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New posts


I am confused   
How often do you see them? What is the function of this utterance please?

28 Nov 2020

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need some help   
hey guys .. im new here can i get some assistance

27 Nov 2020

United States

You´ll need to be a little more specific, please. What kind of help do you need?

27 Nov 2020

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Sophie A

Looking for penfriends...    
I am looking for penfriends... from an English speaking country would be great. My students are aged 12-14.
Please let me know if anyone is interested, 
have a nice week-end, 

27 Nov 2020


Me and my students can be your penfriends. let me know more. [email protected]

28 Nov 2020

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Adjectives ending in ING and ED | Participle adjectives   
Dear Colleagues.
I am glad to share with you my new video. Feel free to use it and share it.

27 Nov 2020

...There is 1 previous answer...


Great ! Thanks a lot for sharing.

28 Nov 2020

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lie or lay   
should we say lie on the beach or lay on the beach?

24 Nov 2020

...There are 2 previous answers...


Great explanation!

25 Nov 2020

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Please write for me tag question in this case " There is a car,....." Thanks

24 Nov 2020


There is a cas, isn´t there?

24 Nov 2020

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Download option missing?   
Are downloads missing for anyone else? 

I have refreshed, cleared cache, checked that I am logged in, etc. but the download button has disappeared for me! 

23 Nov 2020

...There are 2 previous answers...

David Lisgo

If you have a general idea of what you are looking for, then you can try searching in Google, then you should be able to view the worksheets. For example search "Daily Routines" Eslprintables,  in ´all´, then click on the link. If that doesn´t work, then do the same, but this time search ´images´ not ´all´.  Works for me in Chrome.

25 Nov 2020

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The present simple in affirmative form (Explanation)   
A bilingual video on my channel. You are invited to subscribe and share. :) Thanks

23 Nov 2020

...There are 2 previous answers...

United Kingdom

Thanks again! 

26 Nov 2020

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Make vs take a decision   
Which is more correct make or take a decision?

22 Nov 2020

...There are 5 previous answers...

United States

Great link Savilla (love Grammar Girl)..thanks

26 Nov 2020

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United Kingdom

Caption competition   
Well, well ,well, I won! It�s a long time since that happened, so thank you, Monique, who, by the way, is a fine artist. I think it was the free linguistic joke I included that swung it for me, so I am going to repeat it.
Four men, an Englishman, A Frenchman, a Spaniard and a Dutchman are having a Zoom meeting with their boss. �Can you see me? the boss asks. Yes, oui, si, ja.  Now then, I am just going to copy and paste a picture. Fingers crossed! Here goes! So, assuming I am successful, let�s have your captions, please! Did it! Easy-peasy, lemon squeazy! 
 Funny Laughing World - Home | Facebook

21 Nov 2020

...There are 18 previous answers...


No no no! I called dibs on the lemon meringue first! 

24 Nov 2020

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New worksheets

Lesson 5

Level: advanced
Age: 16-17
Downloads: 5

1st form language part
language part 1st form secondary education
Level: intermediate
Age: 14-16
Downloads: 10

language review tasks for 1st year secondary education
fill in the blanks circle the right alternative put in the right tense or form tasks
Level: intermediate
Age: 14-16
Downloads: 11

Ellie Kemper�s Haunted House Story (video worksheet, telling a story)
The purpose of this worksheet is to revise the story-telling techniques. Students are asked to listen to the story, answer a few questions, and talk about the way Ellie Kemper narrated her story during the Ellen DeGeneres Show.
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-100
Downloads: 2

Name 5 things...
Students write and share 5 things from different categories (e.g favourite foods).There are many topics to choose from. Students can use this template as a discussion point to share with their classmates.
Level: elementary
Age: 10-15
Downloads: 3

post-it bullying campaign
Reading comprehension around an anti-bullying campaign
Level: intermediate
Age: 14-100
Downloads: 8

Situational Speaking 1 - Comparatives and Superlatives + Present Perfect
Please see also Situational Speaking 2 - I wasn�t able to upload both pages once at a time due to the limitation of size.
Level: intermediate
Age: 15-100
Downloads: 5

Situational Speaking 2 - Comparatives and Superlatives + Present Perfect
Please see also Situational Speaking 1 - I wasn�t able to upload both pages once at a time due to the limitation of format size.
Level: intermediate
Age: 15-100
Downloads: 5

Past Tense

Level: elementary
Age: 9-12
Downloads: 1

Read the text and complete the worksheet about feral children. This document raises the question on whether feral children are fact or fiction. This topic speaks to the imagination
Level: intermediate
Age: 14-17
Downloads: 6