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Grammar book recommendaton?

United States

Grammar book recommendaton?
Hi, Friends,
After being away from teaching ESL for 9 years, I have a wonderful opportunity. In December, a former student from Brazil is coming to stay with me for two months to improve his English, so he can improve his chances of getting a job. (He īs going to pay me quite well for my services, but it will still be less than half the cost of the ESL company I used to work for, so he īs getting a definite deal). I have many activities planned for our time together, and formal lessons will be a big part of that. I would like to use a textbook to help focus the grammar training, and I am looking for recommendations. His level is fairly high, so I don īt need anything for beginners.
Thanks for your help.

6 Sep 2017      


Do you know this material? 

6 Sep 2017     


If you are looking for a book with a purely grammar focus (with exercises) I īd recommend English Grammar in Use by Murphy (intermediate+ level) or Advanced Grammar in Use by Hewings. I like the layout where on the left hand side they explain the actual grammar chunk and on the right there are adequate exercises. If the level is higher (C1/C2) you might go for Grammar and Vocabulary For CAE and CPE by Side and Wellman. I have it in an electronic version too, email me if you want it. This one as the title promises covers both quite advanced grammar and vocab. Best of luck, joanna  

6 Sep 2017     

United States

Thank you for the recommendations, friends.

7 Sep 2017     

United States

I don īt think you can go wrong with Understanding and Using English Grammar, by Betty Azar (later editions include Stacy Hagan as a co-author). The third edition is only $6.09 US on Amazon; admittedly, 3e was published in 2000.

7 Sep 2017     


I recommend Side by Side. Book 1-2-3 by Pearson/Longman. Great exercises and I created a dialogue after the exercises.
You can buy new or used books on Amazon .
I hope these books will help your student...
Good luck.

9 Sep 2017