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Subject or Object?   
Can someone clarify?
  • Who is the speaker asking this question?
Does the word īwho ī refer to Subject or Object? 
Do I have to say the speaker īs name or the listener īs name? 

19 Oct 2018

...There is 1 previous answer...

United States

paolato is correct; "who" is the subject. "The speaker" is a predicate nominative referring back to "who." The correct answer is the speaker īs name, the one who is asking the question. The listener isn īt mentioned anywhere in this question.

20 Oct 2018

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who or which?   


can you please tell which  relative is correct in this sentence: "Your new family will be the one WHO / WHICH can help you in a strange house."? or if both are possible?
Thank you 

19 Oct 2018


To my mind it is WHO because we refer to people, WHICH is used for objects
Cheers Sylvie

20 Oct 2018

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Erasmus+ Ka229   
Hi dear colleagues!Are there anyone who is preparing Erasmus+ Ka229 strategic school partnership projects for next year? I will be glad if you reply.

19 Oct 2018

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Live Lessons   
Salam All,
I am planning to carry out live lesson using skype or any other digital tool with my high school girls. I teach EFL in Bahrain & I īm a Bahraini teacher. My class & I would love to do an exchange program with other schools in Canada, Finland or UK. If you have a good idea that you would like to share with us. plz let me know.
Thank you

18 Oct 2018

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Hi teachers in the UK,
Would you please help me with this question (In the UK, you should dial 999 when someone vandalizes a statue) I have two option TRUE or FALSE. The option "TRUE" is incorrect. How can I justify this? What number do British people dial when someone vandalizes a statue?
Thx in advance.

17 Oct 2018

...There are 5 previous answers...


I really appreciate your help. Thanks indeed

18 Oct 2018

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Plural Endings   
Hi, dear colleagues
Can you think of more nouns ending in s / ss / ch / sh / o / x ... apart  from  watch / torch / glass / class / bus / brush / dish / tomato / potato / box
If you happen to have downloaded a worksheet about it, would you share the link
Thx in advance for your help and contributions

17 Oct 2018

...There are 2 previous answers...


Thx a lot for your help . I can īt expect a better reply ...

17 Oct 2018

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Penpals from US / Canadian rockies wanted !   
Dear colleagues,
I was wondering if some of you actually worked in the US or Canadian Rockies regions, in order to start penpal exchanges. I have a group of 26 French speaking pupils, aged 10-11.
Let me know if you īre interested ! 

17 Oct 2018

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Polish Kuratorium Competition for Junior High Schools - anybody has a copy?   
I would like to see what was printed on the sheets yesterday or for the school leves in 2018 /19?
Maybe some of you has a copy???
Please send it to me as a photo even ....

17 Oct 2018


Ela, perhaps here is what you are looking for?

18 Oct 2018

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My pupil īs paragraph   


 Hello there! I hope you are doing well . This is the production of a student I know.I corrected some mistakes. I want your opinion in case there are other mistakes. Thans in advance
                                                                My Lovely Sister

    I have a large family,but my sister is the closest person to me. Her name is Samia  and she is a teacher of French language at Dardar primary school .She likes her job a lot and enjoys working with little kids.

     She is a medium height woman with long black curly hair and dark brown eyes. When you meet her, the first thing  you notice, is her warm and friendly smile and also her kindness.

    She is a hardworking and serious person ;she does any thing to help her pupils this is why they love her a lot. She’ s also cheerful. She’ s the kind of persons you can always rely on when you have any problem.

        My sister likes reading novels especially those of Agatha Christie . She’s crazy about watching science documentaries, too.She sometimes watches her favourite movies on Youtube. On holidays,she loves making dresses,and she is really an artist ,because she can make beautiful designs. 

   Samia is extremely generous ,but not very tolerant of people who don’t agree with her. I hope to be as successful as she is in her work,because I really adore teaching .

16 Oct 2018

...There are 4 previous answers...


Thanks a bunch friends.Have a nice day.

19 Oct 2018

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could anyone do me a favour . i want to download CELCE6MURICA īS teaching english as a second/foreign language for free. any help 

16 Oct 2018


I have seen Celce Murcia in pdf here: https://es.scribd.com/doc/49926515/Celce-Murcia.
However it īs not Celce 6 Murcia, I haven īt work with any of these books so I don īt know exactly what you want. To download this book you need to upload something. I hope it will help you. I am sorry if it īs not what you want... 

18 Oct 2018

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