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ESL forum > Teaching material > 1 to 1 for an 8 year old.    

1 to 1 for an 8 year old.

United Kingdom

1 to 1 for an 8 year old.
For various reasons I īm teaching an 8-year old one-to-one English. I would prefer not to teach this age individually, but I am returning a favour.  I have taught this age before in classes, so I have some of my own material prepared, and it īs OK for now. The problem is that the conventional textbooks have quite a lot of group and listening activities, which I can adapt them if I have to, but I wondered if there was such a book that would be appropriate for 1to1 teaching with a child. Her basic vocabulary is quite good and she is a quick learner. Thanks 

29 Sep 2017      


I really like "The English Ladder" for 1-1 tuition. I ended up supplementing it with extension materials but it moves through topics and grammar concepts in a sensible order and it has a good activity workbook to accompany the book. It īs very engaging for that agegroup.

29 Sep 2017     


You may consider incorporating elements of Cambridge Young Learner īs English exams - I guess Starters will be right for her. Apart from the test themselves, there is a book called Fun for Starters (with activities pertaining to all skills in a relatively entertaining way) and Storyfun for Starters. In the end of the day there could be some external purpose for her learning, too - a Cambridge certificate.  

29 Sep 2017     


I would opt for Oxford īProject ī series,or īLet īs go ī 

29 Sep 2017     

United Kingdom

Thanks for all your advice - I will check out all these books.

29 Sep 2017     


i am really interested in these books but i cant find them PDF could you please send me a link .
Thank you very much for your help :) 

15 Nov 2017