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Word Of the Day Contest 18th APRIL   
Woo! Thanks, Douglas, itīs been a pleasure to have contributed to creating another dimension of the word LOLLYGAG!
Once more here, MG! 
I have chosen for this week a really nice word:
So, here you have it. Letīs start with your funniest and fanciest meanings ever!
And, like Douglas, I wish you as well a happy Easter, Passover or weekend (for those like me who donīt celebrate it) 
Aisha ;) 

18 Apr 2019

...There are 5 previous answers...


It doesnīt look so scary!

18 Apr 2019

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How to work with comics ?   
Hello All-over-the-world Teachers !
I picked some overy nice and funny Mickey Mouse comics from Internet, and Iīm looking for original and no boring ideas or methods to work on them. Would you have some ? Currently I teach adults and teens, of any level.
Thank you so much in advance for your help,
All the best,

18 Apr 2019

United States

When I googled https://www.google.com/search?q=teaching+english+through+comics&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari there were several results including one from the BBC.

18 Apr 2019

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What is the Holy week worksheet ...MISTAKES (Shame on me !!!!!!!)   
Hi everyone !

Hi everyone !

Yesterday I ‘ve posted a ws on the meaning of the celebrations of the holy week here : https://www.eslprintables.com/vocabulary_worksheets/friendship/celebrations/What_is_the_Holy_week_Meanin_951546/ .

But I’ve made some mistakes. Ash Wednesday is not part of the holy week. Ash Wednesday is just after Shrove Tuesday at the beginning of the Lent period.

I’ve updated and made the correction on the ws uploaded but if you do not want to download it again you have to suppress this passage (second frame on the right, first page) :

“which is also called Ash Wednesday. Today, many people go to church on Ash Wednesday to remember this day. A priest will put ashes from burned palm fronds on a personīs forehead in the shape of a cross and say a prayer”.

And in the questions part :

4 Ash Wednesday becomes : 

4- Holy Wednesday

So sorry again !

Have a great Passover or Easter you all ! Eat plenty of chocolate !!!!!


17 Apr 2019

...There are 4 previous answers...


Thanks for your very supportive comments here , by private messages and below the worksheet.
You all rock !
May the Easter bunny come into your gardens and leave plenty of chocī :)

18 Apr 2019

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Hello everyone? Does anyone teach at a college or university? I would like to exchange emails so that students can write each other and have a penpal. 

17 Apr 2019

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Plz verify which is correct answer? Where do we find valley? The low lans between hills ans mountain is calked valley. B) we find valley in the low land between hills and mountain

16 Apr 2019

...There are 6 previous answers...


oh yeah!! I know you are native, I didnīt say anything, just asking as I didnīt understand well, but thatīs why I wrote after my PD. Thanks so much!!

17 Apr 2019

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Mohamed Hamed

If second conditional   
Which one is correct?
Can a student say, "If I were a dentist, I would advise people to brush their teeth," or should the student use first conditional if?
I was told that it is not an imaginary situation as students can be dentists in the future.

Thanks in advance. 

16 Apr 2019

...There are 2 previous answers...

Mohamed Hamed

Thanks a million

18 Apr 2019

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...breakingnews out of Paris Word Inferno is burning at ...   
Good afternoon from New York. Weīre coming back on the air with the breakingnews out of Paris Word Inferno is burning at the famed notre-dame Cathedral...
Where should the period be placed in this sentence. I donīt understand the highlighted part.
Thanks in advance. Got this from this video

15 Apr 2019

...There are 13 previous answers...



16 Apr 2019

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Just for Spanish teachers   
Iīve got a question about a grammar structure and Iīm not sure.
How would you translate this sentence into English? " Conduce con cuidado no sea que tengas un accidente"

15 Apr 2019

...There are 16 previous answers...


 MG! I have to study the Bible! 
EDIT: Or maybe just Shakespeare?
MORE EDIT: I will learn your "dialogue" Sound good! 
Yet thou wilst regret it, and thy repentance wilt be late... Clap

18 Apr 2019

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United States

WOD Week 16 2019   
I came back from vacation and found I had won both the Word of The Day AND the Caption Contest--a red letter day for the diary
So the Word of the Day for this week is:
Letīs hear what youīve got.

15 Apr 2019

...There are 9 previous answers...

United States

I laughed out loud and almost gagged a the same time (I was eating a banana) when I read Aishaīs contribution--This gives lollygag a whole new meaning for me.
Actual definition of lollygag:
 to waste time in trifling or aimless activity; fool around
Aisha is the winner of this contest--congratulations!
I wish a Happy Easter to all that celebrate it and a great weekend to those who donīt.

18 Apr 2019

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Adel A

Find work poem   
I want a paraphrase of find work poem By Rhina P.Espaillat

14 Apr 2019

United States

This poem says that work is a good way to cope with pain and loss of loved ones.


Find Work 

My motherīs mother, widowed very young
of her first love, and of that loveīs first fruit,
moved through her fatherīs farm, her country tongue
and country heart anaesthetized and mute
with labor. So her kind was taught to do—
"Find work," she would reply to every grief—
and her one dictum, whether false or true,
tolled heavy with her passionate belief.
Widowed again, with children, in her prime,
she spoke so little it was hard to bear
so much composure, such a truce with time
spent in the lifelong practice of despair.
But I recall her floors, scrubbed white as bone,
her dishes, and how painfully they shone.
Rhina P Espaillat 

18 Apr 2019

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