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English worksheet: Fun English Card Game Fun English Card Game

This is a fast-paced fun card game to practice English vocabulary. It feels like a combination of snap and scattergories. It is based on the card game "Anomia". It is suitable for groups of 3-6 students. It is particularly useful for English clubs, small classes and English conversation groups. RULES The cards are placed in the centre of the table. Each student takes it in turn to draw a card and place it face up in front of them. If the symbol on their card doesn`t match the symbol on another player`s card then play passes to the next student. If there is a match then the two students are in competition - the fastest person to say 1 relevant item (in English) to the category on the *other person`s card* wins the pair of matching cards. This is one point. (The other students can judge who is fastest and what is relevant.) Sometimes a student will have gathered a pile of cards in front of them. If the top card is taken in a match then the second card is now in play. If it matches any other cards on the table then those matches have to be resolved (as above). Play passes to the next student in the circle **when there are no more matches**. Play continues until you run out of time or cards. At which point students count the number of pairs they have. ***Wild Cards*** Found at the back of this printable and should be shuffled into the deck. These make the game faster and more exciting. If a student draws a wildcard this is placed face up next to the central pile of cards. The two symbols on the wild card are now matching pairs (for example triangles now match circles as well as triangles). Any resulting matches are immediately resolved. The original student then draws a second card as normal and play continues with the rule of the wildcard. **There can only be one wildcard at play at one time**. If another is drawn it is placed on top of the previous one. ****ADDITIONAL RULES**** In the original game (which is intended for native speakers) you have to say 3 items of the category. Perhaps suitable for more advanced classes/adults. HAPPY ENGLISH GAMES. N.b There are 63 cards in this printable but it`s easy to add/remove cards. When printed in A4 this template fits on a normal playing card (I bought some super cheap ones). N.b These cards are customisable and are fairly specific to Japan and my recent lessons. They can be easily changed to suit the vocab needs of your students!

Age: +11

Copyright 06/12/2017  georgia0104
Publication or redistribution of any part of this document is forbidden without authorization of the copyright owner.

United Kingdom
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