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Help me please

Adel A

Help me please
He is a bad driver.He. crash. A) will. B) is going to

30 May 2017      


I don īt think that his being a bad driver represents circumstances from which you can assume he "is going to crash". 
I think it is rather a matter of opinion and would personally use "will" as in "I think he will crash."
However, someone might argue that his bad driving skills are so obvious, that the crash is really inevitable. Therefore, "is going to" probably isn īt impossible, but I donīt think it is the best choice here.  

30 May 2017     


I agree with Minka. There seems to be an implied "I think" in your example.
However, if you are in the car with him and starting to panic, then you would say, "Oh my goodness! He īs such a bad driver - we īre going to crash! Help!" It suggests immediate consequence.  

30 May 2017     


In this scenario, i think i would exclude "will" as an instrument referring to the future. In fact, the sentence is about a behavior or attitude that can be a sign or an evidence. " I am going to" serve perfectly the future when it comes to an action of signs and evidence.
For example: He is drunk, he is going to fall. In this sentence, being drunk is an evidence or a sign that this person may fall, and he is not planning to fall.

1 Jun 2017     


I still think it depends on the context.
If you īre just chatting about him, I would use "will" - He īs such a bad driver that I assume he will crash one day. 
If you īre in the car or watching him drive, I would use "going to." 

2 Jun 2017