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which word?   
please help me with the correct answer

Scientists are always looking for new sources of_____________.

A. solar             B. power                C. energy                     D. both b & c are correct


6 Mar 2021

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SIMILAR WORDS (Pronunciation of colleague, collage, college, a, eigth, each, h, nine, night)   
Hello, everybody
Here you are my latest bilingual video. You are invited to subscribe and share. Thanks. 

5 Mar 2021

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Help plz!   
Dear Colleagues,
I need help answering the following questions about The Storm by Chris Priestley:
1. What happens to the boy as soon as he unlatches the door?
2. What is the first thing the boy is aware of when he opens the door?
3. Describe two ways in which the stranger entry is made particularly dramatic?
4. What does the stranger´s hand feel like to touch? How does the writer make this seem particularly unpleasant?

Are these question taken from a book you are familiar with? Which book?

The Storm
 by Chris Priestley
Extract 3 

The boy opens the door to let the stranger in. 

When I lifted the latch, it was all I could do to prevent myself being pinned to the wall by the violence of the opening door, and the roar of the storm and the sea crashing at the cliffs was such an assault on my senses that it took me a while to fully register the figure standing in the doorway, a flash of lightening throwing him into inky silhouette and almost seeming to shine through him in its intensity... 

"Jonah Thackeray doesn´t forget a good turn. Pleased to meet you."
"Ethan Matthews," I said, taking the hand he offered, and finding it as cold and wet as a fishmongers. He was comprehensively soaked, water dripping from him as readily as though he had just climbed from the sea. 

"Come in," I said. "You´ll catch your death out there."
"I thank you kindly," he said, stepping over the threshold, and I put my shoulder to the door and, after a struggle on the stone flags, managed to get it closed and bolted against the storm..


4 Mar 2021

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Hi Bruce,
There is one missing paragraph 
When I turned to face the stranger, I was surprised to discover that he could not have been much older that I was - 17 or 18 at most. He was dressed in the uniform of midshipman (though hatless and in a somewhat old-fashioned style), with a topcoat with brass buttons, and a white waistcoat and whit shirt beneath, A sword hung from his hip.
1. What happens to the boy as soon as he unlatches the door?
 He couldn´t move due to the violent weather condition.
2. What is the first thing the boy is aware of when he opens the door?
He saw a figure in the door way.
3. Describe two ways in which the stranger entry is made particularly dramatic?
First, Foreshadowing as the writer use the weather to foreshadow that this stranger might be evil
Second, the use of pathetic fallacy adds to the dramatic entry of the stranger.
4. What does the stranger´s hand feel like to touch? How does the writer make this seem particularly unpleasant?
It feels cold, wet.
He compares his hands to a fishmonger´s hands.
5. Whose point of view is the story told from? How do you know?
It is a first person narrative where Ethan Matthews narrates the story.
We see what he sees and hear what he hears. 
6. Is the story set in the past or present? How do you know?
It is set in the past.
The use of old words that are no longer used like "fishmonger" instead of fisherman.
The writer describe a "sword hung from his hip" which was common in the past. 
Thanks a million 

5 Mar 2021

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I wish à very happy birthday to our dearest and beloved top member And cat lover LYNNE.

4 Mar 2021

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United Kingdom

Oh yes, it was a bottle! Many thanks dear Monique and all my friends here. 
Lynne xxx 

5 Mar 2021

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I need a text about personal profile and dream career. Thx in advance.

3 Mar 2021

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Since his early childhood, it has been Amin’s dream to become a veterinarian. Hese always admired people who help animals in need. He thinks it is one of the noblest jobs in the world.

      A veterinarian must have compassion for both animals and people, enjoy working with people and possess strong communication skills because every animal comes with a human. But compassion and love for animals are not enough to make veterinary medicine a good career choice.

 He also must be a good student and have strong science and math skills. Veterinarians must be willing to advise clients on decisions that will have significant financial and emotional impact.

     He has always had pets, and maybe thats why he became so attached to animals. As a vet, he has to be prepared for any situation, because he cant know what case can arise next. Veterinarians must handle failure, loss, grieving and angry clients, and sometimes animals that have been neglected. He has to be psychically prepared for these kinds of situations.

      Although its a difficult job, its a beautiful one. Its not a job that veterinarians do only for money, they do it because they enjoy saving animals. If they dont have compassion for them, theres no use in becoming veterinarians.


        Adapted from my dream job, Erasmus

3 Mar 2021

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United States

Caption Contest 01 March 2021   
Thanks Jayho for selecting my caption, Les was a very unique individual with a razor-sharp wit and will be missed.
But now it�s March and spring is on its way, and hopefully our lives wil be able to bloom again as the flowers after their own long winter. 
Here�s the picture for your captions, have fun:
 Wedding Magician Cost - How much do brilliant magicians charge? | Alan  Hudson

1 Mar 2021

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That awkward moment when the Best man appears at the wedding ceremony in casual clothes and drunk after a bachelor party in Vegas. 

5 Mar 2021

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Looking for a class PenPal   
Hello, my name is Patrick.  I teach at a junior college in Japan.  My students are usually around 18-20 years old.  Their English ability is usually on the lower side, but many of them are interested in other countries.  I think they could really benefit by corresponding with other students internationally through a PenPal  exchange.  If you are interested in setting up some kind of exchange, please send me an message at [email protected]

27 Feb 2021

...There are 4 previous answers...

David Lisgo

Let´s get this spammer off the top page.

3 Mar 2021

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Hello everybody
I was wondering why I couldn´t see the previews to the worksheets I only see a weird little box and it is very time consuming to have to go one by one to choose a worksheet. What can I do? I would appreciate any help :) 

26 Feb 2021

...There are 2 previous answers...


I have that problem with Chrome, but only with PowerPoints. I have no problem with Firefox. For some reason, I can´t even logon to the site in Internet Explorer (the logon icon doesn´t seem to work for me).

2 Mar 2021

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When is the PDF format available ?   
Hi there, are there colleagues in here who are having format compatibility issues ?

I am a super fan of this website and a regular user, I think this is really helpful in many ways, yet I wanted to share with you one of my frustrations.

I use a Mac to create my worksheets which I mostly use in PDF format in class or outside because I think this is the most compatible format and also the most convenient.

I know we can only post .doc files, but is there any chance that sooner or later this website would open this option to PDF, I feel pretty confident that many users would enjoy that option. When I try to convert my .pages files to .doc, the font etc do not always match;, and conversely as I download word files. Even if I used Open Office. 

What is your opinion ? Don�t you think PDF files would sometimes make our lives easier since .doc files are not always stable ?


26 Feb 2021

...There are 7 previous answers...


A lot of people use Microsoft Word but for those of us who don´t, it´s a pain having to convert to Word format and I often have problems losing formatting/fonts when I do so. 
We should at least encourage the use of docx rather than doc. Doc is entirely proprietary whereas docx is part of the Office Open XML standard and therefore is easier to convert other formats to.

2 Mar 2021

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Ploblems downloading my own worksheets   
Hello everybody!
I would be very grateful if someone here can help me with the following issue I�ve been having lately. I have not been able to download my own worksheets and contributions; when I click on any of them, nothing happens.
I do not know how to solve this problem. Can anyone help me or tell me who I have to contact to solve this?
Thanks a lot in advance. 

25 Feb 2021

...There are 7 previous answers...

United Kingdom

I am actually having problems UPLOADING my worksheets. No idea why. It has never happened before. Been trying for a week with two worksheets and they are just not accepted. Size and format are right but nothing. 

6 Mar 2021

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