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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Caption Competition 4/10/2017    

Caption Competition 4/10/2017

United Kingdom

Caption Competition 4/10/2017
Dear Members,
Thank you, Gumby59, for choosing me as the Winner of the Caption Competition. I really just enter for the fun of it.
I like it when different people are chosen as the Winner, especially newcomers, because then it keeps it fresh.
Lately, I ve been running to and fro, hither and thither, backwards and forwards ... I ve been extremely busy! I don t know whether I m on my head or my heels.

"I don t know whether I m Spanish or Jewish!"
= "I don t know whether I m Carmen or Cohen!"
Here s the picture.
Best of luck!

Les Douglas
 The funniest animals photos of 2015 revealed

4 Oct 2017      


Ha ha!  You re so seally!

4 Oct 2017     

maryse pey

The silly seal has lost his sea seal under the sea. He was so ill that he sealed salt sheets with a new river seal and he doesn t understand why they have disappeared... in the meal on the hill...

4 Oct 2017     


In spite of that confusing environment, sealing friendship is my utmost goal. 

4 Oct 2017     

United States

Les always has our seal of approval!

4 Oct 2017     

United Kingdom

Let s go clubbing. 

5 Oct 2017     


What did a seal say to another seal when they got into a fish tank?
How do we drive this thing?
Okay, okay, that was a sealy joke, I admit.

5 Oct 2017     

United States

I m having a whale of a laugh over my new seal costume!

5 Oct 2017     

Hong Kong

This thing s comfier than a Sealy  Posturepedic Mattress!

5 Oct 2017     

United Kingdom

"That clubber with his rubber scrubber has buggered my blubber, the lubber!!!"
Clubber - A person who visits night-clubs.
Rubber = A tough, flexible, elastic polymer.
Scrubber = A brush used for cleaning.
Bugger = To seriously damage something.
Blubber = The outer fat of sea mammals, such as seals.
Lubber = A very clumsy person.
Les Douglas 

6 Oct 2017     

United Kingdom

There s a better site for esl teachers than eslprintables.  

8 Oct 2017