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Word Formation


Word Formation
Hi there;
I want to know if there is a dictionary or something which can give me the different variations of words for example:
With the word "memory"  memorable, memorize, memoir,  inmemorial etc.  Actually, it is hard for my students to come up with the right word for the "word formation" exercise.
I will very much appreciate your help. 

7 Sep 2017      

United Kingdom

Dear Urpi,
Here is a "Dictionary of Cognates". I have no personal knowledge of this Dictionary, but someone has given it a glowing reference.

Look here, and filter with Parts of Speech.


Les Douglas 

8 Sep 2017     


Thank youuuuu sooo much, Less 

8 Sep 2017     


How about an etymology dictionary?  I use this one: online etymology dictionary
And hereīs an interesting article about how new words are born if you would like to go beyond word formation using affixes

8 Sep 2017     


Thanks a bunch, Jayho
 Regards from Peru 

8 Sep 2017     

Hong Kong


A strong second for the online etymology dictionary - a great resource. 

Another idea - Joegil Lundquist has a book called English from the Roots Up -- Greek and Latin Flashcards. She designed a program using Greek and Latin roots on flashcards as part of an English class. The students create cards with the roots on one side and the derivatives on the other. You can also just buy the flashcards.  I think you should be able to find some info about these online quite easily, as her name is distinctive.  If you have a problem, let me know and I īll find some links.
There is also a card game called Rummy Roots which is based on her book (and an extension of the game called More Roots.) Amazon has these.
I have the flashcards and the Rummy Roots game. They look good, and have a lot of the "variations" that you īre looking for, but I īve not yet had a chance to use them with students.  

9 Sep 2017     


Wow!! I appreciate your help whith this this info a lot. I will look it up. ;) 

9 Sep 2017