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Caption comp


Caption comp
Hi everyone
Thank you to Shallottslady for choosing me as the winning caption for her amazing pic.
Here is the next pic awaiting your witty captions.
2 cats in bed watching tv on the laptop | cutest thing ever 

2 Aug 2017      

Costa Rica

Games of Kittens.

2 Aug 2017     

United States

Mesmerized by the cat-ivating movie.

2 Aug 2017     

United States

Don t you enjoy looking at all the cute human videos?

2 Aug 2017     


husband: Honey! let s watch this scary movie together. i m too scared to watch it alone  !!!
wife: okay darling! i ll protect you, just stay behind me. 

2 Aug 2017     

United States

"NetKits and chill"



3 Aug 2017     

United Kingdom

Mmm, my kitties are watching an ameowsing movie; how am I going to purrsuade them to get up? I know, I ll get the Dreamies out! There will be no procatstination! They think Dreamies are pawsome! 
Edit: What???! Kittens watching a movie? That is completely impawsible! 

3 Aug 2017     

United Kingdom

These kitties are being Meowsmerised: You will stop killing small furry animals and presenting them to your Mummy, cos she doesn t like it! 
OK, I m going to stop now!  

3 Aug 2017     

maryse pey

Purrdon me but I m trying to meowmorize how to use the mouse !
Hey ! This is a mouseless laptop !
Meowchanically yes but who knows... maybe one day we ll need one !

3 Aug 2017     


Couch potatoes.

3 Aug 2017     


Husband (impressed): Oh wow, look at that pussy!
Wife (unimpressed): C on. So much Photoshop!

3 Aug 2017     

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