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pen friends for my students   
Hi, I am a Polish teacher teaching in primary school and I have 12 students willing to find pen friends for them. They are beginners aged from 12 to 14 . They want to find new friends as well as practice their English. Please contact me if you have comparing group of your students. Ann

24 Feb 2020


Hello from Turkey.I have got 30 students who are eager to these cultural activities like being penfriends.They are also beginner level aged 11-12.If you inform me, we will cooperate.Thank you.Eyda

24 Feb 2020

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Hello to all!
I am looking for iPad applications in which I can teach Reading (series of books by reading levels), Grammar (activities alligned by topics), Spelling and Vocabulary, Writing (Outlines in order to develop writing prompts), Quizzes.
Mr. Luna 

22 Feb 2020

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maryse pey

Caption competition 22 02 2020   
A million thanks Sharon for your choosing my silly caption ! Trumpet please !
Here is the new picture for your silly crazy funny ecstatic foolish ... imagination. I am looking forward to reading your ideas.
Oh by the way I hope you are fond of ... rugby ?
Lol ! Hugs.

22 Feb 2020

...There are 10 previous answers...


You are a naughty girl !!  

25 Feb 2020

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Happy 90th Birthday to Leslie Douglas!   
Dear Les (ldthemagicman),
Birthdays come and birthdays go but this one is exceptional - you are 90 years old today! And still, you are someone who can teach a 20-year-old how to be young!
Thinking of you on your birthday and hoping that all the joy, help and happiness you have given to others (also, here on ESLPrintables) will return to bless you a thousandfold. You have an endless resource of wisdom and a heart of gold. Thank you so much for everything.
Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday!
Ruta, a.k.a., kohai 

22 Feb 2020

...There are 12 previous answers...


 Wow, what a coincidence that I happened to look into the site today of all days. It used to be part of my daily routine when I just started teaching (many years ago ) and you, Les, where a big part of the experience. 
I would NEVER have guessed your age!
I dont log on too often anymore, but Im happy I did today and didnt miss this opportunity to tell you you are much appreciated. I wish you a wonderful day surrounded by people you love, and many more years in good health, doing what you love. 

25 Feb 2020

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Sorry for the ugly mistake   
I made an ugly mistake or misclick or whatever you call it. I know this is not a tragedy and happens. Fortunately someone sent me an mp. I could thus update my ws. It is now OK. The Circus template.
Have a nice end of week all of you.

21 Feb 2020

...There are 5 previous answers...


You are great dear and you are making a great useful job So, dont worry. It happens to all of us. Have a lovely day.

23 Feb 2020

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School play about e games addiction    
I would be grateful if anyone could help me writing a school play about globalisation electronic games addiction

20 Feb 2020


This sounds great/ I love plays! What are some initial thoughts to start off ?

20 Feb 2020

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Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter   
Hi everyone,
I�m taking my pupils on a school trip in a couiple of weeks and on our last day we�re going to visit The RAMM in Exeter. i�ve never been there, so I tried to find information on their website but if some of you know this museum would you be so kind as to give me details about what wer�re going to see there? i�m trying to prepare a worksheet for my pupils but it�s not easy!
Thank you :-) 

19 Feb 2020

...There is 1 previous answer...


Thank you for your help,
I have started preparing a worksheet based on the documents found on the website but if anyone has already visited the museum please let me know 

20 Feb 2020

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native / non-native English speaking instructors needed   

Instructors to be employed at a state university in Bursa / Turkey are needed. Native speakers with Bachelor’s degree in English Language Teaching (ELT), Literature, Comparative Literature, Linguistics, and Pedagogy can be employed without any further conditions. Native speakers with a BA degree in another major are required to have either an internationally accepted teaching English certificate (CELTA, DELTA, TESOL etc.) or two years of English teaching experience in an internationally accredited language centre.

As for non-native speakers of English, they must have a Bachelor’s degree in English Language Teaching (ELT), Literature, Comparative Literature, Linguistics, and Pedagogy. Furthermore, they are also required to have either an internationally accepted teaching English certificate (CELTA, DELTA, TESOL etc.) or two years of English teaching experience in an internationally accredited language centre.

Please contact [email protected]

19 Feb 2020

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COOL ENGLISH PODCAST New short podcast to review English.   
Hey everyone please let me know what you think about my new cool english podcast to review English. They are really short episodes and always linked to further review with pictures, videos and more on my site https://www.coolenglish.net/ Please any feedback if appreciated.

18 Feb 2020

...There is 1 previous answer...


I have said it many times and Ill repeat it once again - your CoolEnglish site is amazing! Ive used many of your activities and it always has been a success. Thank you very much.
I like your idea of podcasts. I wish I could find something similar in British English. 
Keep up good work!
P.S. Thank you for answering me by email. I was using your Past Simple Tense exercises with my students the next day and was pleasantly surprised to find out that the tiny mistake of "make-made" was already corrected.

24 Feb 2020

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Culture box exchange   
Hello dear colleaques,
 I�m an English Teacher in Ankara, Turkey.  I would like to start a project to send letters, postcards, and also some cultural items and small souvenirs. So I�m looking for a partner. My students are between 12-14 and I have 31 volunteer students. If you are interested please feel free to write. you can send email, too. 

17 Feb 2020

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New worksheets

Level: elementary
Age: 3-100
Downloads: 14

Click the link for audio and answer the exercise
Level: intermediate
Age: 15-100
Downloads: 2

How to meet people reading and speaking exersices
Some advice how to meet people. Before reading students should discuss the problem of making friends. After reading they should explain some word combinations , mark sentences true or false and give their own advice.
Level: intermediate
Age: 15-100
Downloads: 14


Level: elementary
Age: 10-15
Downloads: 0

At the Drugstore
Cut out the symptom cards. One person plays the role of the clerk. Give them the picture sheet. The other student has to go the drugstore and explain their symptoms. The clerk recommends the medicine and gives instructions. Good for practicing survival English for students who are traveling.
Level: elementary
Age: 17-100
Downloads: 12

Grand City Hotel
I made up a fictional hotel leaflet. Students role play a guest checking in and the hotel clerk.The guest asks questions about facilities and opening times, ie. What time does the restaurant close? Do you have a gym?
Level: elementary
Age: 17-100
Downloads: 4

Find someone who (activities)
With this printable, students will be able to talk about likes and dislikes while practicing the correct form of the third person.
Level: elementary
Age: 15-100
Downloads: 3

Present simple vs continuous

Level: intermediate
Age: 12-100
Downloads: 4

Expressing Opinions

Level: elementary
Age: 11-15
Downloads: 18


Level: elementary
Age: 7-9
Downloads: 2