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Interchange 3 4th Ed presentation Plus   
Hey, guys!!! Could you kindly send a link for the Interchange 3 4th Ed poresentation Plus? Best wishes.

3 Jul 2020

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Hello everyone :)
You may have missed this  near occurance but there was a mighty tussle  between the glorious Mr. Sun and a brigade of determined dark clouds in the skies recently. Mr. Sun wanted to rise from the west and the cloud Brigade would have none of it. 
One of the fall-outs of this  scuffle was that I, that�s me Gurnoor won the daffinition competition. I actually won something!
So here�s the next word for you all to put your mind to.
Good luck! :) 

2 Jul 2020

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Tifflebud: its a cup of tea made for you by your friend.
Note: it almost always tastes better than the cup of tea you make for yourself!
Usage: After work, I visited my friend Mick Dundee and he made me a tifflebud. 

3 Jul 2020

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Well, well, I have given away (not so long ago) all my textbooks (hundreds) that were sleeping on my shelves.
I am now teaching my grandson and need to download  New headway elementary.  Would anyone be so nice to tell were to find it for free.
Thanks in advance.

1 Jul 2020

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I sent a message to the world in a bottle and got immediately several positive answers. Thanks a million to ESL and its marvellous members. Monique

2 Jul 2020

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Czech Republic

How do I contact administrators   
Dear colleagues!
Could you please help me with advise.
My powerpoint was reported as scanned though it wasn�t.
It is said to contact administrators if it is a mistake, so I replied to the account which I got the message from.
I proved it with screenshots of my materials.
There is no reply yet. I didn�t find any other contact information, do they just ignore me? :)
Also there is a threat "if you go on breaking the rules of our site..."
I care just about my access to the site, surely I want to share my materials, but if the good ones are being reported without any reason, I just don�t know what to do. 
Do you happen to be in the same situation? How did you cope with it?
Thank you in advance! 

30 Jun 2020

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Thank you my dear!!

2 Jul 2020

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Explanatory video about Another and Other.   
Hello, dear colleagues around the world.
Here you are my latest video. You�re invited to subscribe and share. I hope it�s useful to your bilingual classes (Spanish-English).

29 Jun 2020

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Touchstone 2nd ed presentation plus   
Hello, peeps!!!
       Does anyone here know or have a linkfor the presentation plus of the Touchstone series 2nd ed, please?
Best wishes.
Carlos Eduardo 

29 Jun 2020


Have a look here: https://www.cambridge.org/fr/cambridgeenglish/catalog/adult-courses/touchstone-2nd-edition/resources

30 Jun 2020

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English for international communication    
Hi dear colleagues Will you recommend me a course book and a CD of English for international communication for pre intermediate students that I can download. Thanks a bunch.

29 Jun 2020



30 Jun 2020

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Adel A

From text to Audio   
I need a free link (website) to convert text (word) into audio.Once I found a website which has an icon like a microphone but I frankly I can�t find it now.So please help me to find this web or any other free one. 

28 Jun 2020

...There are 4 previous answers...

Adel A

thanks a lot for this great help

2 Jul 2020

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Nani Pappi

Caption Competition   
Hello, everyone.!
Thank you Jayho for selecting my caption.
The picture I have chosen is from a young artist called Karth Kothekar. It tis papercut art. I have found it in Times of India. There are some videos on Youtube about his work.
Participate by posting a caption for the picture. If your caption is chosen, the next thread is yours.
Have fun. Be creative.
Thanks for your participation,
Nani Pappi

26 Jun 2020

...There are 16 previous answers...


WELL HONESTLY RON! If you are going to insist on being a sloth then perhaps it would be a good idea to turn you into one! And perhaps that Quiddich bat had better be book so that it might also receive some attention from you! No, dont look at ME Ron, take a look at yourself and decide if this is what you want be stuck as for the rest of your life! said professor Minerva McGonagal to Ron Weasley when he turned up late for class the for the 11th time, looking like he had only just dropped out bed.

4 Jul 2020

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routine or red tape   
Most people don´t have a ----------- during their holidays. A) red-tape B) routine

26 Jun 2020

...There are 2 previous answers...

United States

"red tape" is uncountable--it cant take the "a"--so routine (countable, singular) is the only one that fits.

3 Jul 2020

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Language tasks level 4
Bullying / Nobel laureates / a spoilt holiday
Level: intermediate
Age: 16-100
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Guided writing activity + Free writing
Guided writing about an organisation + free writing about bullying
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Language tasks level 4
Letter of motivation / tense and form tasks
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Rephrasing (Passive)
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Series of picture description exercises
We all love pictures! There are some exercises attached - T/F, supply the question word, answer the questions. Note: The last one is past simple tense. I put these on a ppt, but couldn�t upload it, so here they are in word.
Level: elementary
Age: 8-16
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This that these those
Look at the picture and choose "this" or "that" or "these" or "those"
Level: elementary
Age: 6-8
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Past simple and past continuous
It is a worksheet where your students have the theory about past simple and past continuous and they have to study them and later do some exercises about it
Level: elementary
Age: 10-100
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pupils will use the hints to give Jane advice
Level: intermediate
Age: 13-16
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reading comprehention
comprehention questions for 9th formers
Level: intermediate
Age: 14-16
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language for 9th formres
remedial tasks for 9th formers
Level: intermediate
Age: 14-16
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