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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Caption Contest week 37a 2017    

Caption Contest week 37a 2017

United States

Caption Contest week 37a 2017
Thanks "Cunliffe" for choosing my caption.  Here s the next caption for you to contemplate and contribute to.  remmebr the Caption Contest was started to help us get our creative juices flowing--let s see some of that creativity.

11 Sep 2017      

Hong Kong

I hear a stampede of seahorses!

11 Sep 2017     

United Kingdom

"I don t think I should have eaten that second plate of Oysters!" 

11 Sep 2017     

United Kingdom

1) Seanchronised posing. 
2) It s behind you! 

11 Sep 2017     

maryse pey

Tide is tired to die on such a dry ground.
The waves are waving hello to the audience.
The stage is the sea bed but can the dried ground be the blanket ?
Flood or drought ? That is the question !
Here is the silly poem of crazy weather time...

11 Sep 2017     


Hold the waves!!! I can hear something....:)

11 Sep 2017     


I "sea" a strange noise!

11 Sep 2017     


A joke :) (out of contest).
Stranded on a deserted island were three women: a blonde, a redhead and a brunette.
The only way for them to survive was to swim to the mainland.
The redhead goes first, swims  a quarter of the way and drowns.
The brunette swims to one third of the way and then drowns.
The blonde goes last.
She makes it one half of the way,then gets tired and turns back.

11 Sep 2017     


Moses , modern way!!!

11 Sep 2017     

United States

Somebody too stupid to evacuate before Hurricane Irma hit.

11 Sep 2017     

South Africa

If you put it up to your ear you can hear the ocean"

12 Sep 2017     

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