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help for FCE


help for FCE
Hello everyone!
 I have a student who will take FCE and I am looking for a guide that includes grammar topics, vocabulary list, exercises etc.
I have enough time to study with my student and I know the format of the test. I also have a good test book  but I need a guide to plan my lessons. 
May be you know/ have an e-book or a website that you can share. I also need some advice. 
Thanks in advance.  

3 Jul 2017      


Hi there,
Cambridge has not published an official vocabulary list for this and upper levels (there are ones ready only for PET and below). I guess you would be better off generally adopting a coursebook because then you are sure it covers all the topics/themes, forms of writing, types of tasks, required grammar etc. Depending on the amount of time you have on your hands you can choose something shorter (e.g. Cambridge English Compact First/First for Schools) and work with your testbanks or other materials or alternatively pick a more thorough book like Objective First (CUP), Ready for First (Macmillan), First Masterclass (Oxford). I have also used First Result (Oxford) but it proved too easy in comparison with the real test. In my view a book will save you time, effort, xeroxing, searching for adequate materials and it will take the responsibility of you when designing a syllabus. Are you sure you want that responsibility? What if you forget about something?
Many coursebooks (at least I īm sure about the Macmillan one has a vocab list at the end of it). Just in case if you decide against it here is a link to a B2 level vocab list. Not a Cambridge one, alphabetic and I īm afraid not comprehensive.
 For speaking you can find sample tests with evaluation (particularly the cambridge official) at youtube. This will give your student a sense of what is expected and how s/he fares in comparison.
If you are looking for a book strictly targetting grammar and vocabulary you can consider Grammar and Vocabulary for Cambridge First by Prodromou (Pearson) or Grammar and Vocabulary for First and First for Schools (CUP). Perhaps they can be downloaded or are in a e-book version? 
When choosing anything just make sure that your book is for a 2015 exam (this is when FCE was revised, changes are significant), so publication date should be 2015 and newer. The other thing to decide is a version of the exam: a "regular" or "for schools" version. The difference will be in the forms of writing and the subjects that might be discussed (eg. in the "for schools" tests the candidates don īt have to talk or write about work as it īs assumed they still study). In the certificate it does not say which version they have taken.
Let me know if I can help you any further :-)

3 Jul 2017     


Thanks for your attention and thank you for your time. 
I think studying via a book will be the best way. 

4 Jul 2017     

Mohamed Hamed

Try these sites, you can find some materials


4 Jul 2017     


I agree that using a book is the best way. Less stress for you and the ability for additional independent learning for the student. You can always add supplementary activities for specific test areas needing improvement.

9 Jul 2017