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New posts


I made a great mistake!   
I am ashamed of what I did, but I have to ask for help and say sorry to the one that concerns. My God!! I don´t know what´s going on with me... I reported by mistake a ws, and obviously I cannot get it back. If someone can help me with this cause I even don´t know who the author is as there is no possibility to see it after reporting the ws. I wanted to report another but when I refreshed the page as it was frozen I open another ws instead and I went straight to report it without making sure it was the correct one. I am so so sorry to whoever concerns, plzz let me know if you read this...
pd: I will never report any ws in my life 

21 Jan 2019

United Kingdom

We all make mistakes, just forget it. Moderators will vote to save the ws you reported, I already have. I suspect it’s a copy, anyway! It’s so good, and a first contribution! How cynical I am;)))

21 Jan 2019

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I am overwhelmed for such an interest that has had this recycling topic from my last ws. That means people are concerned about how we move on with our actions. Fantastic! Thanks to all of you for being so suportive...
Here is my mistake that I felt I had to post as the ws reached to so many: 

I wrote: 

"1st) “Recycling is inconvenient.”
Probably this is the main reason why people don not recycle, as they don’t won´t to put an extra effort...
Well ´won´t´ sounds like ´want´, LOL, and as I was writting it at night I did it quick and did not put much atention to it. 

Obviously it hasn´t got to be "won´t", but "want"...

So plz, I beg your pardom and I hope you just correct this slip of mine.
Have a great incoming week
Aisha ;)

20 Jan 2019


I can´t really understand where you see the mistake... You write "don´t want", unless the mistake is in another paragraph...
So, everything is fine! Thank you for sharing your work!
Have a good day!

20 Jan 2019

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Hello there! 
This year I am going to teach English for the first time to kids (who can´t  write properly in their mother tongue). Therefore my headmaster told me to teach some words/sentences in English. 
 I am not sure how to handle with so tiny human beings since I am used to teens, what type of activities and strategies do you suggest? 
Thanks in advance.

18 Jan 2019

...There are 8 previous answers...


Dear Eslprintable members,
I just want to thank you once again for all your help!
I love this site! 
Regards from Portugal 

21 Jan 2019

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Passive voice doubts   
Hello colleagues, today when I was correcting passive sentences with my students I "suffered"some doubts. I am going to write the active sentences: 
Anna blew all the ballons for Peter`s party.
He has broken his relationship with her.
My sister is going to buy a new dress for the party
We are catching the nine o`clock bus to Grafton street.
They have found an important treassure in my city.
An expert is giving a lecture on antique cars. 
 They are going to to deliver the new computers next week.
The problem for me was that I am not sure where the agent goes in the sentece when the passive subject is long.  His relationship with her has been broken by him was my answer. Could yo please tell me the correct order? Thanks so much for your help and wonderful site.  

17 Jan 2019

...There are 5 previous answers...

United States

Just in case you want to double-check the active and pasive versions of each sentence with the correct tense and aspect, here is how I would write them:

Anna blew [up] all the ballons for Peter`s party. --> All the balloons for Peter`s party were blown up by Anna.
He has broken [off] his relationship with her. --> Her relationship with him has been broken off by him.
My sister is going to buy a new dress for the party. --> A new dress is going to be bought by my sister for the party.
We are catching the nine o`clock bus to Grafton [S]treet. --> The nine o`clock bus to Grafton Street is being caught by us.
They have found an important treas[]ure in my city. (Only 1 "s" in treasure) --> An important treasure has been found by them in my city. 
An expert is giving a lecture on antique cars. --> A lecture on antique cars is being given by an expert.
They are going to to deliver the new computers next week. --> The new computers are going to be delivered next week.

I recommend adding "up" and "off" to the first two sentences, respectively. For the 4th sentence, "Street" should be capitalized if part of the street`s proper name. For the fifth sentence, there is only one "s" in treasure.

As for the prepositional phrases (PP-from here on) at the end of the sentences, their location in the passive sentences depends on what the PP is modifying. If the PP is modifying a noun phrase, it stays with that phrase (i.e. "The balloons for Peter`s party", "the nine o`clock bus to Grafton Street", and "a lecture on antique cars"). However, if the PP modifies the verb phrase, then it can remain at the end of the sentence (i.e. buying for the party, finding in my city, delivering next week).

I hope this helps!

20 Jan 2019

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Isabel L

Sara Steinberg?   
I´m preparing an activity with the poem "If I were in charge of the world" where a Sara Steinberg is mentioned. Could anyone tell me who she is/was?
Thank you 

16 Jan 2019

...There are 4 previous answers...

Isabel L

That makes sense! Thanks!

16 Jan 2019

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TESOL Certificate   
Hi there,
I am looking into online teachings jobs and most of them require a TESOL ceritificate (even though I have a bachelor´s and more than 20 years teaching experience!).
Can anyone recommend a cheap, quick, good online certificate program?
Many thanks!

15 Jan 2019

...There are 2 previous answers...


Thanks so much for your suggestions.   I will definitely check them out!

17 Jan 2019

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WOD - 19th January   
Thank you to spinney for choosing me as the winner of last week´s competition.
Your word this week is ...
I look forward to reading your entries! 

14 Jan 2019

...There are 7 previous answers...


Thanks for your entries! The winner is redcamarocruiser as your entry made me laugh! I love the image of a person with a fish snout nose.
Scumfished is in fact a Scottish term for feeling hot, sticky and sweaty. "I hate this hot, humid weather. I´m fair scumfished." 

21 Jan 2019

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Greenwood kindergarten Golden Jubilee    
I am happy to share that Greenwood and Green Grange Kindergartens celebrated Golden Jubilee on 11Jan 2019. It was a great day to meet all Alumni of Teachers, students, parents , friends and guests, we realeased the 5 Decade Memory book with the messages of Alumni and present parent and teachers . It was a memorable day to remember in lworking achievement . A happy new year to all of you Jhansi Premanand

13 Jan 2019

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Russian Federation

Hello, dear colleages! 
I´m from Russia! Looking for penpals for my kids (2nd, 3rd year of learning English). They are about 8-9 y.o. I have about 40 kids. The idea is to exchange real drawings with minimal text. We´ll divide kids into pairs, help them prepare real paper letters,  put them in a big envelope and send it by mail. Who´s in?))  

13 Jan 2019


    Hi kristinamarkina,
  I also have 26 students who would like to have some penpals. Can you give me your email address so we can talk in details. 

15 Jan 2019

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Cambridge Advanced English CAE   
Hello Colleages.. Is anyone preparing themselves to take Cae exam?? it would be nice to practice the speaking part using skype

12 Jan 2019

...There is 1 previous answer...


Hey! One of my students needs communication practice for the speaking part of the exam and I hope she might be interested. Send me your email so I can share it with her and she´ll reach you for further details.

14 Jan 2019

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Unreal past exercises.
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