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youtube Video Download   
Morning everyone,
I need some help. I need to download a video from youtube, but I can´t seem to find a good application or can´t find a good site. What would you recommend?
Thank you very much.

23 Oct 2019

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23 Oct 2019

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Snail pen pals   
Good morning to you all,
I teach kids privately and this year I have 5-6 bright ten- eleven year old pupils who are in their second year of studying English. I think they would benifit greatly by writing to friends in different parts of the world. Of course the subjects are still basic and everything should be supervised by a teacher. I thought of six different letters about the following subjects:
1) About myself, my family and pets.
2) My school, classroom and English teacher.
3) My hobbies and free time activities.
4) My neighbourhood and city/village .
5) My religion and our holidays.
6) My favourite things and the reason I like them (food, music, singer, sports team etc) 
    I would like it to be by snail mail as this could be an oportunity to learn about countries, stamps 
    and.... patience as you have to wait for the letters in this instant world!!! 
I hope some of you teachers are interested in such a project.
Please contact me as soon as possible.
Have a nice day,

22 Oct 2019

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maryse pey

Caption competition 21 10 2019   
  Thanks a million Douglas for choosing my caption.
Here is the new picture for your silly crazy witty astonished... captions !
Poor guy... I am looking forward to the reasons why she is so angry !
Hugs to all ;) 

21 Oct 2019

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United States

Bryan, a wedding toast is one glass of champagne, not one bottle of champagne!

22 Oct 2019

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Saudi Arabia

Is this question right?   
Can we say:
What does the price of the cars start from ??
Thank you  

20 Oct 2019

...There are 5 previous answers...

Saudi Arabia

Thank you all

22 Oct 2019

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United Kingdom

Thees and Thous    
Just when you think that the youngsters of today are losing their traditional regional accents and dialects, you get something like this.
I really love this guy. I forgot what a bunch of poets people from Yorkshire are!  

20 Oct 2019

...There are 2 previous answers...

[email protected]

That were good, were that.

23 Oct 2019

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Key to Bachillerato 1 solutions   
Does anyone have the answer keys for the book "Key to Bachillerato 1 Workbook"?
I need it for my private lessons but I can�t find them anywhere... If you have the keys, willl you pass them to me, please??
Thank you very much

20 Oct 2019

...There are 3 previous answers...


Thank you very much for your answers... but I would prefer the answer keys suggested in the book.

22 Oct 2019

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We are looking for pen-pals around the world!   
hi all 
some of my students want to make pen-friends in order to meet new people, learn other cultures and improve their languge skills. so we need some people, adress to write letters. if your students are eager to be our pen friends please write here. 

20 Oct 2019



23 Oct 2019

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I WONDER IF YOU COULD PROVIDE ME WITH THE AUDIO FILE  OF THIS WS  https://www.eslprintables.com/listening_worksheets/listening_tests/Listening_TEST_on_the_topic_T_203115/  ? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE

18 Oct 2019

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Do children deal with too many homework all around the World?   
Hi everyone!  
I, as a mum, had many concerns when my son of just 7 or 8 years had to spend many hours a day to make his homework (that was many years ago). I saw many videos on youtube and also in the news, here in Spain, parents claiming the same concerns and demanding less homework. There is a country that everyone is capable to admit it is a model for any other country when talking about the spare time children have after school and how they deal with extracurricular activities (and of course homework), Finland. Now, I have stepped on an article written by a father with this same problem, and I wanted you all to have a look to it, and maybe make a bit of pressure to all those in charge of administrating this type of  studying programs, which I know well cannot do much as govs are behind all this, but since many countries have the same issues and we are many teachers here, maybe we could do something about it...
Here is the link:
Anyway, hope you have a look to the article, and let me know what you think, please.
Have a lovely day!
Aisha ;) 

18 Oct 2019

...There are 5 previous answers...


@manonski: This is wonderful! Canada is an awesome country... I truly believe you guys are a model country in many regards. I wish we could be the same... Go on dreaming! 

23 Oct 2019

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Are you listening? Wendy Scott Oxford editorial   
Hi, I�m looking for a book called: Are you listening? by Wendy Scott. Have anyone of you got it? I give you my e-mail just in case you can help me. Thanks in advance. Davidd

17 Oct 2019

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