to thank you for your prompt, perfect answers whenever people need help. You are a very valuable member of this community.

17 Apr 2017     


I totally agree with you, Yolandaprieto.

18 Apr 2017     


I am sorry but I am new  and I don īt even know  how to post a thread in this page 
I wonder if someone could help me with reported speech. I would like to teach contrastive stress in reported speech if possible related to the issue of bullying or emotions...
I can īt find anything! I īd really appreciate your help

16 Oct 2017