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New posts

Saudi Arabia

Are these phrases correct?   
Can you tell me if these phrases are correct?
- Supervisor�s evaluation         means the supervisor evaluate me. 
- Teachers� evaluation               means the teachers evaluate me.
Thank you 

15 Sep 2019

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Help tunisian teachers   
Hello,I�m a student in university and some 1st grade high school students asked me to help them with some english lessons as a part-time job so please any advice about teaching methods or 1st grade english program will be appreciated, and thanks .

14 Sep 2019

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Help Tunisian teachers !   
Tunisian English teachers I need your help  please !
Hello!  I am a Tunisian teacher I was teaching at a prep school for 9 years.Unfortunately,this year i will teach at a secondary school : 2nd form Art ,3rd form sciences and 4th form economics.I am not used to teach these levels .Do we have the same parts of the lesson  ? do we have third hour session ? Am I supposed to prepare a diagnostic test ? 
Thanks in advance. 

14 Sep 2019

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Reported worksheet   
Good evening everyone,
What�s going  on with reporting worksheets?
I posted a new detective story which was reported! I agree the layout was the same as one of my previous worksheets but the content was different. 
However it was reported and it disappeared.
I must thank Kohai who voted against it being removed. She was the only one to read it carefully.  
I�m a moderator and I don�t vote against worksheets without checking.  
This has happened twice to me over the last months. 

13 Sep 2019

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Many thanks to all of you for your kind messages. You are all STARS

14 Sep 2019

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Ask for help   
Hi everyone! What should we do when a child misbehaves in front of others? I don�t know how to solve this situation,Please help me.Thanks in advance.

12 Sep 2019

...There are 2 previous answers...

class centre

hello. I used a simple thing in such situations/. Highly likely this  kind of student is slow in learning. So, i give himher a very simple task ( like copying a text or something of a kind) Then I check his work and praise the student. He or she  stops misbehaving because of being busy in the lesson. I always put an acceptable mark for his or her work. In the end all hooligans became my best friends :)))

13 Sep 2019

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teacher �s books needed   
Dear all
I�m in need of the teacher�s books of "ON SCREEN B2+" and "ON SCREEN B1+". Has anyone got a PDF copy? I would like to know where I can get one.
Thank you. 

11 Sep 2019

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made from or made of?   
Hello to you all,
Which sentence is correct?
This doll is made from cloth
This doll is made of cloth 
Thanks and have a nice new school year.

11 Sep 2019

...There are 6 previous answers...


 Dont forget that Im your fan. I read and enjoy all your posts!

I am glad that you found it useful.

13 Sep 2019

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Plz guide Write exclamatory sentences as statement. 1. What a cold day! 2. Be quiet! 3.what a miracle! 4. Alas, his mother is no more!

10 Sep 2019

...There are 3 previous answers...

United States

Love it MoodyMoody! How about the class needs to be quiet as well?

14 Sep 2019

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Plz guide me is the statemnt correct or need some change to write in contraction form. Write the sentence in contraction form. Is he not coming with us?

10 Sep 2019

maryse pey

Isnt he coming with us ?

10 Sep 2019

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PECS cards for early years   
Dear all,
I am looking for picture flashcards or a picture dictionary to teach English to early years practitioners (working with 0-3 year-olds). Ideally, I�d like a card set that covers activities (painting, drawing, blocks) and daily routine things (arriving, taking off shoes, nappy change, lunch). Do you know where I can find something like that? I need the pictures more than the words - I�m happy to write up a vocab list afterwards. I know that I can make my own flashcards but I�d save a lot of time if it already exists somewhere out there! Thank you.

10 Sep 2019

...There is 1 previous answer...


Thanks, Maryse - the printables in the 4th link are free to use so they will be really useful. Merci!

10 Sep 2019

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ESL Teacher
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How do you feel? Game
How do you feel? Game Print, color and plastify each picture and wordcard. Then, stick them on the wall or board. Put the words in a container to take one without knowing the card. Finally, give a white board marker to the student and ask him to draw the face he took from the container. I hope it will be useful =)
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