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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Games for children to move (kindergarten, primary)    

Games for children to move (kindergarten, primary)

United States

Games for children to move (kindergarten, primary)

Are you ready, monster? – Clothes

All 4 corners of your classroom are “save areas”. The students stand in the middle of the room.One student is the monster. All the others make a circle around him.

They ask the monster: “Are you ready, monster?”

The student answers: “No, I have to put my xyz  (t-shirt, trousers, socks,….) on.” and is acting as if he puts on the piece of clothing. The others then repeat the question.

But if the monster says: “Yes, I’m ready now!”, he tries to catch one of the students before they can reach one of the save areas.

Now, there are 2 ways you can play this.

The child that got tagged is the new monster. Or the tagged children are out and the last one standing gets to be the new monster.

May I? – Colours

The classroom is divided into 3 parts. The children stand on one side of the classroom. In the middle is a “street” (you can just keep it imaginary or draw  lines on the floor that show a street, that the kids have to cross) and on the other side stands a monster which is guarding its candy.

The children try to get across the street to get the candy from the monster. But of course the monster doesn’t want to share. It does like colours a lot though, too. So it might let you pass, if you wear a certain colour today!

The children ask: “Monster, monster, may I cross the street to eat your candy?”

The monster answers: “It will be good for you, if you are wearing green (blue, red etc).”

The children who wear this colour, can cross the street savely. Those who aren’t wearing the colour have to run as fast as they can, because the monster will try to tag them.

The kids that were tagged will become monsters themselves. In the next game there will be more than 1 monster then and the game gets harder.

The game is over once every child became a monster.

Days of the week / Months

For this game you need a ball (or several balls, depending on how many groups you have).

You divide the class into groups of 7 players each. Each player gets assigned the name of another day of the week.

The first player throws the ball against the ground as hard as possible, so that it bounces high into the air.

At the same time he calls out a day of the week, for example “Friday”.

The child with the name of the day must try to catch it. If he or she misses the ball, everyone has to run away as fast as they can, because now “Friday” will grab the ball and try to hit one of the players with it. If “Friday” hits somebody, then that person is out. If he or she can’t hit anyone, he or she is out.

You can play this game also in groups of 12 and with the names of the months.

(taken from www.teachenglishkids.com)

What kind of games do you play in your classroom to get the kids out of the chair? ( especially if the classroom isn ´t very big)

27 May 2017