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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Present continuous collaborative learning    

Present continuous collaborative learning


Present continuous collaborative learning
Hello there!
I need to plan tomorrow ´s lessons and my brain just doesn ´t co-operate. No ideas whatsoever.
I ´d like my sixth-graders to work in groups and learn present continuous. We have already had the introduction, they know the form, but they haven ´t used it much. Can you share any ideas of yours, please? They will be most welcome and appreciated. Thank you.

21 May 2017      



I liked and have used the ideas shared here, maybe they can inspire you a bit.

21 May 2017     

United Kingdom

Dear Minka,
As always, Kohai has given excellent advice and has supplied you with lots of information.
For quickness´ sake, I would type a file containing a LONG list of actions in English ... Continuous/Progressive ... (and ADD TO IT from time to time). Write actions which are OBVIOUSLY VISUAL. Avoid actions which are PERSONAL because they may be embarrassing and misunderstood.  Avoid actions which are UNCLEAR ... for example ´Meditating´.
Minka, I know that YOU know these things, but not all students are as experienced as you. 
These actions can normally be performed silently, (can be MIMED), but speaking a few words is not forbidden.
Eating an apple; Drinking tea; Licking an ice-cream; Peeling a banana; Peeling an orange; Peeling an apple; Making a sandwich; Making a salad; Making bread; Having a shower; Going to sleep; Waking up; Getting dressed; Putting on your shoes, Putting on your hat
Walking your dog; Combing your cat; Brushing your pet/cat/dog/horse/etc; Riding a horse
Cutting with scissors; Opening a lock with a key; Stapling papers together; Punching holes in paper; Stamping a passport; Switching on the electricity; Turning on the gas cooker; Ironing; Typing on a computer; Putting a stamp on an envelope; Pouring out a cup of tea/coffee; Cutting a cake into portions; Serving a scoop of ice-cream; Opening a fizzy bottle of juice; Opening a tin of beans; Hammering a nail; Screwing in a screw; Sawing wood; Planing wood; Chopping down a tree; Watering plants; Arranging a bouquet of flowers; Making a telephone call; Switching on the television with the remote control
Jogging; Dancing; Sprinting; Swimming; Diving; Long-jumping; High-jumping; Throwing a javelin; Putting the shot; Throwing a boomerang; Kicking a football; Playing golf; Playing tennis; Playing basketball: Playing volleyball; Playing table-tennis; Trampolining; Wind-surfing; Canoeing; Fishing; Hopping; Crouching; Lying down; Standing up; Sitting; Cycling; Washing; Bathing; Shaving; Combing the hair; Putting on lipstick; Applying face-powder; Applying mascara; Spraying your hair; Cutting your nails; Cutting someone´s hair; Brushing your teeth
Reading; Writing; Speaking; Listening; Yawning; Sneezing; Gargling; Snoring; Coughing; Blinking; Winking: Sweating; Scratching; Hiccupping; Burping; Breathing; Laughing; Giggling; Moaning; Crying (Weeping); Screaming; Frowning; Being afraid; Smiling
The list is ENDLESS!

It increases everyone´s vocabulary ... and it is FUN!
With a printed copy in your hand, you have the germ of lots of ideas to use in the Classroom. AT ANY time!
Good luck.
Les Douglas 

21 May 2017     


Thank you, Kohai and Les. helpful as usual! 
These activities are great!
Have a great Sunday! 

21 May 2017     

United Kingdom

I ´d go with the others - Charades and Les has provided a great list.
Alternatively, have two sets of cards on each desk - set one, the personal pronouns, or names. I/he/she/it/we/you/they/Jenni/Mum and Dad... And set two - alphabet cards (take out the ´impossible ´ letters - xyz. Have more of the common letters.) Each pupil takes a turn. They pick up one of each cards and have to come up with a phrase. E.g. Pick up ´you ´ and ´e ´. ´You are eating an ice cream. ´ Any pupil who can ´t think of a verb is out. It gets exciting when it ´s down to two, but that generally takes some time!
You could add set 3 - nouns, or another alphabet set and they have to include that. For example, they pick ´he ´ ´c ´ and ´cake ´ - he is carrying a cake. Hopefully, they can make some really silly sentences.
As FrauSue says, Ravensburger pictures are GREAT! Once they are tired out of all the speaking, give the a picture and ask them to write True or False sentences for each other. 
Good luck!  

21 May 2017     

United Kingdom

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