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Opening song ´┐ŻThis is Halloween´┐Ż from The Nightmare before Christmas
A worksheet for the opening song of Tim Burton´┐Żs NiGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, really a great way to work on halloween vocabulary and to do some listening comprehension. My pupils really enjoyed working on the video (you can find this extract quite easily on the net, for exple here: http://www.dailymotion.com/relevance/search/nightmare2Bchristmas/vid...
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-17
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 285

a trip to the BRITISH ISLES
Hi ! Here´┐Żs a very simple worksheet I made for the copybook my pupils had to complete during our trip to England. It presents basic knowledge about the UK. I hope it can be useful to some of you here. Have a lovely day =)
Level: elementary
Age: 6-17
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 107

Halloween Question words activity WH-words
Hello everyone! Here´┐Żs a grammar worksheet to help your students revise their WH-words. I hope it can be useful. Enjoy this autumn period!
Level: elementary
Age: 10-15
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 84

A simple worksheet with pictures and words that students must match. Of course, it can be modified by adding (or removing) some items. I hope it´┐Żll be useful to some of you, maybe for younger pupils, to help them understand the basic Thanksgiving vocabulary.
Level: elementary
Age: 10-17
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 79

Written production- OBAMA- Inauguration Day
Hi dear colleagues! Here´┐Żs an activity I gave to my 2nd year students as Inauguration day is at hand (on January 20th). They had to write a paragraph/ a short biography about Obama, to review basic sentences about date of birth, occupation, family origins ... But obviously it can also be used as a speaking activity; having a pupil to introduce th...
Level: intermediate
Age: 11-14
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 65

HALLOWEEN activity: match monster picture, first names & phonetics
Hi, this is my 1st printable on the site, so please be kind ;-) In this activity, pupils must link picures of Halloween creatures to the phonetic transcription and to their first names (which generally rhyme with their ´┐Żmonster category´┐Ż: ex: Dexter the monster - Harry the Mummy...) But feel free to change the first names if you find better ones. ...
Level: elementary
Age: 10-14
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 19

I can tell the time- 4exercises, incl. listening practice
Hi everybody! I made this WS for my younger Ss who needed more practice about how to tell the time. In addition to the traditional ´┐Żwriting the sentences´┐Ż and ´┐Żdrawing the hands on clocks´┐Ż tasks, I included a ´┐Żspot the mistake´┐Ż activity and a listening practice exercise (sentences to be read aloud are provided on page 3,but of course feel free to ...
Level: intermediate
Age: 8-17
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 5


MUST- MUSTN´┐ŻT : a poem about our planet & the environment
Hi! Here´┐Żs a poem using MUST and MUSTN´┐ŻT and dealing with the issue of what we must do to protect our planet. You can use the activity abou the vocabulary before working on the poem or after, to check your students´┐Ż understanding of the key words. Hope you´┐Żll like it!

Level: elementary
Age: 6-12
Downloads: 134

Present Continuous- BE +V-ING: describe a picture
Hi there! A quick PPT to be used to work on the Present Continuous and train students to make simple sentences. Can be used for an oral or written activity. The picture can also be used to learn how to describe an image (foreground/ background ....) Have a great & sunny week!

Level: elementary
Age: 9-17
Downloads: 119

a Christmas poem: Santa Claus!
Christmas is in the air!!! So here is a simple poem about Santa (I found it on the web) with a first activity to explain and memorize the vocabulary, then the complete poem and finally each line can be worked on its own to help the kids with their pronunciation. I hope you´┐Żll like it, my students re...

Level: elementary
Age: 7-15
Downloads: 74

Irregular Verbs chart : when their 3 forms are different
Hi there! This very basic PPT was made to help my students memorize the list of irregular verbs a bit differently. In this 1st part there are the verbs whose 3 forms are never similar. Of course you´┐Żll have to complete the last colum with the translation in your own language. It´┐Żs not very original,...

Level: intermediate
Age: 8-17
Downloads: 31

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