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Speak into the Mic

United States

Speak into the Mic
Hey Everyone! 
Just wanted to share a tip here for helping students speak more in class and practice using target language for a specific lesson. One day while I was teaching I used my hand as a microphone to help a shy student speak. It really worked and since then I have created colorful paper microphones that I cut out, laminate, and attach to the end of a flyswatter with velcro (which I use for other activities as well).  I initially used the microphones with my 3 to 5 year old learners, but I have found they work with all age students. Hope this can be a useful idea for you in your classroom.
What do you use to help students speak more in class?
Colorful Microphones Here 

27 Sep 2017      


What a fun-tastic idea!!! THANKS!!!

28 Sep 2017     


It is also a nice tool to remind kids they can only speak when it is their turn to speak....only the one holding the microphone is allowed to speak. Thanks!

28 Sep 2017     


thank you so much.  It"s so useful

28 Sep 2017     


Thank you! I will definitely use these mics!

28 Sep 2017     


I sometimes throw a soft toy or a ball around the classroom. Pupils are excited to catch the toy and then they have to answer a question! It īs especially good if you have a class sensible enough to throw the ball to each other too, as then thy can practise asking questions too.

29 Sep 2017     

Antonio Oliver

That īs a good idea, thank you.
Yes, it can be hard as nails to make them talk, so... I pay them! I īve got these fake bank notes edited with my face  on it. You can scan them from any board game, i.e. Monopoly. I pay 1 euro (or dollar, or pound, or your own invented currency) for each Word uttered. For example:
Q: Did you have a good weekend, Fernando?
A: Yes
Fernando gets 1 euro
Q: Did you have a good weekend, Ana?
A: Yes, I went to the cinema
Ana gets 6 euros.
The next student you ask will probably try to break the record and say something like
I wen to a restaurant with my family and we ate a lot of fries (you can help them a Little with connectors etc)
P.S. I can email the fake notes if you are interested 

30 Sep 2017     


Great idea. 
Thanks for sharing. 

1 Oct 2017