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Need Help!

this is it

Need Help!
I need a part of a film or video where 11 year-old students can see how important listening to each other is. I´m making a small project to work on this topic. The extract of a film should be the trigger. Then we´ll be playing some games which encourage connection and focus.
Thanks in advance 

19 May 2017      


 The game īChinese Whispers ī would suit this theme.
but I haven īt got any good ideas for videos you could use. 

19 May 2017     

this is it

Thanks a lot. This could be part of my follow up.

20 May 2017     

United States

We īre sinking! We īre sinking!
What are you thinking about? 

20 May 2017     

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9 Sep 2017     

United States

Hello! here is a link of a worksheet I uploaded last year, with the characters of The Secret Life of Pets. You can show your students the trailer of the movie to engage them into the activities (I ´m sure many of them have seen it and can talk about it)

20 Sep 2017     

United Kingdom

I really appreciate your effort to make this project. Listening is more important than speaking because if you listen properly you can gain your vocabulary or knowledge. I am a professor and also working with Essay Writers UK, we always suggest our students listen to their teacher or seniors. 

26 Oct 2017     


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7 Nov 2017     

United States

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17 Dec 2017