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Excel Spreadsheets


Excel Spreadsheets
Hi everyone,
I have developed a number of worksheets using Excel, which randomise words and phrases.  Essentially, you can printout multiple different sheets using the one spreadsheet.  In other words, instead of writing 10 different word documents (so students can practise the target language), I have made one spreadsheet that will change, so I can printout 10 sheets without going to the effort of writing 10 individual sheets.
Does anyone know if I can upload these to ESLprintables?  I īve had a look for the past 10 minutes, but can īt find any way to upload them.  Does anyone know if I can send this message to the managers of the site?
Thanks for your help!

27 Oct 2017      

Antonio Oliver

As far as I know know Excel is not accepted, which is a pity as I have a number of docs in that format too. I don īt quite understand how your spreadsheet changes, or how words are randomised but it sounds interesting.
Supposing you wanted to convert those to Word, you could try this..
> open the Excel doc at the page you want to convert to a Word page
> select all cells
> paste onto a blank page of a new Word doc (it should paste as a table)
> Select the whole table (you can simply click on the little white square at the top left corner of the table itself)
> Click on "Table Tools" and then "Layout"
> Find and click on the "Convert Text" button
> Accept on the nex window that pops up (something about paragraph marks) 
You will lose all lines, that is, only the text will appear. Perhaps not what you need, but it īs a possibility I thought might be interesting

28 Oct 2017     

United States

Antonio is right, and then the user can convert it back to an Excel spreadsheet to use it as originally intended.

28 Oct 2017     


Can you send it to me? JimGary59@Gmail.com

12 Nov 2017     


Hi guys,


thanks for the advice Antonio.  Unfortunately I had to copy and paste each individual table, rather than the whole sheet.  When I copied the whole sheet to word, it all went pear shaped. 
The activity I have just uploaded is the Culture and Culture Shock Bingo.
More will come, but will be slow. 

13 Nov 2017