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New posts

le ngoc qui

Please help me   
Hi everybody, Please help me withi this. What is the difference between " because of" and " Owing to"?. In a cloze test, to fill in the blank in the sentence "Children progress rapidly in their early tears and lots of changes are expected in a year or even a month�s time. ....this, even experts may find difficult to make a firm diagnosis based on a young child�s conditions." The answers given are: A. In spite of B. As for C. Because of D. Owing to The correct answer is "Because of" Please tell me the reason why we choose "Because of" instead of "Owing to" Thank you in advance. Qui L

21 May 2019

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Help me with this sentence. I wonder if there is the word " embroiderer" in English. The .......are working hard so as to finish the work.(embroider) Thanks

18 May 2019

...There are 5 previous answers...

United States

No, needleworker and sewer are not better choices if the needlework in question is specifically embroidery. Since the exercise specified a form of "embroider", then "embroiderers" is the only choice.

21 May 2019

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Our poet and broadcaster Frank is gone   
Hi, everyone!
Sorry for bringing such sad news, but our poet and broadcaster Frank is gone after a long and brave battle with cancer ....
May God give him eternal rest.
                                               United Kingdom
RIP, dear friend ...
And thanks for your work, your poems, projects, books, radio shows, and everything else you have done for us ... 

17 May 2019

...There are 28 previous answers...

Anna P

Frank will be forever in our memory as a gifted poet passionate about words, nature, music, and most of all his adorable children. You still live, dear Chico Letras, through your outstanding work and your example of faith, courage and strenght.

21 May 2019

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please help me with this
They played disappointedly / disappointingly. what is right ? thanks 

17 May 2019


disappointingly, because you are describing the way they played, not the feelings of the people.

17 May 2019

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Looking for penfriends for my students (11-13 years old). Number of 20 students!

 Would be happy to find another school for this profect to make the last English lessons even nicer for the kids.

Looking forward! 

17 May 2019

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James Brown "I got you" non copyrighted song   
Hello everyone
I am working on a project about advertisement with a group of students. Some of them have imagined an advert about air spray that is really nice and the perfect music for it would be James brown�s song "I got you (I feel good)"....
The problem is I am only allowed non copyrighted music for this project, so I am wondering if someone could help me find this music  with free copyrights...
Thanks in advance!

15 May 2019

...There are 4 previous answers...

United States

I sent you a private message

17 May 2019

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United Kingdom

Ramadan Mubarak/Ramadan kareem   
This is the time of RAMADAN. The not eating or drinking part is hard work for Muslims in the UK, as it�s light most of the day and the weather is quite hot. 
Anyway, to all Muslim friends on ESLprintables, may I wish you RAMADAN MUBARAK or as my friend prefers, RAMADAN KAREEM.  

15 May 2019

...There are 8 previous answers...



18 May 2019

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Thank you, Silvia, for choosing my delirium as a definition. Anyway, I feel so honored and accept, being the WOD winner, with pleasure! I used to think this competition was only for NATIVES !  Well times have changed or maybe it is me that accepts better not belonging to this category.

Thanks again Silvia for choosing a word that nurtures our imagination. This is not always very easy.

Well, I suggest, NINCOMPOOP and hope not too many have seen this one already.

Anyway I declare the competition open and will choose a winner in 10 days. I�m flying off to Greece for a while and don�t think I will manage that with my not very "smart" phone. Have a nice week.


14 May 2019

...There are 8 previous answers...

United Kingdom

Nincompoop is a noun, but it can be used adjectively, as a past participle, or something like that. Anyway, I feel nincompooped. It means utterly unimpressed and literally in the dark about the ending of Game of Thrones. The dragon had more dignity and sense and sweetness than them all put together and it should not have been so! 
Love you forever Queen Dany, want you back.  

20 May 2019

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Impact/ impact on   
Hi, everyone!
Which of these sentences is correct?
a. Our actions impact on the environment?
b. Our actions impact the environment?

14 May 2019

...There are 8 previous answers...


Thanks, Less, very kind of you. 

18 May 2019

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Phrasal verbs   
Dear teachers,
I need help with these sentences. How would you correct them?

Unfortunately, I have to call off our appointment because I am down with headache.

While all residents were slipping, the fire broke out.

My child broke into me during the philharmonic concert.

He would like to carry on this experiment if she is participating.

Linda is going to shopping because her clothes are out.

Thank you very much for your help.

14 May 2019

...There are 4 previous answers...

United States

#3 could be "interrupted"

16 May 2019

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lets talk about the Simpson family
a communicative activity in which children talk about the members of a family
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Age: 7-10
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House and Home
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About Tina
A short description about a girl named Tina, which brings structures such as: used to, simple past and simple future. Plus , there are four different exercises to make your students talk about her. Have fun!!!
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Ordinal Numbers Quiz
This is to measure students knowledge about ordinal numbers. Enjoy it
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vowels-ar,er,ir,ur,o r

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movie crossword
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