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Communicative activities book


Communicative activities book
Do you know any book that contains mostly communicative acitivites for beginning level adults?

1 Jun 2017      


Hi there,
Since nobody volunteered, I īll give it a try ;-) Personally I liked 2 coursebooks: New Inside Out by Macmillan and English File by Oxford University Press. Have to warn you here - none of these is purely focused on communication but I believe that if you are only starting your adventure with English, you simply HAVE to learn some grammar, be able to listen and read. It īs too early to specialize.
Now the advantages of each:
New Inside Out has a brilliant thing called Anecdotes in every unit (if I remember correctly). First the students listen /or read on a certan topic, then they have to describe a story from their own experience (they have questions to help them). Works great! On top of this there are various games and photocopiables in the TB as well as a dvd.
English File - is more balanced as far as a coursebook is concerned but in the TB there are 3 types of extra photocopiable exercises: grammar, vocabulary and COMMUNICATIVE. After all, it īs your choice what you include in your class :-) There is a film, too - on a dvd rom included in the SB.
Below is the link to both these books - have a look:

3 Jun 2017     

United Kingdom


3 Jun 2017     


For true beginners, I think that Headway A1/Beginners has the best pacing and most well-judged activities of the beginner īs books which I have seen.

22 Jun 2017