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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > DAFFY for 07 November, 2017    

DAFFY for 07 November, 2017

United Kingdom

DAFFY for 07 November, 2017

Thank you AGAGUG for choosing me as the Winner of the Competition.

The new word is:


Please, invent for us your Daffynition of this statement, this comment, this eloquent testament.

PLEASE NOTE: Our intent is to prevent intelligent, coherent, or transparent daffynitions!

It is pre-eminent that we resent daffynitions which are belligerent, violent, irreverent, virulent, negligent, purulent, impertinent, repellent, vehement, or fraudulent, or whose intent is embarrassment, bewilderment, disagreement, argument, debasement, worriment, discontentment, infringement, punishment, or resentment, in the event of an advertisement. A fervent requirement is, NO referent to excrement!

We are content if you present daffynitions with the establishment it is evident you are omnicompetent, and by embellishment you can present us different entertainment, refreshment, enrichment, amusement, enjoyment, encouragement, excitement, wonderment, astonishment, plus refinement, and incitement to befuddlement, beguilement, or bamboozlement.

At a subsequent moment, I shall present my judgement.

Les Douglas


7 Nov 2017      

maryse peyé

Oh it is quite simple : it is an astronaut able to make jugs on every other planet than earth ! And I must confess that even when I was furious I couldn ´t break any jug made on the moon or on Venus !

7 Nov 2017     

United Kingdom

Juggernaut! is an exhortation, a command almost, and one which is hugely pleasing to the ears. It is spoken to the downtrodden, the downhearted and those who feel themselves defeated. It means, ´Fear nothing! ´ Implied in this is that you can smite all your enemies and come up smelling of lovely roses. ´Don ´t let those pipsqueaks get you down! Juggernaut!!! All will be well. ´ 

7 Nov 2017     

United States

Juggernaut: An astronaut who juggles in outerspace, which is quite a feat in itself since there is no gravity!

7 Nov 2017     

United States

A sailor who uses jugs for a boat:

7 Nov 2017     

United States

1) A reformed alcoholic that no longer "hits the jug" (jugger not).
2) A Scottish term meaning not to pass judgement on a woman: "juggernaut lass, for yee know naut ´er reasons."

8 Nov 2017     


I love the Scottish one !

8 Nov 2017     

United Kingdom

It is an old corruption of "judge and ought" and refers to compliance of an offender with his/her non-custodial sentence:
e.g. The juggernaut was extremely costly and time-consuming for the offender.

9 Nov 2017     


I once heard that "Juggernauts" was the original name the heroic Argonauts in ancient Greece were called. But as soon as Jason became their leader, the alliteration "Jason and the Juggernauts" made them sound like a bunch of crazy cheerleaders  on steroids and the Gods were not pleased. Since the only thing heroic left was their boat called the Argo, the Juggernauts who were most likely better at swinging a sword than with words, and even though a pen instead of a sword might had proven more Might then... the Juggernauts became the Argonauts. The story does not mention they sailed the Indian sea in their persistent search for the "Fleece", but I bet they must had been. 

10 Nov 2017     


This is a word to describe what is on offer when there is nothing to give the guests to drink.
The modern day spelling is juggernaut, this being a corruption of the earlier phrase. 
Jug of nothing
jug ´of naught
jug a ´naut 

11 Nov 2017     


A fat NAUT in a large round JUG makes it impossible to keep in a pantry.

11 Nov 2017