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Use of -ing


Use of -ing

It is said that Japan ´s rate of 65-year-olds will keep growing, reaching a peak of about 27 percent in 2040.

My students don ´t understand why we write "reaching" in this sentence. They want to write "reaches" since it refers to the rate. I have difficulties explaining it to them. Can anyone think of the grammatical function of the -ing verb in this sentence?
Thank you. 

19 Oct 2017      

maryse peyé

You can think  : It is said that Japan ´s rate of 68-year-olds will keep growing, (and then it is predictable that it will be) reaching a peak of about 27% in 2040.
That way REACHING is part of a non-written future -ing.
Does this help a little ?

19 Oct 2017     


The sentence is an example of the Present Participle being used to express an action that is the result of another action.
You meet this kind of structure fairly often, especially in formal / written language, I could think of a few examples for you:
The tsunami hit the island, destroying all the houses .
The company went bankrupt, leaving 30 people unemployed.
The stranger kept staring at me, making me wonder whether I had met her before. 
Hope this helps a little.

19 Oct 2017     


Grammar for Writing: parallelism with gerunds and infinitives. A list of Items should either be all gerunds or all infinitives. Here after keep we use gerund (keep growing, reaching) Hope this helps a little

19 Oct 2017     


Thank you everyone

20 Oct 2017     


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