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New posts



4 Dec 2023

...There is 1 previous answer...


thanks a lot

6 Dec 2023

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Collaborate 3   
Anyone is using the book collaborate 3 eso Cambridge publisher? If so, I�d be grateful if you could send me a PM. I badly need the teacher�s resources, exams, etc.Thanks in advance.

3 Dec 2023

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Vale A.

downloading my own materials   
Hello everyone,
I can�t download my own worksheets, could you tell me why?
Thanks a lot! 

30 Nov 2023

...There is 1 previous answer...

Vale A.

Thank you very much!

3 Dec 2023

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Help me please.   
There is a message telling me that my account was temporarely disabled though my identifier and password are correct.I can t understand. How can I fix this prob ,please.

30 Nov 2023


This problem happened to me two or three years ago. I texted the admin, but with no avail. I tried many times, but in the end,  I had to give in and admit the lost my first account for ever. 

1 Dec 2023

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United Kingdom

Daffynition November December   
Hi everybody!
Thank you Ethyl for passing on the honour.
My daffynition is: CANOODLE.
So, I will start. A canoodle is a very long canoe used in the long and curvy canals of Venice. So named because they look like noodles. 

28 Nov 2023

...There are 5 previous answers...

United States

Canoodle is a new drawing game that recently came on the market. Can + (d)oodle = canoodle. Draw to your hearts content! Buy yours now! ✍️

5 Dec 2023

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Speaking exam question   
I have taken language proficiency exam recently. In the speaking section I was asked to describe the product that I bought and was happy with. The topic of my speaking test was this. Without any hesitation, I talked about a resource book which I purchased and described it. A book came to my mind first. Is a book a product? Did I answer the question right in the exam? Please, share your ideas.

28 Nov 2023


The skincare routine is not just a beauty regimen but a commitment to long-term skin wellness. Through this Lip makeup daily practice, women not only care for their skin�s current state but invest in its future radiance, embracing the beauty of healthy, nourished skin.

30 Nov 2023

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Christmas letters   
Hi, I am a teacher in France in a vocational school. My students are 16-17 years old. I would like them to write a letter to present the Christmas tradition in France and in their family. Would somebody like to exchange letters with my students?
We would scan the students� letters and send them by mail so that it wouldn�t cost anything.
If you�re interested, don�t hesitate to contact me. 

27 Nov 2023


MF DOOM, a lyrical genius draped in the enigmatic mask, left an indelible mark on hip-hop. His intricate wordplay, impeccable flow, and charismatic persona made him an icon. The metal-faced villain, a true innovator, navigated the rap landscape with unparalleled skill. It�s a tragic mystery, akin to his mystique, how mf doom die, leaving fans grappling with questions. His legacy, however, lives on through timeless tracks and the eternal impact he made on the genre. The masked maestro�s departure may be shrouded in uncertainty, but his contribution to hip-hop is crystal clear, resonating with fans worldwide.

6 Dec 2023

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I was or I were   
hi everyone
I�ve known that the past simple of �TO BE� with  the pronoun � I � is was or were.
am I correct. when should I use was and when should I use were.
can I say for example �when I were a child�
please help. 

23 Nov 2023


You have the answer here:
No other explanations needed.  Hope it helps.

23 Nov 2023

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United States

Hi all, I was talking with a friend when this word came up, and I thought it would be great for a Daffynition contest. Anyone feel like playing? Rules: post a silly, funny, or clever made up definition not the true definition. Please write your daffynitions for the word skedaddle. Lets have some fun! 😄

22 Nov 2023

...There are 3 previous answers...

United Kingdom

Thank you for the honour. I will try to do my best for this most auspicious of undertakings. 

28 Nov 2023

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Impact issues 2 and 3   
Hi everyone, Has anyone got a copy of Impact Issues 2 and 3, please Thanks in advance. James

19 Nov 2023

...There is 1 previous answer...


A copy of Impact issues 2 and 3, please.

29 Nov 2023

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