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Reading Week

United Arab Emirates

Reading Week

Dear colleagues in ESLprintables,

On April, my school celebrated love of reading as the students had the chance to be part of a comprehensive reading week which also included a visit to children’s author and illustrator Una Rawlinson who is currently based in Dubai.

This opportunity provided more than 90 students with the opportunity to participate in a short-term English language immersion experience where educational workshops were combined with hands-on activities.  I wanted to share with you this long time ago, but didn’t have the time to upload the pictures. I created a short movie about it which I posted on youtube so feel free to visit the link and let me know what you think ^_^




I would like to know what do you do in your country to celebrate reading?


11 Jun 2009      

United States

This is a wonderful thing you are doing with your school.  Thanks for sharing this idea.

11 Jun 2009     


It looks wonderful! I ´ve sent you a pm...

11 Jun 2009     


very good idea. personnally I encourage my students to read and I give them some short stories and we discuss and work on them in class but it ´s very interesting to do that in a larger scale.

11 Jun 2009     

Amanda W

Wow! You put a lot of work into that. I ´m sure it was a wonderful and memorable experience for all who took part. Well done!
            Take care, Mandy

11 Jun 2009     


Hi Azza,
What a wonderful experience ur sts. have been thru. I always encourage my students to read. Sometimes I ask my students to read a certain story and summarize it. A contest is held afterwards to choose the best summary and the winner wins a collection of books .
Best wishes,

11 Jun 2009     


Seen the vid. Loved what was displayed. Thumbs Up

11 Jun 2009     

United Arab Emirates

thank you so much everyone for replying : )
i am glad that you liked it, and am looking forward to hear more ideas from you guys.

11 Jun 2009