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ESL forum > Message board > Daffynition Game Revived    

Daffynition Game Revived


Daffynition Game Revived
As there haven ´t been enough daffynitions to the word 
and the topic has disappeared , I ´ve been unable to choose the winner as yet.
This is another chance for you to participate in this very exciting contest.
Awaiting your witty daffynitions, the winner will be chosen within the next couple of days while the topic stays on the main page.

7 Dec 2017      


A male servant who attends to the personal needs of his male employer. He is an inhabitant of Tud (a village in Zab Zaboli Rural District, in the Central District of Mehrestan County, Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Iran). He must be  one of the last survivors as the 2006 census stated the population was 55, in 10 families. And I forgot to say that at the end of the month he is paid in Dinars (gold coins formerly used in countries of southwest Asia and north Africa).

7 Dec 2017     

maryse peyé

When a French servant (OUDINI) has an awful toothache this is how he says for :
Le VALET (the male servant) OUDI (nickname for OUDINI the magician) N ´A RIEN (has nothing).
He wants to show how brave he is in a very painful situation and that he is of noble roots as he speaks about him at the 3rd person of the singular like if he were a king...

7 Dec 2017     

United States

As any Game of Thrones fan knows the Vale of Aryyn, one of the seven kingdoms, is a very secluded kingdom surrounded by mountains and with a single gorge leading into the vale. This makes it very easy to protect from outside forces. As a result, citizens of the vale tend to have a "we ´re elite and do whatever we want, because we ´re basically invincible" attitude.
A valetudinarian is one that supports using and promoting this "vale ´tude".

7 Dec 2017     


Geez... poor old me still being sick.

7 Dec 2017     

United Kingdom

Many Members have been perusing this word, in detail, every 60 seconds, since the word was first announced.
They have been examining it minutely.
I will tell you the CORRECT answer IMMEDIATELY.
I will not waste time.
As you all know, I am not one of those long-winded writers, who uses loquaciousness and prolixity as a substitute for plain, direct, to-the-point speaking. I use no-holds-barred arguments that are cut-to-the-bone. My opinions are scientifically guided by my personal prejudice and bias. Not for me, the boring pros and cons of argument and counter-argument! Oh, no! I give the answer instantly!
Moreover, I find it extremely irritating when writers use phrases, such as: "As we all know ..."; "Everybody says ..."; "Every Teacher knows ...", as if the writer had recently conducted a world-wide survey!!!
I am more modest in my approach.

I contacted every Teacher in my street, with a questionnaire. I am flattered that they both replied! As a result, you will be pleased to know that I have now been elected World President of the AOCL.
(No! This not the Aristocracy Of Cultured Linguists.)
It is the Association Of Compulsive Liars!
So, I will tell you, in the strictest confidence, that all of our Members agree that the word ´valetudinarian ´ derives from the spoken phrase:
It is a French woman second-pilot, whose name is Valerie, who has studied, entirely in the air, for her pilot ´s licence, with a Scottish pilot, named Ian.

Simple, when you know how!
Les Douglas

7 Dec 2017     

United Kingdom

@agagug, that reminds me, my trip to Specsavers is overdue. 
@Les, as we all know, and everyone says it, you know more words that what you can shake a stick at.  

9 Dec 2017