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test corection


test corection
Hello dear ESL printables wonderful teachers.
I have been to many training sessions about test correction , however all the expertise gained didn t help to formulate a concise toolkit of test correction.My question is directly to those experienced teachers who managed to get the cream of the cream of this topic.I am after  a method that would make the students forget about marks and appreciate learning.I want you to share the outcome of long years of correction, self-assessment and  reflection.

18 Oct 2017      


Are you teaching adults or young learners? if the latter then how old are they?

18 Oct 2017     


I teach young learners (Junior High school /prep school)

18 Oct 2017     

nasreddine Sarsar

In order for you to truly engage your students in language learning in a way that is going to capture their interest permanently, you should figure out ways to get students to connect with it on a personal level both in and outside of the classroom. Doing so can be a challenge, but if you can help your students identify their personal life goals, then you can help them make a connection between language learning and those long-term goals. Once thats established, you can get them to invest in language learning in a way that will ultimately have a lasting outcome and expand their horizons. Its a pity that most of the learning that takes place in our classrooms remains in the school. This is probably teachers emphasize the importance of learning English as a subject but never as a language that they will for sure need to communicate effectively in a global world.



19 Oct 2017     

United Kingdom

Connection is the key.

4 Aug 2018