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Hello dear colleagues,
How will you complete the following blanks, and why?
Use a/an/ -
There is ...grilled chicken special and ....Italian pasta on the menu. 
Thanks in advance.

30 May 2017      

United Kingdom

In this instance, I would put īa ī with the special, as it is one special. So, there is a grilled chicken special and Italian pasta...
On second thoughts, if there is only one special of the day and also Italian pasta, it should be ītheī. So, īthere is the grilled chicken special and Italian pasta.ī 

31 May 2017     

United States

I would say that both of Lynne īs options are correct, depending on the situation. If you asked the server what īs good today, he or she might say "There is the grilled chicken special and Italian pasta". If you īre talking to your spouse about what your picky-eater child might like at this restaurant, you might say "There īs a grilled chicken special and Italian pasta on the menu".
Using "the" in this situation would be the better general answer, as Lynne said.

31 May 2017     


The OP only gave the options of a,  an  or zero article, and not the, so I think the purpose of the question is to determine which indefinite article should be used, based on the rules for indefinite articles, or whether in fact it could be zero article.
In my opinion, these are the options that fit using the OPīs options available (but I do agree with the above suggestions)
There is a grilled chicken special and an Italian pasta on the menu 
(meaning just one Italian pasta dish) 
There is a grilled chicken special and Italian pasta on the menu 
(for the purpose of the exercise, meaning more than one Italian pasta dish available, but it might also mean just one pasta dish [parallelism?]) 

31 May 2017     

United Kingdom

Yep Jayho, good point.

1 Jun 2017     


I would put "a" for the first and "an" for the second, because the subject is the menu. Normally, in the menu, the meals are introduced by an indefinite article. the client does not see (indefinite) the wanted dish.

1 Jun 2017