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ESL forum > Teaching material > A book of different conversations!    

A book of different conversations!


A book of different conversations!
Dear Colleagues,
Greetings from Iran,
I am looking for a book with situational conversations for different levels. I do need one for beginners and elementary levels. Do you know any?
Please tell me the title of the book, or, if possible, email the pdf file to me at Aydinpourhassan@yahoo.com.
Thanks in advance, 

23 Jul 2017      

Antonio Oliver

McMillan Publishers has (or had) a good series called "SURVIVAL": it īs full of real-life situations with a profesional focus, and I think I can remember there were at least 2 different levels. 

23 Jul 2017     


Hello, maybe I can help you, I saw this book Easy English Conversations there are excellent examples of online conversations in different situations. If you need help in writing, I also know a very good resource https://essayshark.com/write-my-paper-for-cheap.html. I hope it will help you! 

14 Aug 2017     

United Kingdom

I am an addicted book reader on different subject as well as I am a research writer and work with Professional Assignment Writers UK. I recently read two awesome books related to conversation and I am sure you like it.

  1. An Uncommon Dialogue by Neale Donald Walsch
  2. Difficult Conversation by Bruce Patton

21 Aug 2017     

United Kingdom

Hi, Are you seeking a writer or suggestion from an expert because I īm a book writer and also gives cheap assignment I can help you to write a book give me your detail what īs your thought about the book and which type of books you want to write so I īll help you in the title?

19 Sep 2017     

United States

I īm not sure of the availability of Netflix in the country you teach in, but here in Korea it īs available. There isn īt access to the whole library, but the stuff they do have also has Korean subtitles which are great for using in the classroom. It īs $10 a month, and although I don īt use it that much, it īs nice to have available for those lesson plans/celebrations when I need it.  

25 Sep 2017     

United Kingdom

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6 Dec 2017     

United States

Reading is my hobby and I monetize my hobby by helping students with their essays at top essay services. But if you īre seeking for a book you can ask someone there for help too. There are only professional which have read hundreds of books so they can definie what you need. 

11 Dec 2017     

United States

Hello Iran, You can find  Situational Conversation Practice book online at Amazon store. You can purchase from there according to your need.If you have any problem regarding essay writing , dissertation writing and assignment writing , you can contact at Essaygator.com.

19 Mar 2018