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Choose the correct answer:


Choose the correct answer:
How many kilos ----------------------- the meat in the pot?
a) is                        b) are 

13 Sep 2017      

United States

"How many kilos of meat are in the pot?"

13 Sep 2017     


Once again, here īs an example of a question which is hard to answer as neither option seems correct.
Of the two options given, "is" is the one that sounds right to me.
Moodymoody has given you a good alternative.
You could also ask, "How much does the meat in the pot weigh?" or more usually "How much meat is in the pot?" 

14 Sep 2017     

United States

By reversing the word order, we get The meat in the pot weighs how much.
Weighs is singular and applies to meat. 
The meat weighs x kilos.
The meat is x kilos.
For human weights we also use singular. I am 140 pounds. 

14 Sep 2017     


i think that in terms of the syntactic structure of the sentence, we consider the whole phrase "how many kilos of meat" the subject of the verb "to be"; thus there must be subject veb agreement.
Thank you 

14 Sep 2017     

United States

but I I agree with Moody: "How many kilos of meat are in the pot?" would be better.

15 Sep 2017