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New posts


Jeopardy game   
Dear Sir/Madam,
I have put together a jeopardy game as a final material for the winter and spring semester for Go Getter 2 textbook.
I have used the material from the book, tests and WB. I do not claim it is authentic. But it took me quite a while to prepare it in a form of a game. I like to play it with my students. I am sure it will be popular among the teachers. but I am not sure if it contradicts the rules of your site. Who could I contact to approve the PP?
Yours sincerely,
Julia Kuchynska

20 May 2024

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Tag question   
Please help me with tag question for the sentenses: 1/ This is the second time she has been here, isnt it or hasnt she? 2/ She said she wouldnt come here, ......? Thank you!

18 May 2024

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Multiple choice   

Mrs Johson has been nominated ______the new secretary of the president..

A. as                            B.like                           C.with                           D.for
Please help ne.Thank you. 

16 May 2024



16 May 2024

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download m printables   
Dear Sir/ Madam, 
I have a problem in downloading my printables although i was able to download papers by other contributers.  

15 May 2024


Try using a different browser if you are using Google Chrome.
If you use Edge, you won�t have any problems downloading your own material. 

16 May 2024

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present perfect   
please help me with this sentence:

1. How long have the Browns lived in this town?

→When did……………………..
( when did the Browns live in this town? or When did the Browns start  living in this town?
What is right? Thank you! 

11 May 2024

...There is 1 previous answer...


It all depends if the Browns are still living in that town or not and the first sentence "How long have the Browns lived in this town?" implies that they are still there because you have used the present perfect. However to complete the sentence "When did..." you must talk about something finished in the past because you are now using the past simple.  So the correct answers would be:
"When did the Browns move to this town?"  or "When did the Browns arrive in this town?"
If you use the sentence "When did the Browns live in this town?" it means they no longer live there.  
I hope that is clear.

12 May 2024

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Thank you   
Thank you to the administrator who helped me after my account was disabled. 
I am very grateful to him / her. 

9 May 2024

United Kingdom

Well, well Murielle, that�s good! Nice to see him/her/them doing something!

13 May 2024

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I cant download my own contributions   
Hi! can anyboy help me to download my own power points, I can´t do it.

7 May 2024

...There are 2 previous answers...

United Kingdom

Hi again (just PMed you). If you close the advert/spam window, you should be able to download it right after. 
If you scroll down a couple of posts, Cyn recommends a different way to do it. That appears to work, too.
Good luck!  

7 May 2024

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Drag and drop help   
Hi, How to make a drag and drop online exercise based on my own template?

28 Apr 2024

...There are 14 previous answers...


I suggest using Liveworksheets.com for making interactive worksheets with the Drag and Drop option. You can easily make sth like this (Ex.2) there: https://www.liveworksheets.com/w/en/english-second-language-esl/44816

P.S. All 14 previous answers are nonsense.

1 May 2024

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Can �t download my own printables   
I haven�t been around here for a long time and I�ve been trying to download some of my own printables for the last couple of weeks but in vain. I would be grateful if you could help me overcome this problem. Thanks in advance.

21 Apr 2024

...There are 2 previous answers...


If you are using Chrome, click on the link with the mouse�s left side and open on a Private window, then enter that link. 

26 Apr 2024

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Can t download my own printables   
I haven�t been around here for a long time and I�ve been trying to download some of my own printables for the last couple of weeks but in vain. I would be grateful if you could help me overcome this problem. Thanks in advance.

21 Apr 2024

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A funny crossword of the furniture of the house
Level: elementary
Age: 6-100
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Activity - fill the blanks
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Consolidation Tasks for 2nd Formers.
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building foundation knowledge on magnets and how they work
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Past tenses

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Match the proverbs to their meanings
20 common proverbs suitable for B1-B2.These proverbs are not only useful for language learning but also provide insights into English-speaking cultures. They can be used in various contexts and are great for expanding vocabulary and understanding of English expressions at these levels. Answers included on the following page.
Level: advanced
Age: 15-100
Downloads: 15