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Interchange 1 textbook    
Hi everyone. Anyone here please who have used Interchange Textbooks especially 1? I�m new to teaching with it and so need anything related to it (lesson plans, supplementay materials, tests... etc) Thanks in advance

15 Jan 2021


Hello, I hope you are doing well. Thats the best book Ive ever used. Here is a link of some extra materials which will be very helpful for you https://www.cambridge.org/ma/cambridgeenglish/catalog/adult-courses/interchange-5th-edition/resources?
Youll find extra listenings, grammar, projects and so many other materials. Best of luck!! 

16 Jan 2021

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United Kingdom

Word of the Week   
Well, well, well!
There was me getting all downhearted because Marion had pipped me at the post, and then I noticed that Douglas had chosen me on Tuesday for Word of the Week (formally known as WOD).
 So, without further ado, I hereby present my contribution to this week`s Word of the Week.
The word in question is:  
See you next week to announce the winner. Good luck and good weekend! 

15 Jan 2021

...There are 3 previous answers...

maryse pey

Of course I will  BAn the Wrinkles due to the BEEr !
Afficher l’image source 

16 Jan 2021

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Caption Contest   
Hello to all of you,
First I wish you the best for the beginning of this gloomy year. I hope you are all high and dry and as safe as possible.
Second, to announce that Marion is beyond any shadow of a doubt the winner of the last caption contest.
After a difficult start. My incapacity to send or insert an interesting picture. I finally simply sent what I could. In my eyes not the best at all. So, I must admit that I was not very optimistic about the reactions. Some were real good though and I was about to write to Dale when suddenly Marion came up with her "where does that IV tube go?" This came as a life saver (my picture was not that stupid) and an eye opener. As a matter of fact Marion was the only one that observed or detected what was obvious. In French we say "on l a dans le cul", while in English "we have it in the ass". That is now exactly what is happening to all of us. The more we work the deeper we get. So, finally, a grand finale with a stupid picture, and I pass on the ESL olympic torch to Marion.
Thanks a million to all participants. 

15 Jan 2021

...There is 1 previous answer...

paradise lost

I really like the picture.. it is really interesting

16 Jan 2021

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Clauses of contrast   
Hello. Ive been trying to put together a few conjunctions / prepositions for contrast clauses and I came up with the following sentences could any of you dear native speakers check whether all of them sound natural? 
A. Although the weather was bad, we went swimming. 
B. We went swimming although the weather was bad. 
C. Though the weather was bad, we went swimming.
D. We went swimming, though the weather was bad. 
E. We went swimming. The weather was bad, though. 
F. The weather was bad, yet we went swimming. 
G. The weather was bad. However, we went swimming.
H. The weather was bad. We went swimming, however. 
I. While the weather was bad, we went swimming. 
J Whereas the weather was bad, we went swimming. 
K. Despite the fact that the weather was bad, we went swimming. 
L. In spite of the fact that the weather was bad, we went swimming. 
M. We went swimming despite the bad weather / Despite the bad weather, we went swimming. 
N. We went swimming in spite of the bad weather / in spite of the bad weather, we went swimming

14 Jan 2021

...There are 4 previous answers...


Thank you all for your answers, I still have doubts about I and J... Are you absolutely positive that I and J are wrong?

16 Jan 2021

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United Kingdom

Shameless Product Placement   
Just in case anybody is interested, I now have my Phrasal Verb book ready to sell on Amazon, complete with bingo, role-play cards, and FCE practice sheets. It is only available in paperback, I am sorry to say. I will try and find a way to do it in Kindle when I get time. I have published all of these worksheets on here before, but just in case you want to push it to your students ...
I will bring out second phrasal verb book at some point over the year.  
Click here to go to the Amazon site, Phrasal Verbs by Dale

14 Jan 2021

...There are 16 previous answers...


Congratulations! This will come in handy 

16 Jan 2021

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Simple past   
Is ir right if we dont need change simole past in reported speech? He said "I bought a car" She said (that) she had bought a car OR She said (that) she bought a car. Both are right? Thanks

13 Jan 2021

...There are 2 previous answers...


Jack C Richards from Cambridge press in his INTERCHANGE course books uses the change from past to past perfect.
Me, I think both are OK in spoken English but I would much rather use past perfect in written texts or tests in order to increase my score about vocabulary and grammar knowledge.  

14 Jan 2021

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Bilingual video on Have and Has   
Hello, dear colleagues. I just wanted to share my latest video. 

13 Jan 2021

United Kingdom

Thanks again! 

14 Jan 2021

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Climate Change Awareness Course   
Hi everyone, I hope you�re all keeping safe. I just wanted to quickly talk about a new course I�m creating to try and help those teachers who are locked down. It�s a climate change awareness course. each lesson (or pair of lessons) is based on a typical unit in a traditional text book. The first two are about the home. Each lesson looks at what we can do in that area to reduce our impact on the planet. 
I�d love for any input you guys have. I�m still starting out and my equipment isn�t exactly what it needs to be but I�m doing my best and hoping to make a positive change. 
Anyway the powerpoints are in the process of going up and the links to the videos are below. 
Thanks in advance from everyone @RenewableEnglish

13 Jan 2021

United Kingdom

I`ll be doing something related to the environment next month so, thanks very much! I`ll give it a look later. 

15 Jan 2021

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audio MP3 teen time 5eme   
Bonjour ,
je mets ce message en français car je recherche les MP3 prof de teen time 5eme. Si vous avez l�option pouvez vous m�envoyer un mail à [email protected]
Merci d�avance

12 Jan 2021


Hi rijjie, PM sent

13 Jan 2021

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passive voice   

1.      Diabetes should cut on sweet food.

Can you please help me with this sentence?  I need to change it to passive. I know that the verb ��cut��. For example  I cut my hand. 
How about cut on?
Can we change this sentence:   Diabetes should cut on sweet food. into passive voice?

11 Jan 2021

United States

It may be a AE/BE thing, but AE I have never really seen "cut on sweet foods".  It would be either "cut down on" (reduce) or "cut out" (stop/remove)
So: sweet foods should be cut out (cut down on) by diabetics.  

12 Jan 2021

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