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Caption Competition

United Kingdom

Caption Competition
Thank you kwsp, for choosing my caption. Now, let īs see what we can come up with for these beautiful birds. Apparently, this was a genuine sighting of a pink pigeon! LetÂīs have your captions: silly, serious, whimsical or flighty... 

7 Sep 2017      


Violets are red
Pigeons are pink
Terrible rhyme
That īs all I can think 

7 Sep 2017     


Snoopy Sally
began to wonder
Is that a pink pidgeon
That I see yonder 

7 Sep 2017     

United States

Songbird P!nk and her bodyguard.

7 Sep 2017     

Travelling High and Low

You īre not fooling anyone with that flamingo costume...

8 Sep 2017     

United States

Dark pigeon: "What happened to you?
Pink pigeon: "I tried the koolaid at a Grateful Dead concert."

8 Sep 2017     


Fake or real? Who cares?

8 Sep 2017     

United Kingdom

The bird flew on the burning flue,
To keep his bottom warm.
He saw a racing pigeon who
Was showing perfect form.
"I Love my Love! My Turtle Dove!
She loves but me ... I Think!"
"Oh my! Oh my! My Pigeon Pie!
Thatīs why Iīm In The Pink!"

8 Sep 2017     


Milly, in the pink of her life as a wedding dove, was absolutely tickled pink when she was given a very generous severance package with her pink slip from her tedious occupation, so she celebrated by painting the town "pink" and dancing to her old time favourite Lily the Pink

8 Sep 2017     


Pigeon as seen by an optimist (left) and a realist (right).

9 Sep 2017     


What a fancy dress you are wearing there ! What are you up to ? Should I stay or should I leave ?

9 Sep 2017     

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